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1. His full name is Nam Woohyun.

2. He was born on February 08, 1991.

3. He is the youngest child.

4. He has one older brother who is two years older than him, Nam Boohyun.

5. His birthplace is Chungcheong.

6. His zodiac sign is Aquarius and his blood type is B.

7. His height is around 176cm.

8. He is the main vocalist in Infinite along with Sunggyu.

9. He had his first upendo when he was in the 11th grade.

10. He is attending Dong-Ah Broadcasting College for his education.

11. Weight training, cooking, skiing and playing tennis are his hobbies.

12. He joined Wollim Entertainment in May 2009.

13. His specialty...
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