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 Meet Dexter...
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I doubt I'll make hima fully functioning OC. But I feel like we need a bearded OC. He's a cute lil' ginger who was burned in a terrible house moto and now he hates fire. He's shy and not good around ppl and a total cutie.
sanaa ya shabiki
green eyes
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Name: Pandora Maria Elizabeth Diana Alice Ruby Rouge-Spade

Nick Names: Pan, Phoebe, Phoebs, Love, Moonshine

Occupation: Hero, Magical Ambassador and Gardian to Earth, Spy/SHIELD Agent

Hero Name: Eclipse

Age: 17

tarehe of Birth: 25/12/1997

Type:Human Host, Goddess Soul, Human weapon

Nationality: American, French, Canadian, Japanese

Hair: Dark Brown (almost black) au some times a fair shade of Blue (it changes in the sun) has a side fringe that covers one eye and medium hair in a side parting)

Eyes: zumaridi, zamaradi Green

Powers and Ability's:
-Powerful and God-like Magic (to a certain limit) and...
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