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Opinion by Sparklefairy375 posted siku 4 zilizopita
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My opinion about prettiest princess orodha are changed in times, so I want to share my most prettiest Disney Princess orodha in this makala :)

11. Tiana

I didn't mean to say she's ugly, I just think Tiana is the most plain/average in terms of beauty department. She has nice eyes and those eyes are shining in some moments, but most of her other body features are plain and nothing special. Her hair is way too simple with some curls, she got too big nose and thick lip. Her skin was exotic enough as an African-American princess. Her dimples are fine, but at least it makes her has unique look, as she's the only one who have dimples. Feels sorry to put her low, but the others are way prettier than her.

10. Snow White

She is stated as "the fairest of them all", but I don't think so. Snow White actually has potential to be pretty, but it was ruined kwa some aspects. I'm not a shabiki of her animation. Her hair, like Tiana's was too simple but in hers it seems like her hair was drawn with inks and it's not complete yet. Her eyebrows are looks like to be drawn with pencil. Her...
Opinion by Renegade1765 posted siku 6 zilizopita
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I know Anna isn't real - but I still want to wish her a Happy Birthday.
On December 21st 2016 (Technically 23 because I accidentally hit "Unpublish and Save" and had to hariri it.), I wrote an makala wherein I listed of 40 of my inayopendelewa fan-arts of Elsa. It was her birthday, and wanted to write an makala where I listed the contributions of other Elsa fans, as a tribute/gift.
Today is June 21st, Anna's birthday, and because I upendo her almost as much, I want to orodha off 40 of my inayopendelewa fan-arts of Anna, to onyesha that she's a wonderful character that deserves just as much credit as her sister.

When I became a shabiki of Frozen, it was because of Elsa. Heck, I used to think that she was the main character because of how heavily advertised and maarufu she was. It's only after kusoma Frozen's Disney Wikia page that I realized that Anna was the main character, and that she had a lot zaidi screen-time than Elsa. I didn't notice it back when I first watched Frozen in March of 2014, because I was skipping parts of it.
My very first article, was meant as a way to express why I loved Elsa so much. I loved Anna, but not as much as Elsa. Over these two and a half years, I've grown to upendo and admire Anna more, and that she means a lot to...
Opinion by avatar_tla_fan posted siku 10 zilizopita
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The only thing I still come on this club to do. Let's begin.

This can get kind of hard to read sometimes and we're sorry, but we're also lazy. And lots of language. Oops. We're pretty immature, sorry about that! I hope wewe enjoy!

11. Snow White

LanaQueen: I knew Snow would place here. But she's a precious little snowflake so I feel bad..
LanaQueen: ....Except I also placed her last. Heh, heh...
darby: wow bringing out the italics someones mad
Hajirah: Oh, is that how we're doing it?
BelleOlive: I loved it that one time in our makala like this when mary was like "hate y'all"
darby: um snow white is very cute but her uhuishaji prevents her from being really pretty tbh
Maresy.: Snow was like eighth on mine cuz a couple of these gals #ugly.
Hajirah: Snow White's face was just animated at a time where animated women weren't exactly made to look gorgeous.
Opinion by BelleRose829 posted siku 15 zilizopita
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juu 10! Because there are just so many wonderful songs, fortunately I've organized them to perfection. Any-who I upendo my orodha guys, just upendo it.

10. Once Upon A Dream

It's so adorable, plus it's based on the ballet composition and I upendo classical muziki so it just makes sense I'd upendo it. Unless I'm just speaking out of ignorance, its words which aren't very meaningful. Nonetheless it's beautiful and if I had to pick a song that embodied fairytales it would be this one. Why I may seem vague, I think it's a timeless classic to be adored kwa many generations.

9. Colors Of The Wind

Is it preachy? Yeah. But this song is so beautifully written and well composed, the preaching seems poetic. I like the symbolism and the score if it, I don't mind Pocahontas's sort of pointless words. I upendo Judy Kuhn's voice and the visuals that go with it are amazing. Also just saying the words "Can wewe paint with all the colors of the wiiiinnnnddd?" Makes me want to break out in song and everything. That last score as well is just-- WOW! <3
Fan fiction by Mrbiskit posted siku 15 zilizopita
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Notes: Frozen and Batman are not owned and created kwa me. This story is for both and Fanpop. This story is dedicated to Adam West (my inayopendelewa Batman and my inayopendelewa mayor).

Princess Anna came into the living room with excitement. Anna screamed "Elsa! Elsa!"

Queen Elsa alisema "What's up Anna?"

Anna alisema "I have big news. Gotham City's 2 most dangerous villains have come to our city."

Elsa alisema "You seem oddly excited about that."

Anna alisema "Oh I sure am. Since Gotham's villains are here that means that Gotham's hero is also coming."

Elsa alisema "Do wewe mean Batman?"

