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~+*+~ CHAPTER ONE ~+*+~
"One of the few downsides to being awakened is that we no longer require sleep; therefore we also no longer dream. It's a shame, because if I could dream, I know I'd dream about you."
- Dimitri Belikov (Spirit Bound)

I had to be pretty distracted to not notice her, and if ever there was a distraction, it was someone wanting to kill me."
- Rose Hathaway (Spirit Bound)

Lissa: "Alberta thinks there's a good chance we can stay together--that you'll still be my guardian."
Rose: "I think Alberta was saying that to keep me in school. I think Alberta knows the only way they'd let...
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Well there's been debates whether Vampire Academy and Twilight is better. Well in my opinion Vampire Academy is way better. (Even the person who wrote that in the image below in a Border's bathroom agrees!!) Note: I still like Twilight but I like Vampire Academy more! and this is not meant to critise anyone au people.and also without the help of other Vampire Academy mashabiki and resources I wouldn't have been able to write this article.

1. Richelle Mead was into uandishi for her entire life (so give her a chance, Stephenie Meyer only began uandishi because she had a cool dream and wrote it down until...
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