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Source: i painted over her stumach that had a hug arow tatoo on it
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 zuko and mai kiss at katara's birthday party
zuko and mai kiss at katara's birthday party
Dear Diary,
Today is 7/46. It’s my birthday. I’m so happy. “Katara come down stairs I got something for you!” I heard Aang call. I ran down stairs and saw everyone shouting, “SURPRISE!!” I was speechless. But not because of the surprise party, but because Zuko was holding Mai in a way that made me uncomfortable. “Happy birthday little sister.” Sokka alisema hugging me. “Thanks guys.” We all went to the sitting area for cake and presents. I saw Zuko kiss Mai than she sat on his lap. I almost jumped at her and killed her but than I remembered she was just a cover up for me and...
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When she looked at me,
Her eyes pierced my heart
With vengeless anger,
Longing to be set free;
A familiar fire
That burned and would not depart ….

When she yelled at me,
My moyo was torn kwa sorrow
For her, as if longing to be
In her place, to prevent today
What could not be saved tomorrow;
Her price I would gladly pay…

When her hand struck me,
I was stunned
By the gentleness of her caress
On me—the enemy she had shunned;
She did not her hurt repress,
Yet did not tear down my dignity….

When she cried to me,
Her tears were as showers
Pelting my soul with grief unspoken;
Like burning flowers,
Grieving with...
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