Anna jokingly alisema "No. I mean Apache Chief. Of course I mean Batman."

Elsa alisema "So are we going to help Batman?"

Anna alisema "Of course. I had some slight changes done to our super costumes. I think that you'll be impressed."

Anna showed Elsa their new super hero costumes. Anna alisema "I used our Captain chupi, underpants costumes and added a shirt. Now we have everything that we need."
Opinion by BelleRose829 posted siku 17 zilizopita
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My opinions have changed (as they always do), so I decided to do an makala with descriptions this time because wow this orodha is different from before. Also I'm only going to include official DPs now, so no Moana au Anna and Elsa. So without further introduction my updated Disney Princess list!

11. Ariel

When I was really little I pretty much loved Ariel and her movie, she was a mermaid with an amazing set of pipes and she had cute sidekicks. I really related to Ariel because she was a rebel and was really trying to do her own thing and wasn't going to let anyone tell her what au what not to love. Obviously as I grew up those feelings changed, I still think Ariel has her positive traits, but I think they're outweighed kwa her negative ones. Ariel is really selfish when it comes to her dreams, she's determined about them, sure, but it clouds her judgement easily and she makes a deal with the devil, knowing full well that Ursula is an evil sea witch. She is even warned kwa Sebastian before hand, but out of spite, ignores him.
Article by deedragongirl posted siku 19 zilizopita
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Gothic Kelly Clarkson
Hi guys, since I had done for Carrie Underwood, now it's Kelly Clarkson's turn on which Princess will choose to be their favourite songs from her.

Since wewe Been Gone

Snow White and Princess Aurora mentally told Prince Charming and Prince Philip respectively about what happen to them since they have been gone during their respective films.

Don't wewe Wanna Stay (ft. Jason Aldean)

This song is actually a duet between Prince Kit and Ella during the ball and the hunting the ayala scene, au best during the ending scene where he fits the slipper on Ella.

Never Again

Prince Eric swears that he will never Lost Ariel ever again when he goes to rescue her from Ursula.

Behind These Hazel Eyes

Okay, since the title fits both Belle and the Beast despite that the beast/ Prince Adam doesn't have hazel eyes. But, Belle finally sees the Prince behind the Beast.

Opinion by SarahCorine posted siku 26 zilizopita
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I just relearned how to make crossover pics and it got me thinking about my inayopendelewa crossover couples, zaidi specifically, the DP couples. There are ten couples here since I didn't include Merida for obvious reasons. Their ranking is my least inayopendelewa to my favorite. au basically least shipped to most shipped. Although I definitely see all of these pairings working and being really cute together. Let me know what wewe think.

I do like them together but partly why they’re last on this orodha is because I upendo Snow and Prince and I just cannot imagine them legitimately with anyone else. Though, just for fun and for the sake of crossover DP couples, I see Snow with Flynn. It’s an odd pairing I know, but hear me out. I think part of the reason why Flynn fell for Rapunzel is because of how sweet and innocent she is, yet she has a feisty attitude about her. I think Snow is the same way. She’s so kind and sweet, but she speaks up when she needs to. I can see Flynn wanting to become a better person for Snow and wanting to give her the best of himself. He’s not your typical prince so what on earth would Snow see in him? Well she was praying...
Fan fiction by Mrbiskit posted siku 27 zilizopita
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Notes: Frozen is not created and owned kwa me. This is a remake of a shabiki fiction that I made months ago. This is a story for both fanpop and

The kingdom floor was messy. Anna had left lots of stuff on the floor. Elsa almost tripped. Elsa walked to Anna, looking mad. Elsa was wearing a light blue shati and purple pants.

Anna was wearing a purple shati and pink pants. Anna alisema "Hi Elsa. What's up?"

Elsa alisema "Anna I have told wewe tons of time not to leave your stuff all over the floor."

Anna alisema "It's not all over the floor. I'm sure there are a few spots that don't have stuff on them."

Elsa alisema "Why is there so much stuff on the floor?"

Anna alisema "It's easier to leave stuff on the floor than putting it away. I'm saving us time."

Elsa alisema "I need to go shopping. This floor better be clean kwa the time I get home." Elsa tried to walk to the door, but she fell down into piles of stuff that Anna left on the floor. Elsa had a hard time getting up. Elsa's pants got stuck on a bookcase, but Elsa was too exhausted to notice that at first.
Opinion by SarahCorine posted siku 27 zilizopita
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PART ONE: link

I spent the night wandering the streets, using the moon as my guide. I’d follow it anywhere partly because I left without a real plan. Any regret au fear I had, I overcame it with my excitement and curiosity for this world beyond the palace walls. I never realized there were so many merchants around.
    “A pretty mkufu for a pretty lady!”
    I backed away and almost bumped into a man with a sword in his mouth. We had entertainers come to the palace who would kumeza their sword. I always looked away. I couldn’t imagine the entertainment in such an act. I turned away and saw a little boy struggling to reach an apple from a merchant stand. I reached for the apple and gave it to him. He turned his sight to me to smile at me, but his smile quickly turned to fear when he heard the merchant speak.
Fan fiction by Mrbiskit posted siku 28 zilizopita
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Note: The Frozen franchise is owned kwa Disney. This is a story that for both fanpop and

Princess Anna and Queen Elsa were at a far away city to do royal business at the city's kingdom. Anna was wearing a green shati and purple jeans and Elsa was wearing a purple shati and light blue pants.

