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The Following Famfiction has been rated PG-13 for moderate violence and romance.


The Team was in the break room. Megan had just made some kuki, vidakuzi and the Team was talking about their latest mission when an alarm went off.

Robin pulled up a keyboard and screen. He tapped into the security cameras. It was a simple bank robbery, four masked men with guns were scooping cash out of a bank's safety vault. Bank employees and customers were laying on the floor, but no hostages had been taken yet.

"Aqualad to Red Tornado," Aqualad spoke into his ear comm as the team suited up.

"Received, what is the situation?" Red Tornado's voice replied over the comm.

"Bank robbery in progress in Happy Harbor, we are on our way to stop it."

"Understood, call if wewe require assistance."

"Understood, Aqualad out."

The Team was ready to songesha out. Aqualad shed his jacket, revealing his normal costume and joined the Team. 

"Miss Martian, is the bioship ready for take off?" Aqualad asked.

The green Martian's eyes glowed for a moment then she nodded.

"Very well, let's go!"

The Team rushed to the bioship. The boarding ramp on the little red ship opened up and the Team entered.

"Buckle up!" Megan said.

"I trust your driving," Kid Flash said.

"Just do it." Artemis replied, slapping him in the back of the head as she walked by.

Aqualad typed in the authorization codes. The bay doors opened and the bioship zoomed out into the cold winter sky.

"Initiate camouflage mode, we do not wish to attract unwanted attention." Aqualad said. The bioship became invisible.

"Uh, question!" Kid Flash said, waving his hand in the air. "Um, do we need to switch to stealth mode?"

"No, as it is not a covert mission au at night, that will be unnescessary." Aqualad replied.

"Aww! I upendo switching to stealth mode."

"Yeah, we know." Artemis replied. "When we were in Bialya, and wewe wouldn't stop."

"Hey! I had no memory! It seemed cool then-"

"And apparently it still is" Artemis replied. "To wewe anyway."

"Miss Martian, telepathic link."

"Established." the Martian replied.

The bioship zoomed over the harbor and into the town. It wasn't hard to tell where the problem was. Police cars raced down streets toward a large gray building. The bioship increased speed.

"Approaching the bank. Miss Martian, set us down behind the building. Artemis, Robin, drop onto the roof as we pass over." Aqualad ordered.

"Got it." Robin replied.

"Three, two, one, Go!" 

Robin and Artemis quickly dropped onto the bank's roof. Artemis aimed her bow below. Robin pulled a batarang out of his utility belt.

The bioship was setting down behind the bank when Artemis contacted the Team.

"Uh, guys." Artemis alisema through the telepathic link. "You gotta see this."

"What is it?" Aqualad asked.

"Someone did our job for us."
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Amara preferred the winter. It was harder for prey to get away and harder for humans to get into her woods. Oh and the snow. She loved it so much. She could remember when her mother made snow angels and snow men in the snow. And then they would drink coco. And she remembers how the snow on her skin would never really melt but it turned her rosy and she loved watching it fall. And then her mother's blood was spilled across the snowy white plains.
She still loved winter.
For her mother and her powers. But she hated the town. She hated every soul in it and if she got the chance ,and maybe she...
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posted by NekoTheif
Zatanna wanted out. She really did so badly. Nabu was Dr. Fate he was suppose to be kind. But he wasn't being r elastic anymore. Something was going on outside her mind. Someone was trying to negotiate with Dr. Fate. "Please just give me my daughter back!" a voice reached her. "Dad" she mumbled. Her mind got a spurt of bravery. "Give my body back!" she screamed angrily. Forcing her hands up she imagined her self taking the kofia, chapeo off. She imagined how her father would hug her. She let her moyo take hold. And forced the kofia, chapeo off her. She collapsed from the air and Superboy caught her. She...
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posted by Robin_Love
Becca stood inayofuata to Willow. She put a hand on her shoulder, making the other girl look at her.
“If wewe want, Willow, I could always add this to Wally's antidote.”
Becca held up a pink colored vial of liquid.
“What is it?”
“...Let's just say I got this from Ivy. Her plants are worth studying.”
“No way Becca! If he doesn't upendo me anymore, I'll live. But I want to know the truth.”
Becca groaned and put the vial away.
“I never get to use it,” she muttered as she poured a white liquid down Wally's throat.
She moved away when the speedster coughed and his eyes opened.
“Wally! You're...
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Becca opened her eyes. She looked around to find herself in the same room she had been stuck in last time. Her wrists were tied again, but this time she was on the floor, her ankles tied together and locked onto the floor. The door opened and Salva entered.
“Of course it'd be you!” she hissed.
“Hello, my love. I have a gift for you.”
He held up a piece of black fabric in his hand.
“I want nothing from you!”
“Come on. Try it on.”
“Either wewe put the dress on, Becca, au I will.” Salva eyed her body for a second. “And I won't mind getting a glimpse of what's underneath.”...
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Robin groaned at the annoying, persistent knocking that sounded on his door. That could only mean one person; Wally. With another groan, Robin sat up, putting his sunglasses on. He dressed quickly and opened the door. Wally was surprised kwa the junior Bat-glare he was receiving.
“Rob! You're awake!”
“I am now! What do wewe want?”
“Wellllll....Iwaslookingthroughthesecuritycameras andIfoundsomeoddconversationandotherthingssoIneed youtocomeandletmeknowifthey'rereal.”
Wally's rapid talking had ended and Robin's fogged up brain was still trying to work through whatever Wally had just poured...
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Okay peoples. This is the 411 about my articles: I just made a website. It has a new, never before seen makala AND a new book continuing on Sarah's journy after she saves Olympus. Also, theres tons more, like chat, videos, groups, blogs, and games!Did I mention its a site strictly for Young Justice lovers? If wewe want, I can even make a page specifically for certain members of the team i.e Robin X3. If wewe want to jiunge my website and read, write, play and chat, just send me a message and I'll give wewe the link :) I really hope wewe join! wewe can even be "buddies" with other people on the site! wewe can tell people what's new with ur articles, au just plain talk about whatever! To make less confusion, please tell me your fanpop jina la mtumiaji so people can shabiki wewe here, au if they're a shabiki of wewe here, they can "buddy" wewe on my website. So remember, just send me a message, and I'll send wewe the link :D
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