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Harry Potter

Post the most beautiful picture from any HP movie wewe can find..Everyone will get heshima

43 answers | my answer: It was so hard to pick, but this one of my fav romi...
Harry Potter

How would wewe rate EACH HP film on the scale of 10?

26 answers | my answer: SS-9 COS-8 POA-10 GOF-5 OOTP-7 HBP-8 DH1-9 D...
Harry Potter

Your juu 10 fav char?

24 answers | my answer: 1. Hermione 2. Ron 3. Harry 4. Neville 5. Ginny...
Harry Potter

Why doesn't Some one just use a time turner, go back in time, and murder voldemort as a kid! I mean he doesn't have any horcruxes... Like fail!

13 answers | my answer: if they killed volde early on then there wouldn't b...
So wewe Think wewe Can Dance

What two people were eliminated last night???

4 answers | my answer: lauren all the way!
Gilmore Girls

im in the middle of the 7th season and im sick of waiting to find out, so i want to know, does lorelai end up with luke?

5 answers | my answer: yea in the last episode, at the very last second. T...

In which movie do wewe cry the most?

28 answers | my answer: a walk to remember, au the notebook, and my sisters...

Which movie did wewe watch the most?

44 answers | my answer: alot of movies, but the juu is THE PRINCESS BRIDE A...

hich are your inayopendelewa movie in these categories?

10 answers | my answer: Action- The Bourne Ultimatum Comedy- Young Frank...
Taylor mwepesi, teleka

Post a pic of Taylor mwepesi, teleka wearing black, winners get heshima

30 answers | my answer: This one!