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5.16 Review: kuvuka, msalaba Rhodes: Basically the Worst Fanfic Ever « cosmiclovecb


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amshafe said:
LOVED this part:

"One thing to keep in mind lovely readers, is that as fucked up as everything on the show seems to be right now, this is Gossip Girl, and things are often not how they appear. Since 5.11, things have gotten exponentially stranger by the episode. We can’t help but wonder if there is more to the story. Everything is completely over the top ass-backwards right now, and surely, SURELY the writers deserve some credit. Otherwise, they really enjoy having a viewership of 40 people. In the meantime, we have faith yet that eventually something on this show will make sense. Here’s hoping for coma dreams (nightmares) and/or actual alien abduction. Who the fuck knows, maybe this entire season has been one big excerpt from Dan’s shitty super awesome fanfic."

I'm starting to think this is all WAAYY to weird to be written off as just bad writing alone, even before I finished reading this post but even moreso after I finished. I think the writers have some big twist planned. I really, really hope so.
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