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Harry Potter

In "Deathly Hallows", when Harry was being moved, his wand made golden flames, how and why did it make golden flames on its own?

7 answers | my answer: wewe have to understand that Voldemort's soul in Har...
Harry Potter

Which charecter should not have been killed off?

49 answers | my answer: Hedwig,Fred, Tonks and Lupin. Oh and Dobby too. Ins...
Harry Potter

does anyone know what happened to cho after school?

4 answers | my answer: To hell with Cho.I hate her so much.....she was so...
Harry Potter

What do wewe think of Luna??

21 answers | my answer: Ilike her. She is totally cool, awesome and unique....
Harry Potter

How do wewe say 'Death Eaters' in your language?

70 answers | my answer: In Urdu it is called "maut ko khanay walw". I'm fro...
Harry Potter

What's all this about an attack on the Burrow?

7 answers | my answer: Oh...i've heard of some new scene approved kwa Rowli...
Harry Potter

Which half blood prince did wewe like better?

7 answers | my answer: Of course book. Movie is out of swali man!!!they...
Harry Potter

Does Dumbledore speak Parseltongue?

10 answers | my answer: No..he couldn't coz only heirs of salazar slytherin...
Harry Potter

Who liked Lavender??? i didn't like her she was really annoying

21 answers | my answer: Yeah.i agree. she is definitely annoying both in bo...
Harry Potter

Young Hermione doing underage magic?

6 answers | my answer: Its only in movie they have shown Hermoine doing un...