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mashabiki wanachagua: Rosella & Antonio
mashabiki wanachagua: Mermaidia
mashabiki wanachagua: 12 Dancing Princesses
mashabiki wanachagua: Princess and the Pauper
mashabiki wanachagua: Barbie island princess
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BarbieRosella alisema …
I just watched "Video Game Hero" and even though it's not the best one, I think it's worth watching and it's so unique. I just wish that she has her human look throughout of it though but I knew it's gonna be a little zaidi hard for her lol. 6/10 and would watch it again after revisiting Parthenia, The Enchanted Forest, and Fairytopia. ilitumwa siku 8 zilizopita
BarbieRosella alisema …
I just had Netflix the other day, and I'm SHOOK that they had "Swan Lake" there. So, would we expect the other older sinema now? They're not in the highest quality, though. But make sure to stream it there, guys! ilitumwa siku 9 zilizopita
WilliamBinh15 alisema …
Hello everyone 👋 today I'll give wewe download link for a new Barbie series, Dreamhouse Adventure 😁

Watch Online + Download:

P/s: Please give me a credit if wewe re-upload it to somewhere. Thank you! 🙂 ilitumwa siku 10 zilizopita
Sythia ametoa maoni…
Thank wewe very much for the download link; wewe saved my day! <3 siku 9 zilizopita
WilliamBinh15 ametoa maoni…
You're welcome 😁 siku 9 zilizopita
Candywitch ametoa maoni…
Thanks siku 9 zilizopita