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 taranee uses her moto versus musa
taranee uses her fire versus musa
-the WITCH girls were having a dancing party at school and they were having fun with their bfs
-then they heard a voice coming out from out side...
will:what was that?
irma:i think there is someone out there
haylin:why are we standing here lets go!
the girls walked til out side suddenly....
bloom:well,well,well look who is here the L.O.S.E.R.S
bloom:yes bloom is it hard to say
musa:they look like they saw ghost.. i think their powers are weak again!! ahahahah!!
taranee:no its not wait til i burn wewe with my moto
musa:SHOW ME!! what did wewe got! *puts a spell* SOUND WAVE!!
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Behold! (By request) The crappiest one shot you'll ever read!

Bloom shot Icy her best smirk…(yeah, the smirk wasn’t that great). She was going to end this battle with one final and big blast.

It was time to channel the dragon flame.

Bloom lifted her hands high above her head, drew all her, energy forward, and unleashed the dragon.

Icy sighed. Every time…same old same old. At this point she may as well not even try to songesha as Iginio simply hates her so there’s really no winning no matter what—little did she know Iginio was not doing the uandishi this time. ;) Instead she sat down on the...
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