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Black is the color
that the sad wear in mourning
feeling of wanting them back.

Black is the color
that befriends wewe when no one else is there
that holds wewe in a prison with no escape
keeping wewe from happiness
hiding in a dark corner of a room.

Black is hot coffee in the morning,
a bat flying through caves,
scratching of fingernails against a chalkboard,
a cat's silky fur.

Black is the night sky revealing stars,
Ghosts lurking in the shadows,
a monster's ferocious scream,
evil that lies within your soul.
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A place that was full of joy,
Where anger melted away,
Where we all were joyous,
All together at the end of the day.
Let's go back to a land,
That was happy and free,
Where everything was kind,
Somewhere that meant a lot to me.
Someplace to laugh,
A place without any tears,
A place where we belonged,
A place without any fears.
Let's push the clock,
Turn back the hands of time,
A place that was happy and free,
A land no one can find.
A place that we enjoyed,
A place that's above the clouds,
A place that wasn't broken
And now, it's nowhere to be found.
Cyber bullying is one of the main things that cause depression. We all hate it when it happens to us. It just happened to me recently here on fanpop.
cyber bullying
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