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posted by MercyYJ
(( Warning to those whom it may concern; this story does contain hints of rape and does bring up the subject. If wewe are uncomfortable with this in any way, feel free to just click "back" and go back to wewe happy life... Thanks! ))

Link to awali Part: link

"We're transferring the case over to Special Victims, since the murder is closed and the rape case is still open." Captain Marsden nodded to Bella, who was comforting a shocked Adam.
"Cap, wewe gotta let us finnish this! His mom di-...passed over 10 years ago, anyways!"
"We do our job, now let them do theirs."
"Yes, sir..."


The two sat across from each other at the coffee shop, Bella with a cup of hot chokoleti and Adam with coffee.
"You were in too much of a daze, the Cap. alisema no."
"It's my mom, we have to!" Adam's voice was quiet, like a child's in a way.
Bella gripped her cup in both hands, still looking at him. "I know. So, that's why I aliiba a copy of the file!" She smirked, the hot chokoleti began to steam.
"Bella Harmony Watson, I metaphorically upendo you!" He jumped up, pulling the file out from Bella's hands as she pulled it from her backpack.

((Sorry this part is short too, I've been busy!))
posted by Jade_DragonYJ
Name: Fa Mulan (In English, Mulan Fa)
Alias: Jade Dragon
Occupation: hero, student
Powers: power sensing and recognition, flight, high density polymerized titanium Japanese fans, has a way with healing herbs and prefers them over modern siku medicines, very intelligent, bonds with the Ancestors, professional martial artist, extremely agile
History: There was a prophecy about Mulan when she was born: It was alisema that she was to be the embodiment and hostess to the Jade Dragon spirit. But the Jade Dragon was the emblem of a different family. That alone caused tension between families. After a while,...
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posted by BloodyMascara_

Name: Ciel Norrian.

Alias: Harmonian.

Appearance: 6'0 tall, purple eyes, white hair.

Gender: Male.

Civies: Usually a white t-shirt and jeans will due, an occational koti, jacket aswell.

Hero-Suit: Blue tailcoat, a top-hat and black jeans.

Weapons: He carries around a spoon. And a pocket kisu he carries around in civies. And a (A spoon XP) And with his power, (see powers) can make a weapon.

Skills: Fair imba voice, extreemly agile.

Powers: When he sings a special chorus, he can create au repair items such as..... a mkufu made of pearls, he sings "Build it up with silver and pearl, silver...
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posted by XxKFforeverXx
 Before the incident
Before the incident
Had this idea in my head for quite sometime, finally finished it yesterday on my way home!

Name: Daniel "Danny au Dani" Clancy (whichever wewe feel like spelling!)
Alias: Spectreo (Thanks! ^.^
Powers: -ghostly powers: flight,intangibility, and invisibility.
-gains super strength and enhanced abilities and agility his human form does not possess
-ghost sense that manifests as a blue wisp from his mouth that announces the presence of nearby ghosts.
-ghost ray early on which has become one of his most frequently used powers;becoming an energy ball that can expand in size and corresponding area...
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posted by Mclovin_69
Name: Bloodcrawler

Species: Unknown ( was created in lab kwa unnown resource)

Powers: Bloodcrawler is a goo material that can change and get into small places, he can make quick get aways if he goes through sewer drains au any other drains. He doesnt always take a host but when he does he becomes zaidi powerful and he wishes to make Bloodmist his host forever. He can also morph sticky goo and swing from buildings and crawl on walls and buildings.

Past: the mystery employer au "big man" who was trying to create a new villian to destroy bloodmist it went completely wrong and exploded into this substance...
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posted by Mclovin_69
Name: Sable Thompson

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Powers/Skillls: Sable has the power to bend moto that is light blue, she does not have any powers naturally but the power comes from an injection she got from her father when she was a baby. She has some skills in combat.

Relations: younger sister to Jet, and cousin to Bentley

Occupation: villian

Appearance: long Black hair and carmel brown eyes.

Personality: she has a temper at times and can get angry, she never talks to her brother Jet because she thinks it is " stupid" how he "plays" in the trees all day. Her anger sometimes gets the best of her and she...
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posted by Mclovin_69
Name: Jeremy Thompson ( Jet for a nickname)

Hero Name: Jet

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Relations: cousin to Bentley

Apperance: shaggy dark black hair that is actually brown and carmel brown eyes

Powers/Skills: he has no powers but is very skilled with weapons preferably his long hooks that he uses on trees to climb. He also has many skills in combat. He has many skills in nature calls and bird calls, he even made his own language in bird callls to communicate with his group who call themselves the Valley Heroians.

Personality: he is very outgoing when he wants to be and very caring for others, hes zaidi open...
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posted by FeverYJ
Name:Dee Fy


Age: Looks 16, has been living for 506

Status: Villain (demon of death)

relationship to team: None

Appearance: tall, auburn hair reaching her back. red eyes. Lustful

Personality: angry, seductive,reclusive, backstabber, witty, brave

She can willingly kill the person she is touching, sucking their energy. kwa staring at any living thing,for a long period of time, it will eventually die. Her bite can turn people to dust. No immortality but has lived a long 500 yrs. Experts in Toxins, poisons, and has an arsenal of a whip, two daggers, and a pistol concealed in her...
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