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"No, no, no, no!" Revenge said, wiping up the blood with his gloves. There was too much
on the floor. Too much had been lost. The sword that had done the damage was laying
over to the side. Revenge tried to pick it up, but his strength had left him. It clattered
to the floor beside him as he sank to his knees, the unbearable pain filling his
body and mind.

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Chapter 2-

Revenge looked around again. Buildings were clear, areas around where the guests were arriving was clear, woods were-wait! Something moved and Revenge zoomed in on it. He couldn't see a thing.

Revenge switched on infrared and saw what he was looking for. A human moving in the woods. Revenge switched back to regular and saw the front of a rocket launcher sticking out of the bushes.

'Always a rocket launcher.' he thought as he fired his grappling gun across the gap between the banquet building and the building he was on. Revenge swooped down and tackled the guest as a rocket whizzed by....
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His head pounded and his eyes were sore. He tried opening them but found he couldn't. But he could still feel the fabric of his mask on his eyes. He sighed inwardly. His hands and ankles were strapped to a hospital bed; judging kwa the bars at the sides of the platform, he guessed it was a bed. He could feel a warm liquid entering his body. Sounds and hums filled the room (he guessed it was a room). Pain ran up and down his legs and his arms felt heavy. He heard voices.
“How is our patient?” a man with a heavy German accent asked.
“Everything shows as normal. Sir.”
“Excellent. Vhat...
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[b].®.®.®.®.®.Chapter 2.®.®.®.®.®.[b]

[b]A Bad Start

Washington DC

August 11, 4:29 EDT[b]

The front door opened as Grace Emilia Ross walked through it. She looked around. "Sasmootch?" she called for her dog questioningly when she heard the back door close. "Hello?" she asked. "Is someone there?" she cautiously left the front door, and upon entering the living room to the right, she craned her neck, trying to see into the jikoni around the corner. "Dad, is that chou?" walking around the corner, she saw her dog sitting on the hard wood floor, waiting for her.

"Oh Sasmoa. Was that wewe making...
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