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posted by Raven25
The following was ilitumwa from Cheats Guru:
CheatsGuru.Com is the web's number one destination for pc and video game console cheats, hints, walkthroughs... and much, much more!

CheatsGuru.Com launched in May 2005, with the goal of becoming the world's best online cheatsite -- it's the official nyumbani of cheat system and enhancements for all the latest games, whether wewe own a PlayStation2, GameCube, Xbox, PSone, Game Boy Advance au older platforms, we've got it covered.

We hope that you've enjoyed what CheatsGuru.Com has delivered thus far, and we hope that the best is yet to come.

To contact CheatsGuru.Com team, please use this link.

added by Raven25
Just Aldermar (a user on CG) inaonyesha people around the site.
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