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"Put this over your eyes." Akash held up the black ribbon in front of her. Although she was a little confused and curious Kaya took the ribbon and tied it around her eyes. She felt Akash gently grabbed her shoulder and spun her around. After the spin, Kaya tried her best to hold her balance as she held her hands out to feel her way about.

Frowning her lips she reached for the ribbon to peek but was hit on the hand.

"Oww, Akash this isn't funny." She alisema blunt and gloomy. She felt his hands on her shoulder once more.

He whispered in her ear, "I know, but just trust me." She sighed, relaxing her body.

"Okay..." She stepped off, with her hands in Akash's. Akash kept his eyes on her watching as she moved without uncertainty, torn between whether she was relying on her keen senses au on him but he kept a small smile on his face.

Kaya listened to the sounds around her, the night crickets, the river breeze rushing through the trees and the echoes of an owl whooing in the distance. She thought to herself that with her the senses Akash had helped sharpen years before she was going to be okay and zaidi importantly he was there with her.

Her grip on Akash's hands tighten as the soothing sounds slowly faded into the background and echoing foot steps replaced them. She stopped, tightening her grip even zaidi on Akash's hand.
"Akash where are wewe taking me?" She whispered.
"If wewe stop wewe won't know?" He replied in the same tone, pulling her a bit to continue walking, she jerked and continued. She was on wooden floors and in a hallway that was all she cause gather. Suddenly Akash's hands slipped from hers and she was swept off her feet.

"From this point I have to carry you." Akash stated. He walked as Kaya placed her hands around his neck. He proceeded but before long Kaya found that he was putting her back on her feet.

"Are we here?" She asked, to which the blindfold was removed. The lights were bright but took sekunde for before her eyes adjusted. Kaya stood in awe, before her was a mirrored ukuta with a link in front of it, and a polished floor all features of dance studio.

"Happy ninth, sekunde wedding anniversary." Akash alisema from behind. She turned seeing him holding a pair of ballet shoes.

"You remembered." She said, standing in shock.

"Of course," He answered walking towards her, "I could never forget that date, especially when your vows were,'I promise to upendo and cherish him, take care of him and be his best sparring partner.'" he laughed a bit

"That was au is the most corny and embarrassing thing that has ever left my mwezi and wewe remember it." She alisema with blush.

He smiled, "So, do wewe like it."

"I do," She paused, rubbing the back of her neck, " but my gift to can't juu this."

"Oh wewe too remembered."

"Well I am a girl we remember stuff like this ." She replied placing her arms around his neck, " I'd dance for wewe but wewe dragged me out of bed."

"Come on let's get back to our room." he stated as he walked off holding her hand.

"Maybe what I do to wewe when we get to our room could also be a part of your anniversary gift."

Akash glanced at his wife seeing her lips curved into a smirk.

"Then we should get there quick." he responded, pulling her as she laughed behind.
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 Dick Grayson all dressed up
Dick Grayson all dressed up
Captivating. That was the only way he could describe her. Captivated; the only way he could describe how he felt right now. He watched as she seemed to hover over the floor although the skirt, upindo of her dress was short. She had a brilliant smile and stunning eyes. But he could see a layer of pain behind the happy front she was putting on. Had he never been trained as he was, he probably would have never known. But he was trained that way and he couldn't help how he badly he wanted to wipe away the pain. His sister's dedication gala was in full swing when he found his way back from his thoughts....
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 Frostbite aka Kaya Ashley's older sis
Frostbite aka Kaya Ashley's older sis
"Do wewe have any idea how hard I worked to get it like this." Aquapoint yelled, as Artemis and Mafia hit the ground. Mafia rubbed her head, "She worried about her hair and not her partners."
"At least wewe know what i have to put up with." Artemis said, as she and Mafia stood on their feet and backed up to Aquapoint.
"I'm going to turn wewe into a popsicle Sparky!" She yelled. Artemis and Mafia looked down at the protégés both astounded kwa her words.
"Wow you're pretty ticked off about your hair." Mafia said.
"You're not turning anyone into anything kid." The blue head male alisema firmly, "Look I...
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((I'm planning to make this 3 parts... depending on my mood))

He watched her. Small strands of her spunky, short blonde hair, waved gently at him as they peered from her red kofia and dazzled in the sunlight peeking through the mti tops.

She turned gazing into the trees and he sucked in his breath hoping he'd gone unnoticed. Red eyes blazed at him but the girl quickly turned to the small house and stood at the door.

The boy's blue eyes followed the waves and billows of the red vazi, pazia that draped her shoulders and stature perfectly. He'd followed her her, not in kwa watching her, no, his heart...
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 'The Blue Knight'
'The Blue Knight'
Name: Jason drake Spade

Alise: Blue Knight

Age: 13 and half (In the future)

Appearence: Blue messy hair (like his dad), Deep Green eyes but the left one is blind, nice mascular figure, tall, dark and slim

Story: Born just a regular child of..........DYLAN AND PHOEBE (woah there take a moment to breath again) but when he was about 1 his right eye went blind and the other isn't that great either, so from time to time he has to wear and eye patch. He gained zaidi emotional to his father when (SPOILER IN THE HOLE!) Phoebe Died (!!!!!). Dylan soon found out that Jason had the same powers as his and trained...
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That's right! I'm still waiting on the description from Robin_Love, but the inayofuata Young Justice Episode has some spoilers and news.

Young Justice Invasion
Episode 8: "Satisfaction"

Description: N/A


SPOILERS: So far, all I have is Miss Martian mind rapes someone.

UPDATE: That "someone" is supposedly Superboy when he tries to save Tigress/Aqualad.


I know! I know! Not much! But instead of ten consecutive ukuta posts, this will be updated. So check back daily!!!!
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