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Ravage Part III 7

Chapter Twenty-Two:

Artemis watched as the kid stumbled closer. He appeared dehydrated and exhausted. He kept stumbling toward them until he reached Artemis.

"So you're the great Artemis, huh? I thought wewe acted nice to your guests." the boy alisema after a moment of silence.

Revenge smirked.

Artemis grabbed the kid and tossed him to the ground, pinning him with her foot and her spear. His mask... It was just like Nightwing's... But looks were deceiving. "You've got a sense of humor. That'll do wewe no good in the colony. My name's Artemis all right. How did wewe know?" 

"Nightwing sent me."

"Idiot." Revenge muttered.

"What makes wewe think I have anything to do with the Justice League?" Artemis asked.

"You were Green Arrow's Protege for four years, dated Kid Flash for three. Retired six months ago. Worked on--"

"You've alisema enough." Artemis said. "My turn to ask questions: Who are you?"

"Red Robin." the boy replied, grinning. He leaped up and grabbed Artemis from behind, putting her in a head-lock. "Oh, and if I wanted wewe dead, it would've happened, clear?"

"Clear," Artemis choked out.

Revenge laughed silently. "Bird Boy has promise." he muttered.

Harvey and Jain raised their eyebrows.

"I've never seen anyone give Artemis her head like that." Harvey said, laughing. 

"Shut up! We obviously can't trust him!" Jain replied.

"We can, we can. He's telling the truth. He's Batman's new sidekick."

"Partner." Robin corrected.

"Don't we all say that." Artemis asked.

"Indeed we do." A familiar voice alisema from above her.

Artemis turned to see Cassie floating above her along with Revenge and another guy.

"Cass!" Artemis exclaimed.

Cassie landed and hugged Artemis. Revenge patted her on the shoulder and Artemis turned and hugged him too. Revenge slowly returned the hug uneasily and Artemis backed up, laughing nervously and brushing a strand of hair our of her face.

"Sorry was--"

"It's fine, Artemis. I told them."

"What?" Liam asked. "Are those two dating?"

Robin stepped inayofuata to Liam and looked him over. "Who are you?" he asked.

"That's Liam. He can read anyone's emotions." Cassie said.

"Hnh." Red Robin replied and turned back to Revenge.

"Hey! M'gann can read minds and wewe don't have a problem with that!" Cassie said.

"Emotions are different than thoughts." Robin said, crossing his arms.

"Okay, I'm just getting a head-ache now." Jain said.

Artemis turned back to her friends. "Oh! Jain, Harvey, this is Red Revenge, Red Robin, Wondergirl, and umm... Her friend?"

Revenge and Robin snorted in disbelief. Cassie frowned at them.

"Okay...guys, this is Jain and Harvey."

"Powers?" Robin asked.

"Sleep and Control over taiga related items." Artemis said. 

"Nice to know, we need to get wewe out of here." Revenge said.

"So much for the party conversation." Harvey said.

"Where's the exit?" Artemis asked.

"Where's the exit?" Revenge repeated.

"Yes. Where is it?" Artemis asked again, placing her hands on her hips.

Revenge paused for a moment. "There is no exit."


"Somebody is going to have to blow us out. We need M'gann's help. She can contact Nightwing and he can--"

"How many of wewe came in here after me?" Artemis asked.

"The three of us, Batgirl, Miss Martian, Kid Flash--"

"Wally came in here?!" Artemis demanded. "We are not leaving without him!"

"Me and my big mouth." Revenge muttered, face-palming himself.


"And the ngome was completely destroyed?" Savage asked.

"Yes, Master. Unfortunately as well, the test subject was taken kwa the heroes. We just managed to send the last shipment of girls to the Culling." tarantula reported. 

"Our inside chanzo reports that the Justice League sent their brats to rescue Green Arrow's former protege." Manta said. "We must act quickly while Batman and Superman are still out of touch."

"Agreed." Vandall replied. "Contact our...hired help."

"Already here." Sportsmaster said.

Vandall turned to see Sportsmaster, Deathstroke, and his daughter Ravager standing in the doorway. 