Princess Anna alisema "We got lots of work done."

Queen Elsa alisema "That's for sure."

The Duke of Weselton was at the city too. The Duke alisema "The kingdom wouldn't let me be their trading partner. This trip was a waste of money." The Duke saw Anna and Elsa. The Duke alisema "My 2 rivals are here. I'm going to prank them." The Duke noticed a beehive. The Duke quickly put honey on Anna and Elsa's pants so the bees would come after the 2 girls.

Anna alisema "Oh no."

Elsa alisema "What's wrong?
Anna alisema "Bees are after us."

Elsa alisema "Why?"

Anna alisema "We have honey on our pants."
Fan fiction by SarahCorine posted mwezi moja 1 uliopita
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I was in the mood for uandishi a fanfiction but I couldn't think of any ideas so the user qzmaster591 suggested this idea for me.
"Instead of Ariel, some of the other princesses will have to win their princes over with no voice"
I considered Belle, Jasmine, and Rapunzel for this as I felt I could really run with that idea with those princesses in particular. I finally decided on jimmy, hunitumia and I'm glad I did. I like the way it turned out so far. Anyways, if wewe enjoyed my first fanfiction I think you'll enjoy this one as well. If wewe haven't read my first fanfiction, I always enjoy kusoma maoni on it. I ilitumwa a link to it above. Anyways. let me actually get to the story now. Here it is and let me know if wewe want me to keep this going.
List by deedragongirl posted mwezi moja 1 uliopita
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Hello Carrie!!!
Hi guys, I have been a shabiki of Carrie Underwood from the siku she auditioned on American Idol in 2005. So, here are my choice for which songs from her are going to be the DP's favourites.

1. Just a Dream

This song suits Snow White and Princess Aurora, because they sleep for the majority of their respective films.

2. Good Girl

Since Ella has been trying her best to be a good girl to both her stepmother and her stepsisters, this upbeat song makes Ella wants to dance too!

3. Something in the Water

Okay, I know that this song is very religious, but it also majibu Ariel's prayers about uniting both the mermaids and the humans.

4. Don't Forget to Remember Me

From the beast/ Prince Adam's perspective point of view, the beast tells Belle not to forget him.

5. Undo It

jimmy, hunitumia tells Aladin not to tell her anymore lies, so this song is like telling him to undo it!
Article by andy10B posted mwezi moja 1 uliopita
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Walt Disney Walt Disney Walt Disney
I want to meet Walt Walt Disney Walt Disney Walt Disney
I want to meet Walt Disney
I want to meet that guy
I want to meet Walt Disney
I want to meet him before I die

wewe say Snow I say white
wewe say Doc He’s all right
wewe say Scar I say kill him
Jafar was ever so mean
But I do like Iago

wewe say Mickey I say mouse
Donald bata in the house
wewe say Buzz I say Woody
do believe in Peter Pan
Tinker Bell in Neverland

Cause all I wanna meet is
Walt Disney Walt Disney Walt Disney
I want to meet Walt, Walt Disney Walt Disney Walt Disney
I want to meet Walt Disney
I want to meet that guy
I want to meet Walt Disney
I want to meet him

A Walt Disney film will be coming your way
So don’t forget nemo oh yeah
cinderella wont be cleaning today
So look out for that pumpkin, boga oh yeah
Fan fiction by Windrises posted miezi 2 iliyopita
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Note: The Frozen franchise and Captain chupi, underpants are not owned au created kwa me.

Anna alisema "Good news Elsa."

Elsa alisema "Oh no."

Anna alisema "I alisema good news. wewe should be saying yay."

Elsa alisema "Yay."

Anna alisema "A fellow super hero wants to meet us. Come on."

Elsa alisema "Okay."

Anna and Elsa went to their hero cave and put on their costumes. They wore underclothes, a mask, cape, and boots. The only difference between Anna and Elsa's costumes is that Anna's is pink and Elsa's is blue.

Elsa alisema "I feel silly dressed like this."

Anna alisema "You should be proud. We are about to meet the super hero that inspired me to make these costumes."

Captain chupi, underpants opened the secret cave door and alisema "Tra la la."

