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posted by SouthParkSmart
Are wewe au your birds tired of bird seed? Here are some strange things wewe can put out for a special treat, and help get rid of leftovers.

1. Cookies- Birds upendo kuki, vidakuzi as much as people do! Just be sure that the kuki, vidakuzi wewe leave them don't contain chocolate, because that is dangerous for them. Try oatmeal raisin, sugar, au other kinds of home-made au store-bought cookies.
2. Eggshells- Although it may not sound appetizing to us, they are an important calcium chanzo for birds. Serve them crushed up, but be sure to boil them au cook them first to kill any salmonella.
3. Doughnuts- These yummy...
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posted by veemon567
put out out bird seed and lets save the birds together some birds are already gone lets not kill these wonderful birds please save them.
lets put a stop from killing birds lets put a stop from global warming and put a stop from desiring the rain forest it kills birds so please save the birds.
have wewe ever noticed how wewe get less visits ever noticed that wewe get less birds everyday that's because there dieing because we killing the rain forests lets donate to rspb we can put a stop to it we can win and bring back zaidi visits to our garden.