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posted by rmihulka
Violin is zaidi than just a hobbie for me it's my passion. I play at least 5 hours a week au more. Every mwaka I attend an all county orchestra where i play with other kids from New York state and practice for two full days to play in front of our parents. I also attend enizma where wewe are graded on your playing and they tell wewe how to improve. They are both really fun!!!


The weird thing is that i named my violin Sophie because i always play her on the sofa. I've been playing since i was in fourth grade sooo that would be....5 years. During the school mwaka i take lessons and i'm in the school orchestra. During the summer i take lesson too. When i first set my bow on the string i knew this was what i wanted to do. But it takes a lot of time, patience and effort to be good. If wewe think violin is the instrument for wewe give it a try and u might fall in upendo just like i did.
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