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posted by Robin_Love
“Give us all the information wewe have on this Kuran character.”
Becca settled against the kitanda and cracked her neck.
“For starters, Satstruiku is royal. His bloodline goes back to the very ancient times of King Arthur I believe. So strong and royal. His blood I mean. Very powerful, not contaminated. His family blood is one of the most powerful because of what he is.”
“So he's royal. Big whoop,” Alek said.
“Oh I meant his vampire stuff.”
“He's a vampire?!” Silver exclaimed. “Explains why he's so attractive.”
Becca quirked a smile.
“I know. His powers are also contributing factors of that.”
“What are his powers?” Ciel asked.
“Well he has the usual vampire powers; speed, agility, strength, excellent in fighting. But he has a few others. One he calls his “kiss of death”. He can choose when to use this. But when he does, he steals the souls of those on the receiving end, making them lifeless puppets of his word. He has excelled endurance and senses. But he has people-speaking. In other words, he can make anyone believe what he says.”
“That's why Tara reacted so entranced today.”
Becca looked at Alek with sad eyes.
“No it's not. Tara had a run-in with Satstruiku earlier, before she came here. She came from California. Was the only hero there. One night, she came to see her house up in flames. Her family had been trapped inside. She saw a figure standing among the bystanders. Satstruiku had been observing her for some time. He knew the only way to get her to work for him was to take away everything she had. She took several beatings each time she tried to escape. She finally broke down and became his obedient servant. After that, he was able to convince her she loved him. There was no need for her to disobey him after that.”
Becca took a sip of her drink and stretched her arms.
“How did Tara get away?”
“She was rescued. kwa a very.....dangerous person. He shares the same powers of Satstruiku along with blood bending. Tara became his warrior. And she got the same treatment Satstruiku had given. Then I found her one day. She had been sent to kill me. Since she was so far from them, I was able to lift the enchantment their powers had placed on her. She's been hiding ever since.”
“How could someone do that to her?! She's too sweet and innocent for this to be true!”
“If all this is unreal, how did he find her? They both can walk into her dreams. They are both vampires. And Satstruiku is the most dangerous. He rules the vampire race. He is capable of so many things. But that's not the worst part.”
“There's more?!”
“Unfortunately. Satstruiku has become “of age.” He's looking for someone who can feed his thirst for eternity.”
“You mean-”
“Tara is the sacrificial lamb. He wants to turn her to a vampire to drink her blood dry.”
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wewe are having a meltdown and your face is failing to hide it. Your lips are part, your eyes widen all because of this guy standing before you. In all his Captain American (your nickname for him) Glory with his, what wewe just notice, large hands griping your umbrella. wewe glanced over your locker hoping, praying, that Narnia was just a leap away. Quickly wewe made a mental note to make a bonfire out of your Father’s ndoto books.

“Vash?” He called out, grabbing your attention once more. You… You… What do wewe do with this giant, then again standing at 5’3” anyone is a...
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posted by AislingYJ
I was really bored, so I decided to make wordy gurdies for the OC’s. If wewe haven’t heard of these before, this is how they work. The answer to the wordy gurdy is a 2-word phrase that rhymes. The first word is the name of an OC (it can be hero name, secret ID/civvie name, whatever). The clue to the wordy gurdy is another 2-word phrase (it can be zaidi though) that doesn’t rhyme, but gives clues to the answer. The name clue could be their last name, civvie name au hero name, etc. The sekunde word is usually a synonym au description of the sekunde word in the answer. The goal is to figure...
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25 ways to piss off Fang.

1). Poke him and continuously and ask if he’s goth

2) Poke him between the wings then run away screaming “I TOUCHED A GOTH KID!

3.) Dye his hair pink while he’s asleep.

4.) Lock him in a room with bright pink walls. (And a barf bag)

5.) Take a toy kisu and ask Fang if he’s Lost his.

6.) Tell Fang that wewe upendo him.

7.) Hack into his blog and change his status
update too “I upendo Hannah Montana.”

8.) Touch his hair (only Devin can)

9.) Give him McDonald’s chicken nuggets and tell him he’s eating his mom.

10.) When Fang appears kick his shins and say wewe didn’t...
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Source: Webz. But I did hariri a bit of it!
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When Revenge came to, it was almost morning. The faint sunrise could be seen over the horizon as the true catastrophe of the awali night came into view.

Revenge's goose, bata bukini chase had blinded him to the bombing of New York. Trapper's men had blown a hole in Times Square. Nothing looked the same. Bodies littered the mitaani, mtaa and what looked like flesh splattered the wall. Revenge groaned and suddenly noticed he was tied to a clothes line.

No, not a clothes line, a power line. He could feel the energy pulsing through the cables. If he could just get enough power...

"Good Morning." a voice called. Revenge...
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((I was going to post other ones (2 other articles) but they got erased from my compute D: any way.. This makala is going to be VERY dark... So if wewe don't like dark makala don't read.
Btw this is a Song Fic! So the italic words are the verses. Unless it's a name))

"You didn't kill them did you?" Gage alisema calmly looking down with his eyes closed.
"Yes I did, Gage.." Her voice trembling.
"No wewe didn't, wewe know what happens when wewe lie."
"I'm not lying!"
He hit her... hard.. knocking her unconscious. This has happend twice this week but he always does something new.
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He has a partner and her profaili will be up shortly-

Name- Caleb

Alter ego- Target

Age- 17

Grade- Junior

Allies- Night/Day

Personality- sometimes cocky, proud, protective, older brother, teasing, doubtful, sometimes thoughtful, careful, loving.

His ability-

He is the only meta in his family though he doesn't use his powers often mostly just to disgruntle his younger sister. He can great gusts of win and small tornado like things for a few dakika but never a full out one. He is also intelligent. he knows how to rile his opponent up enough to make them make a mistake. His name it self makes some people...
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ME A GEEK!!!!!
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