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posted by wordbender
When she looked at me,
Her eyes pierced my heart
With vengeless anger,
Longing to be set free;
A familiar fire
That burned and would not depart ….

When she yelled at me,
My moyo was torn kwa sorrow
For her, as if longing to be
In her place, to prevent today
What could not be saved tomorrow;
Her price I would gladly pay…

When her hand struck me,
I was stunned
By the gentleness of her caress
On me—the enemy she had shunned;
She did not her hurt repress,
Yet did not tear down my dignity….

When she cried to me,
Her tears were as showers
Pelting my soul with grief unspoken;
Like burning flowers,
Grieving with...
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posted by paintbrush12
At the end of Sozin's comet part 4, when Zuko asked Ozai "Where's my mother?", I knew he would not have an immediate answer. This eluded to a possible continuation of the series, au at least another show....but this was not to be. Happily, Dark Horse had picked up the reins and led us onto the further adventures of our inayopendelewa gaang. After years of wondering and waiting, we are finally able to embark on yet another life-changing field trip with Zuko-actually it's Azula's turn-to quell that swali that has burned in our minds for so long.
Amid the back story and our troop's various distractions,...
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"Ah"! Katara screamed, Katara had another nightmare for the fifth night in a row the same one about her and Zuko kissing and Zuko getting killed kwa Mai. She went to a quiet place to think. That happened to be the same quiet place Zuko went to think. "Hi Zuko". Katara said. "Hey" he said. "What are wewe doing up"? Zuko asked. "I had a nother nightmare". Katara said. "Me too,what was yours about?" Zuko asked. "Umm, about wewe and me...kissing and Mai killing you". Katara alisema in a wishper. "Really"? Zuko asked. "Uh huh". Katara alisema still in a wishper. "I had the same dream". Zuko said. "What"?...
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posted by wordbender

Promise that you’ll end my life should I become like dad;
Promise wewe will take me down if I become so bad.
Cancer has run in families since before my incarnation;
An Avatar must vow to curtail malignant transformation!

For the crimes of my ancestors, I would gladly atone:
The sins of my forefathers should burden me alone
But it all seems too much for a teenaged firelord to bear,
Though involving anyone else would truly seem unfair;
Of others who can help, I’m really not aware,
Yet it pains me, my friend, to have this to share!

But if I ask too much, I would gladly take my own
Life—erase my...
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posted by pinkittycat12
First Mai and zuko brake up. Mai runs away and never is seen again. Aang has weird dreams during the night. It shows a girl with an arrow on her head saying to meet her at the north air temple. her name is Keya. Aang gets the group together and they head for the temple. When they go they find the girl. She looks at them and says,
" Ahhh. its about time. Zuko, aang, katara, sokka and toph.''
they are surprised of this. for they haven't meet her before. She tells her story. She was from the northern water tribe. Very powerful water bender. Then when aang was killed kwa azula when azula shot lightning...
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"Oh Zuko", Katara alisema holding him in her arms.Zuko smiling cheek to cheek kissed her passionately.Katara, "I lov..." ,but before he could finish the clouds turned black there was moto everywhere then Aang appread in the Avatar state.Lookin angrier, than ever shot lighting at Zuko. Zuko pushes Katara out of the way.Right before the lighting hit's his face he woke up screaming in the Firelords old house in a cold sweat.Everyone woke up and ran to where he was.Zuko,Sokka alisema holding his sowrd."What's wrong are we under attack?!?" "No!" alisema Zuko "I just had a nightmare." "What about" Aang asked?...
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posted by Invader_K
 Kayley and her Purple moto
Kayley and her Purple fire
Kayleys POV

I was walking nyumbani one day. I hurried past the bus stop. I was hurrying because my inayopendelewa onyesha was going to be on soon. It was going to be on until 12:30am tonight. The onyesha I'm going to be watching Avatar:The Last Airbender.
I upendo that onyesha so much! I wish I could be on the show. I really wish the world was the show. As I got home, I threw my backpack on the floor. My mom groaned. "How many times do I have to tell wewe to stop throwing your stuff on the floor?" she asked, looking at me seriously. I sighed. I dragged my backpack into my room. "Now to turn on my TV and watch my show!!!"...
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I have a MAJOR obsession with Zuko, and anime, but mostly Zuko. I'm not talking about what most people would think of a Zuko obsession like: watching him alot. No, I watch him EVERY DAY. he only pics on my cell are of Zuko, and the video I record on my cell are of-guess who-ZUKO! He's just soooo hot. And if my obseesion wasn't bad enough, here's more: the only pics on my laptop r of him, I draw him every day(pretty well, actually), I dream about him every night. (p.s. I'm a very mentally active person, which means I think A LOT, and I somehow can control my dreams whenever I enter them), I...
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posted by paintbrush12
for anyone who hasn't read this yet, my apologies if I am revealing anything too soon, this is not a review, just some things I wanted to point out.
As a long time reader of comic vitabu and graphic novels, I am accustomed to story twists, alternate endings, character deviation - so in this book i'm actually expecting this. It's not enough to just ask where his mother is, au what "happened" to her, this brings up an opportunity to take a deeper look at Zuko, Azula, and the royal family, otherwise "the Search" would end up a pretty short story. In part one, we see a nice backstory about Ursa,...
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 In the arms of my and only true love.
In the arms of my and only true love.
Katara was breathless. She was in Zuko's arms in the moto Nation palace. He was basically speaking words of poetry to her like "Katara wewe are my life saver" and "Katara wewe are my heart, my all". Katara I upendo wewe he said. Zuko I lov... she was about to say then the whole room filled with moto and wewe could feel the hate in the room Mai appeared and scowled at Katara. Katara tried to waterbend but it wouldn't work. Mai shot a blade at her. She pushed Zuko out of the way, and right when it was about to hit her face Zuko jumped in front of Katara.Then she woke up and saw Zuko sleeping on the cot inayofuata to her(In the moto Lords old house.) She smiled and wishperd I upendo wewe too, kissed him on his scar and went back to sleep.
 I upendo you.
I love you.
posted by zukoluvr108
No one knows the real me, No one knows who I am truly. No one has taken the time to look past the scar and my heritage to see the bright flickering soul within me. Everyday the scar on my face is a constant reminder of how life can change in an instant. From a pampered prince, to a banished, stubborn boy, to a good-natured friend. All of this has taught me one lesson, follow your heart, no matter how odd au mis-guided it may be, no matter what your mind says. Your moyo knows what and who wewe are, not your mind. NO matter how dark your moyo is, there is always a shimmer of light with in it. People deserve a sekunde chance...
One night when the world's bigest war happend mai and zuko got together (u know that)! But when mai went nyumbani katara came in to say hi and tell him about his ucels chai party the inayofuata morning! It was dark of corse cuz zuko was sleeping she sat on the kitanda she though zuko was goin to the bathroom she fell asleep there the inayofuata moning she woke up inayofuata to zuko she screemed ZUKO he alisema WHAT R U DOING HERE mai walked in and got the wrong idea! she yelled ZUKO WHAT R U DOING!?!?! he alisema n..n. nothing! katara was in shock then the girl fight happend mai warned katara the she better not do it again...
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