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1. Observe: Watch the episodes and watch Sasuke and note what he does, and when he does things.

2. Personality: Sasuke is calm, cold, indifferent, cruel, cynical, a bit sarcastic and somewhat arrogant.

3. Intelligence: wewe are smart, and wewe know it. onyesha people that wewe are smarter than them. Sasuke is considered a 'Cool Genius'. Try to learn everything easily, and be the juu on your class.

4. Attitude: wewe don't give anyone the time of day, not a best friend, au a girl/boy friend. They are so much below wewe in skill and knowledge, wewe should act like wewe hate them. Don’t talk too much. Sasuke...
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sasuke uses Amaterasu!!this is where sasuke avtivates amaterasu in both eyes
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kakashi:sasuke! hurt too many innocent people!
sasuke:as wewe did my brother do
kakashi:was for the good of all
kakashi:not give me a choice I will kill you<saying he rising bandana and activating the sharingan>
sasuke:hm!listen me!the sharingan is a symbol of uchiha why not have the right to use<saying he activating sharingan>
>>fighting tow powerful<<
>>sasuke throw some daggers explosive<<
the fight carried when sasuke chidori been active
and kakashi as face to face fight has just begun
kakashi:fire style fireballs
sasuke dodge well
sasuke:chidori nagashi!...
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