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It was all understandable. The decision was made not to bastardize the truthful nature of the best-selling book based on the Oakland A's accomplishing so much on a flimsy budget.


The problem was simple: The truth wasn't good enough.

And that's unfortunately what turns this film into a double, instead of a nyumbani run. As everyone involved freely admits, there's just no natural Hollywood ending.

Billy Beane's bean-counting ways don't lead the Oakland A's to a World Series title in any year. Heck, it doesn't even lead them to a World Series.

What results is a movie that satisfies, but doesn't leave...
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I here to talk about Eve's dark past just like her both mothers Callisto & Xena. Eve is my inayopendelewa character,however Livia she was out there to destory the world and rule a army with Ares just like her Mother Xena.

In Season 5, was about Eve being born a new world with her mother and her aunty Gabrielle.When Xena had a huge message from Eli and Archangel Michael, Xena is caring a new beginning to the Greek Gods. The Twilight Of the end The Greek Gods, Eve was born nothing happen until Xena went to the fates about her new born.The Fates alisema the time on her when Xena dies The Twilight of...
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