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 I was sleeping,right after Batman came in and woke me up.
I was sleeping,right after Batman came in and woke me up.
I was sleeping when Batman woke me up saying:
There`s a mission and your late!.
I took litterraly 1 dakika to get dressed and go to MT.Justice.

When I got there it was the Joker on the screen saying:Im having a Girl compettion and I need your girls Batsy,and Wonder woman au The bomb in Central park will go off with a push of a button now don`t make me wait.

Great,first im late now I have to wear a swimsuit au people die.
hujambo guys,sorry im late umm I overslept.
"Its okay,but a girls compettion? what can he gain from that?"Asked M`gann
Lets just go there and get this over with the sonner we get there the faster were gone.

I put on a Red wine one piece bathing suit,then went to the bioship to go.
when i got there I had no emotion so my hair turned white and then a little girl with red hair was pulling me and saying:You`re my inayopendelewa superhero i hope wewe win!"and left.

Artemis,M`gann,and wonder woman were already there about to start but when I came in the joker told everyone over the microphone:There she is a beauty beyond compare the one the only FireBlaster!!!!!!!.
I looked to see Robin being held back kwa Kaldu`r,and Superboy,I guess he ticked him off.

Okay the rules are don`t kill each other! muhahahahaa
A huge horn rang and we jumped in the water and we had to get on some floats and bend backwards
Artemis managed to pass through but m`gann did not and Wonder woman could`nt even get on the float.
Luckyly I passed now it was time to climb a pole side ways.A kengele rang and it ment that wonder woman was out.
When I reached the juu The crouwd went crazy!er.
There was a huge room with a fourway view inside and outside The joker said:Now there are three dummies in there one is Robin,the other two are me!
wewe have to save one of them and jump into the water and then climb a pole.
Now Start!
I was the First one to get the dummy and but the last one to go to the last part flag catchers M`gann started but failed and took a Major wipeout!Artemis also failed but jumped.
It was my turn I catched the the robin flag and jumped.
I won the compettion and Batman stoped the bomb also arresting the joker.

We were at MT.Justice again Us girls were tired and sat down.Wally would`nt shut up about me beating Artemis,until artemis grabbed a huge cup of frezzing water and pored it down Wally`s shirt.
I could`nt help but laugh at Wally while he screemed like a 6 mwaka old girl.

Robin came in and sat inayofuata to me,I put my head in his lap and fell asleep,so we had to stay overnight.
 A red haired girl started pulling me.
A red haired girl started pulling me.
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Wally woke up turning his head in different directions. They were in Scrambled Square.
"How did we get here?" Amy was texting au doing something with her phone. Wally stood up and looked over her shoulder.
"Nice photo" he said, making Amy jump.
"Wally! Oh my wewe gave me a fright!" Amy put her hand on her chest.
"What? I gave wewe a fright? Are we in the 16th century?" Wally looked at the screen of Amy's phone. "Who's that?" Amy turned her head to Wally.
"Oh um. That's me and my friend, Jessica. We were best friends" she sighed.
Beep beep!
Amy's phone instantly came up with a message.
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Name: Mask
Secret Identity: Kana Ligete
Superpowers: None
Alliance: Justice League/Team
Race: (Bi-racial) African American/Caucasian
Age: 18
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 146 lb.
Distinguishing Features/Marks: A chokoleti skin tone with a tattoo on the shoulder sporting the image of her mask. Shoulder-length dark hair worn in braids. Dark eyes. One distant scar on her right hand received in a fight with the Joker.
Relation to the Team: Was a good friend to Jason Todd and secretly helped him navigate the criminal Underworld while he was Robin. Provided anonymous tips to Batman on several occasions about criminal...
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“Robin! Robinrobinrobinrobinrobinrobin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
The masked hero ran into the training room where Wally was screaming his name from. The speedster was running around the room at a crazy speed. Becca stood in the center, trying to hit Wally with her magic. Robin flipped out of Wally's path and went up to Becca. He grabbed her hands and she turned her glare to him. Wally stopped running, but stayed a good distance from Becca.
“What's going on?” Robin asked.
“Your girlfriend is trying to kill me!!!!” Wally screamed.
“He aliiba my chocolate!” Becca yelled back.
Robin looked...
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OK I found a orodha of rules set up kwa Kaldur I decided to share

1. The websites Kaldur deems fit to put on Parent Control are not to be questioned.

2. au hacked (I'm looking at you, Robin).