"What do wewe want?" Ravager asked. Her father shushed her.

Vandall smiled. "The young team of Heroes is in the Culling. Take them out.

So commands...the Light."

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Hero name: Obscurity
ID: Harley Mei
age:14 1/2

Powers: Cat like abilities, with retractable claws, control over water, fire, ice, earth, and air. can become the elements. ability to fly with black aura around her body, invulnerability and super stregnth.

note:she was a science experiment gone wrong, short temper. She loves to play around though, and is serious when needed be.She has a serious tone of voice like Kaldur, and is mutually fond of him as well. Kaldur loves her. but wont admit it. She likes to flirt, even when she doesn't notice it.

Stats: strength 90% speed:55% intelligent: 89%...
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Batman left her alone then, and she sank to her knees, the world was alive, people loved her. People she didn't want to hurt. Harley fought back tears, and threw her head back. If Batman found her, she was sure Superman, might be as well.

She was sleeping on the roof of the daily planet, when the sun came shining up. She heard a loud crash that woke her. Her eyes fluttered open, and she saw red yellow and blue zoom by. She had to leave. Now. if she didn't Superman would com back, and make her feel guilty. She didn't need that. No one understood that she had to do this. If she hurt them, she'd...
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 Kioshi Knight
Kioshi Knight
Alter Ego: Kioshi Knight

Age: 14

Eye Colour: red

Hair Colour: dark brown

Height: 5’2

Weight: 110 lbs

Personality: quiet (duh), laid back almost to the point of emotionless, defensive, loyal, suspicious/untrusting, proud

Powers: flight, teleportation, super stealth, intangibility and an expert in hand-to-hand combat. She can use the edges of her high density polymerized titanium cape as a blade to slice through things.

Weakness: Because of her lack of trust towards others, she is naturally hesitant and resigned when it comes to team work au bonding activities. She is also proud, so if she needs help,...
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OOC: Here's an overview of what you're about to experience.
It's been two months after the discovery of the mole on the team. Vandal Savage has succeeded in taking over the League, the teen division as well. Total submission comes from those who are smart. There are rebel groups spread across the world of young heroes, including certain members of the original team and some members that have joined during the revolution. These few groups are doing their best to work in secret, however.
Now, in this period of time, Savage has left the mnara, mnara wa ulinzi and found he cannot return because something has...
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She followed him to the juu of the roof. He was looking at the bank, ready to rob it. She was going to make sure he couldn't. She took out a small device and came towards him. He stayed where he was.
“I warned wewe not to mess with me. I warned wewe to stay away from Terror. wewe failed to listen. And now I will make sure wewe get the message.”
Becca waved her hand and gathered all of his weapons and devices into a bag.
“You see this?” Becca held up the small device. “It's paralyzing you. Thank goodness I have a high tolerance.”
Becca snapped the device shut, walking so she was now facing...
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"It has been reported that a helicopter crash is southeast Iraq has resulted in a trigger of land mine explosions. Reporters also say that there is only one survivor, Derek Adams, and his condition has not been not reported" The TV blared as Mckenzie's eyes went wide  "He's ALIVE?!?!!?" She stabbed her kisu in the wall, and turned to Ravenna and Seraphs. "I thought wewe killed him!" Ravenna and Seraphs both glanced at each other before glancing at Mckenzie, "We did.." 
"Obviously wewe didn't! Because he's still here!!" Mckenzie jerked her kisu out of the wall, "You know what? I'll kill him...
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Welcom to the orodha on how to piss my off WARNING: TRY ANY OF THESE AND THEY WILL ALL RESULT IN HORRIBLE, SLOW DEATH, i am only informing wewe of these for you're protection ^-^

1> Ask me if I'm anarexstic when i deny Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

2> Ask me if Jesus is my brother and if he is a cool dude.

3> Touch, poke, bother au hug me.

4> Take my vazi, pazia and run away saying Snape called and asked for his vazi, pazia back.

5> Tell me i need a manicure when ever my claws are out.

6> Call me a Playa/Slut/Hoe just because i have dated 7 guys.

7> Lock me in a white room with a straight jacket...
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