Seriously. Go back to pre movie Spongebob.. He's a completely different person. And his voice in season 1 is one of the many things I wish they kept. It's not annoying.. If anything it should be a little zaidi sarcastic.. And above it all. Seeing CAN wewe SPARE A DIME is the greatest thing ever when comparing it to new Spongebob.. Who doesn't have a spine to save his life.

New Spongebob.. Where do I begin.. From crying about anything, I mean "anything".. The high toned voice. The utter stupidity.. And his creepy level of fondness towards Squidward, bordering on "stalking".. Why, didn't, this, show, END!?

Once the most beloved character of the show.. He's stupid, but he always meant well.. Well.. Mostly.

Sure Old Patrick can be a asshole sometimes (espically I'm with Stupid). In the Valentine's one he even turned psychoic..

But new Patrick is just a bully.. A lying, senseless, sociopath.. Clearly a bad influence on Spongebob. If Spongebob was OLD SPONGEBOB he would find a "real friend"..

Well, he certain was never "season 1 Krabs".. Who was basically Spongebob's father figure.. But he was always amongst my favorites.. He's just the "right" amount of mean and selfish to be lovable about it. And is still a good guy underneath.

But, of coarse. Want proof of how much he's ruined. Watch ONE COARSE MEAL.

Plankton is trying to (once again) steal the Krabby Patty formula. Pearl shows up, (just to ask for money) and Plankton is terrified because he has heard that whales eat plankton. Mr. Krabs uses this fear to create a master plan to stop Plankton once and for all. Mr. Krabs creates a costume that looks exactly like Pearl, and begins to scare Plankton, even when he's not doing anything that endangers the Krusty Krab. Great message for children, right? Don't worry, it gets worse. Plankton is starting to go insane. Literally insane. He doesn't cut his hair, his toenails, he wears tissue boxes for shoes, and Karen (his wife, in case wewe didn't know) does nothing to help, because she doesn't believe him when he tells her that there is a nyangumi after him. Plankton decides to end it all. wewe read correctly. "Well, they probably don't go too far into that detail, right? " Wrong. Plankton goes right in the middle of the road, and lies down on his back. "Well, children probably don't know what's happening, right? " Eh... normally, yes. But then when SpongeBob sees Plankton, he goes outside and talks to Plankton, to which Plankton says this: "Can't wewe see I'm trying to get run over?! " and "In fact why don't wewe just step on me? ". So now children know that Plankton wants to die. "Well, Mr. Krabs and Plankton work together sometimes, so if Krabs found out, he would help him, right? " Oh I wish. Because that would make sense. But instead, the writers go to a new low. SpongeBob goes into Krabs' office, and tells him that Plankton is lying in the road. What does Krabs do? Does he rush out there to help his old friend, and tell him it was him the whole time? Does he apologize for what he has done? Coarse not. He laughs. Yep. He LAUGHS. I'm not even going to continue typing about this..


Mrs. Puff used to be a teacher who didn't know what to do about SpongeBob and often found herself grimacing in his presence, but all in all, she really did care about SpongeBob and want him to learn. That used to be her, like, life's ambition- to teach him to drive. Did wewe see her face in that episode with Patrick talking to him in the walkie talkie? Her face held so much joy.

Now, there's a episode dedicated to her trying to MURDER him.. Yes, Modern Spongebob is off putting, but murdering him!?

"You know! For kids!" - Nostaglia Critic