3. The following are not allowed to have coffee: Wally, Megan. EDIT: everyone except Kaldur and Artemis.

4. No hidden cameras without permission from an adult au Kaldur. Period.

5. Knock before entering Robin's room. it.

6. Taking Conner to see Rise of the Planet of the Apes was not funny and will not be mentioned again,

7. "Rockin' Robin" is not Robin's theme song.

8. Robin does not have, need, au want...
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Sadly I did not type this but I found this very cute! :3 (Waltermis fan)Sorry a bit late for christmas... XD

“It’s the most beautiful time of the year
Lights fill the streets spreading so much cheer
I should be playing in the winter snow
But Imma be under the mistletoe.”

Everyone’s heads were bent over, staring at the last decoration in the bottom of the box. Wally’s and Artemis’s expressions were akin to expecting the object to explode at any minute. Robin and Zatanna looked highly amused. Kaldur appeared confused, Conner bored, and Megan ecstatically delighted with the prospect of...
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Chapter Three- 

"Artemis, checking in. All clear up here." Artemis radioed in. The rest of the Team radioed in their positions and status'. 

"The parade is beginning." Robin said.

The Team had spread out along the mitaani, mtaa the parade was taking place. Their was roughly one superhero every block. Artemis was the closest to the action. Her bow notched and ready, her watchful eye over the garrisons of policemen and women below her spot on Town Hall.

Aqualad was near the park where a pond conveniently located.

Robin, Miss Martian, Superboy, and Kid Flash were in order down the street.

"Target approaching."...
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 Hey,guys whats up?
Hey,guys whats up?
Morning already?but I don`t feel like getting up.
I took my phone and texted to M`gann:Hey!,Is everyone there?I just got up im on my way.
I got up from the kitanda and changed and I alisema good morning to Batman and Albert(I think thats his name).

Hey guys whats up?!.
"We`re planing a sleepover here wanna join?"Asked a Kind Artemis.
I alisema laughing:Umm sure Are the guys staying?
M`gann blushed:well it would`nt be a sleepover without Wally.
Okay I`ll be in charge of the stuff well me and Robin.See wewe guys at 7:00pm.
I got the stuff!Sheets,Pillows,clothes and Movies.

Then the guys came in with theyre stuff....
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"Do I have to go?!" I asked for the hundrith time. "Yes.This is a big and grate oppratunity.You`ll get to meet new people. I`eom sure it will be fun!" I look outside the window of our jet. What fun is it to hang out with a bunch of sidekicks.It was one thing for Jamar/Night Master to songesha her from Central City to Gothim City. But sending her to a "baby Justcie Leauge" was over rated! He was just too overprotective to send me to real camp!"Xhadow I`m sure you`ll have fun.It will be like camp but for super kids!!!"

My cute five mwaka old brother Alex said. I smiled. " I gusse your right Alex." Alex smiled. Jamar started lowering the jet. "Maybe your a little nervous." Jamar said."No I`m not!" I shot back. Then started playing with my hair...wich I only did when I lied.
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Robin sat on his kitanda in Mount Justice just staring at the floor. Alfred had kicked him out saying that he needed to do something to get his mind off of Bruce. It had been a week since Bruce put on the helmet, and nothing was helping him get his mind off of Bruce.

Wally had tried to do many things, along with the others, to get him to cheer up, but nothing worked. They tried to call him and see how he was doing, but they only got Alfred and he alisema that he would hardly eat au come out of his room.

Zatanna had visited the mountain zaidi since Batman disappeared and alisema that her father told her...
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Everyone sat in the living room/ jikoni area. Meagan stood stirring a bowl of batter, as Wally put his arms on the counter and leaned his head on them, Robin sat on the kitanda facing away from everyone, Aqualad leaned against the wall, Artemis leaned on the opposite kitanda from Robin. Becca sat resting her back on the ukuta with her head in her knees. Bullet leaned against the counter, Astreous sat on the inner counter of the walk in kitchen, Willow layed on the floor facing the tv, Andrew and Lucas sat inayofuata together on the kitanda but faced away from eachother, Joy and Superboy faced away aswell,...
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