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I was really bored.

i am one myself :p

1- If wewe see any kind of cartoony dinosaour. and wewe think of Yoshi
2- a spotted egg makes wewe think of Yoshi
3- if wewe imagine adventures with Yoshi
4- if wewe have a plush doll and use it every day
5- if wewe have 3 au zaidi Yoshi shirts
6- if wewe refrence Yoshi all the time to people wewe talk too.
7- if someone says somthing about Yoshi. and wewe run right up and try to join
8- wewe have 3 au zaidi Yoshi games and play them frequently.
9- wewe talk about Yoshi everyday
10- wewe have joined atleast 2 yoshi klabu in the past few days
11- wewe have...
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