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upigaji picha

what do wewe think of this picture??

5 answers | my answer: its awesome !!
Harry Potter

who would tarehe on harry potter?

21 answers | my answer: draco <3
Harry Potter

Have wewe ever wished that wewe were Marafiki with the HP cast?

19 answers | my answer: yes all the time :)
Harry Potter

Did wewe cry when wewe saw the trailer for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?

23 answers | my answer: yes
Harry Potter

When wewe herd bruno mars grenade Did wewe think of Severus Snape and Lily Evans?

12 answers | my answer: at first i didn't but now i will
Harry Potter

Who's your inayopendelewa and least inayopendelewa character in Harry Potter?

114 answers | my answer: i don't know who my inayopendelewa character is but i gu...
Harry Potter

Neville's crush?

10 answers | my answer: it was so cute i upendo them together
Harry Potter

Do wewe have a song,that every time wewe hear it,it reminds wewe of Harry Potter?

24 answers | my answer: Long Live kwa Taylor mwepesi, teleka onyesha must go on kwa que...
Harry Potter

What would you...

7 answers | my answer: lavender roses Vanilla
Harry Potter

If wewe were sent on a secret magical mission what seven characters would wewe pick?

29 answers | my answer: lets see ..... luna bellatrix dean seamus...