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What anime do wewe remember most fondly?

12 answers | my answer: I'm going to say the dub of Sailor Moon also. My si...

Can wewe please help me find a specific Soul Eater Picture? * Potential Spoiler*

3 answers | my answer: This is the one that you're talking about, right?...

what do wewe think of people judging an entire genre based off of a couple anime?

5 answers | my answer: I hate it also, but I try not to pay much mind to i...


36 answers | my answer: krisimasi in Soul Eater = BAD FRICKIN ASS.

Post a pic of a Vocaloid

22 answers | my answer: Luka~ My personal favorite.

post a xmas pic of any anime [plz not rude pics thx ^_^]i will give the winner something i dont no wat yet

50 answers | my answer: [i]Soul Eater~[/i]

inayopendelewa Japanese anime Voice Actor:

6 answers | my answer: Mamoru Miyano. He voices a lot of my inayopendelewa chara...

Post your BEST pic of IZAYA ORIHARA!

18 answers | my answer: No trolling on a swali related to Izaya? That ju...

for ani-fans who have watched zaidi than two action anime au zaidi in the same day, have wewe ever been drained of your energy from how good the episodes were?

2 answers | my answer: No, it does the opposite to me, actually. I'm usual...

Post your inayopendelewa anime character of the opposite gender that wewe DO NOT have a crush on

33 answers | my answer: It's a tie between Black nyota and Soul Eater. I a...