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AU OTH Haley and daughter Brooke stay nyumbani mother

brooke + haley + peyton | 'skies are crying..'

Haley & Brooke Reason to Hope

[Brooke/Haley] • "You totally sleep like a dead person"

Brooke & Haley || just forget the world, I'll be watching you.

►Brooke + Haley | 'I'll go wherever wewe will go.'

Brooke & Haley | Teenage Dream

Brooke & Haley | kwa Your Side

• Brooke | Haley - Everyday I will remind wewe

Brooke/Haley || "Man, these times are hard!"

Brooke & Haley I Broken Wings ??Preview

"Now She's my bestfriend" Brooke and Haley

Haley/Brooke - Halo

Brooke&Haley-Right Here


Welcome to my life (Brooke and Haley)

Brooke and Haley - Thank wewe

Brooke & Haley║Ships in the night

OTH: Brooke and Haley -*Best Frinds*

i'd come for you; brooke&haley.

Brooke/Haley - Almost Everything - (baley)

Keep Holdin on [Brooke Haley]

Autumn And Me- Brooke and Haley.

Brooke/Haley - Cryin' for me

wewe make me smile // Brooke & Haley

Brooke and Haley (Baley) - Down

Brooke & Haley - Life without wewe

Brooke&Haley ~ I'll Be There For wewe

Brooke & Haley *An amazing friendship"

brooke haley best friends!

Brooke & Haley - River Flows In wewe

•haley and brooke - in the eyes

Brooke & Haley - When the World Comes Down

brooke&haley; "let's be bigger than that and remember..

Brooke&Haley | On The Ride

Brooke&Haley /// Good to be true..♥ [Dedicated to Lauren]

Haley & Brooke || A Little Piece of Heaven [for NaleyMiss]

One mti kilima Brooke & Haley (Keep holding on)

►Brooke & Haley • One mti kilima • kwa Your Side

Brooke&Haley I Broken Wings

OTH// Im a bitch, kahaba

Haley/Brooke: "It Hurts" (Venting/Story Video)

brooke&haley: i should go (au)

Brooke & Haley || Because wewe live.

One mti kilima - Brooke and baby Lydia

Brooke + Haley | Within wewe

I'm so glad I found wewe | Brooke&Haley

Brooke and Haley ll I'll be there for wewe

Brooke/Haley - Count On Me

AU Femslash - Haley & Brooke (Baley) - "Breathe (2 AM)"


[Brooke&Haley]✖{"Perfect to Me"} ► Dedicated to My Best Friend

brooke davis | broken inside (+ haley)

One mti kilima - 8x21 - Brooke & Haley: Karen's Cafe

[ Brooke || Haley lovers ] • Te Amo

Brooke & Haley || Two Worlds Collide

Brooke & Haley - Use somebody

Brooke & Haley [] I'll Be There [Vidlet]

Brooke & Haley // Breathless

Haley and Brooke [Haley's Speech - 8x13]

Brooke & Haley - Something to believe in

[ Brooke | Haley AU LOVERS ] • The Memory Will Never Die

Brooke & Haley II kwa Your Side

Brooke Haley \\ Crawl \\

8x16: "I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here"

Brooke/Haley: 714 - Family Affair

Brooke & Haley - I'll Always Be Right There

(One mti Hill) Brooke/Haley - When the World Comes Down

Brooke/Haley: 709 - Now wewe Lift Your Eyes to the Sun

Brooke Haley [One mti Hill] - Dear Friend

Brooke/Haley I'll Stand kwa wewe ♥

Brooke & Haley (OTH) | "Two Worlds Collide"

OTH || Brooke & Haley || Look After You!

brooke&haley | if i got wewe

brooke&haley | mend your moyo

Brooke & Haley | 8x02

One mti kilima 8x01 Brooke/Julian/Haley

Haley&Brooke&Peyton || That girl's a genius

OTH 4x15 - Getting Ready For Prom

{6 Months- Baley(Brooke Davis/Haley James)}

so i thought (haley/brooke)

brownies [brooke and haley]

Brooke/Haley - Look After wewe

"I'll stand up with wewe forever." (brooke;haley)

Brooke || Haley [ lovers ] - I'm Only Human / AU video

Brooke/Haley: Breathe In, Breathe Out

7x15 *Brooke & Haley*

7x14 *Brooke & Haley*

Brooke & Haley [Two Worlds Collide]


Baley Scene 7.13

*Brooke Davis/Haley James(Baley)- I Was Here*

1,2,3,4 || Haley, Peyton, and Brooke

wewe were the one; brooke/haley(/rachel)

Brooke & Haley | Amazed

Baley-Keep Holding On

i kissed a girl (brooke/haley)

Brooke & Haley 7x08

tik tok on the clock / multifandom females

Haley & Brooke Get Stoned OTH!