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posted by XxKFforeverXx
Name: Alexandria (Alex) Douglas-Michels
Alias: Nudge
Age: 18
Occupation: Hero
Appearance: Alex has natural blonde hair and blue hair, standing at 5'8 she has snow white wings with small brown freckles. While they aren't nearly as big as Fang's, they are 13 ft across. Alex is always found is some sort of leggings au skinny jeans and an oversized hoodie. The blonde has always been insecure of her wings and keeps them well hidden to produce the image that she is "normal".
Powers/skills: As mentioned above, Alex has white wings and they are used for flight. She is also an expert hacker with the ability to draw metal towards herself. Because of being on the run and all the experiments, Alex has peaked physical abilities and is specialized in combat.
Past: Alex came from a family that loved her dearly, well, expect for her brother. Blake was jealous of the attention his newest sister was getting, so he sold her out for money. Alex was two when she was taken to the school, and remained there until she 6, until she was taken back at age 8. From then, Alex was there until she was 12 before she was broken out with Fang and a few other kids. Fang and Alex went North, ending up at the cave.
Other:-Alex's older brother, Blake, is a villain working under the Riddler.
-She's very talkative
-She's currently working on transforming her ability to bend metal into the ability to bend blood like her brother.
posted by XxKFforeverXx
 Adam! :3
Adam! :3
ONLY because I went out and cleared out my OCS, like.....4 au 5. He's my last..unless I go through and have a deleting spree. But thanks Rae for help with the name..even though I already told wewe :P

Name: Adam Brown
Powers: -Can create a mini Avatar of himself
-Hand to hand combat
-Field tatics
Avatar: Adams Avatar is aliyopewa the ability to touch corporeal objects. Because avatars are many times stronger than humans, Adam can help the people perform tasks that would normally require the strength of many people. The flip side to this "special ability" is the "feedback",...
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(( Bentley's P.O.V ))

I dont understand.... a system announcement always means somethings wrong..... i have to tell Jet..., i swiped open my orodha looking for the log out button in my suprise it wasnt there. What was going on? everyone around me obviously had no clue what was going on either there was no point in asking obviously something was up, something big..., suddenly i saw it a big hooded figure appear before my eyes floating in mid air, who was the figure? what did he have to say?.

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posted by XxKFforeverXx
25 ways to piss off Fang.

1). Poke him and continuously and ask if he’s goth

2) Poke him between the wings then run away screaming “I TOUCHED A GOTH KID!

3.) Dye his hair pink while he’s asleep.

4.) Lock him in a room with bright pink walls. (And a barf bag)

5.) Take a toy kisu and ask Fang if he’s Lost his.

6.) Tell Fang that wewe upendo him.

7.) Hack into his blog and change his status
update too “I upendo Hannah Montana.”

8.) Touch his hair (only Devin can)

9.) Give him McDonald’s chicken nuggets and tell him he’s eating his mom.

10.) When Fang appears kick his shins and say wewe didn’t...
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