Anna alisema "He is the reason why we wear this costumes."

Elsa alisema "So he is what inspired wewe to make these embarrassing costumes?"
Opinion by deedragongirl posted miezi 2 iliyopita
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Loving the cast!
Hi guys, I ilitumwa about these 2 songs on the Beauty and the Beast fanpage and now. Here are my thoughts on why the former has zaidi meaning than the latter.

Strong Meaning

When Terrence Mann sang this on the Original Broadway cast, I cried my moyo out because the beast voiced out his remorseful feelings for chasing Belle out of the West Wing. In fact, the song should also be in the 2017 version because the beast felt no remorse shortly chasing Belle out.

Dramatic Ending

Upon listening to Alan Menken's rendition, I was blown away from his performance and I personally wish that Dan Stevens would sing this song for the film, I'm dying to hear his version!

If I Can't upendo Her

So, here are my two reasons on why I upendo the song, do tell me on what do wewe think and do wewe think that it should part of the film?
Opinion by deedragongirl posted miezi 2 iliyopita
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Ella and Kit's Wedding!
Hi guys, I will write down 4 of my favourite reboot songs played at the ending credits.

Strong (Cinderella)

I absolutely upendo this song, like Let It Go from Frozen. I also played this on the car, it has a message in to be positive!

Once Upon A Dream (Maleficent)

Despite that I was not very happy with the arrangements and the tempo, I grew up with this song.

How Does A Moment Last Forever? (Beauty and the Beast)

I absolutely adored Celine Dion, she sang beautifully and emotionally. I'm glad that she's chosen to sing this and be a part of the film once again!

Evermore (Beauty and the Beast)

Another singer that I adored is Josh Groban, he sang beautifully and equally to Dan Steven.

Which Do wewe Chose?

Which of these 4 is your favourite? Do wewe agree with my reasons?
Fan fiction by Windrises posted miezi 2 iliyopita
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Note: The Frozen franchise is owned kwa Disney.

Princess Anna entered the living room of the kingdom and alisema "Elsa I have a plan."

Queen Elsa alisema "Oh no. What is it?"

Anna alisema "Lets be super heroes."

Elsa alisema "What?"

Anna alisema "All around the city there's crimes and innocent people getting robbed. I'm sick of it so I'm going to do save the city kwa stopping all the villains."

Elsa alisema "Do wewe have any idea what you're doing?"

Anna alisema "Do I ever?"

Elsa alisema "Well if you're willing to accept the duties of being a super hero I won't stop you."

Anna went to her bedroom to put on her super hero costume. 10 dakika later Anna walked back to the living room. She wore her super hero outfit. She wore pink underclothes, mask, cape, and boots. She didn't wear pants au a shirt, because she was inspired kwa Captain Underpants. The mask and cape are based off of Batman's costume. Anna stood proudly and alisema "Isn't it awesome? My super hero name is Super chokoleti Lover."
Opinion by deedragongirl posted miezi 2 iliyopita
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Hello Belle, we meet again!
Hi guys, since I had already written my review as well as comparing both the 1991 and the 2017 versions. Here are my personal dislikes on the live action reboots as well as a number of things that I was not happy about the film, ready?

The Beast's Appearance

After kusoma many of the reviews and people on foramu regarding the beast's appearance, I have to agree. He doesn't look very beastly enough, he looks zaidi like a monkey with a goat's horns and a body of a bear! This is the main reason why I wasn't very happy at all, I prefer his 1991 animated appearance, with the exception of his human form, in which I got a crush on them. In particularly, both the live-action and his animated form!

Gaston's Ego

I was partially very happy that he initially did help Maurice, but as the story progresses. His ego tend to make him a psycho and short-tempered, if he wants to marry Belle, why would he want to threaten Maurice with these characteristic traits? A swali that I tend to ask myself.
Fan fiction by deedragongirl posted miezi 2 iliyopita
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"Now, what's going on? Why are wewe two arguing?" asked Dee Dee, Prince Charming & cinderella look at each other nervously. "Well, I was upset that Prince Charming didn't tell me that Ella and Kit were coming and their movie." replied Cinderella.
"Are wewe really sure cinderella that wewe two are not jealous of us?" asks Ella, looking very concerned that her animated counterparts may not like them due to their popularity. "No, we're not, it's just....I don't know!" lied Cinderella, "Listen, we're going to start packing, we're going back to France tomorrow morning!" alisema Prince Charming.
They hurry out of Dee's room and went upstairs to pack, Dee Dee catches a glimpse of tears coming out of Cinderella's eyes. Knowing that her time is coming to end, she and the other princess must do something. "But how? I'm having an nagging feeling about this!" thought Dee Dee.
Opinion by deedragongirl posted miezi 2 iliyopita
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Ready to meet your live-action counterparts?
Hi guys, since I had watch 3 reboots of their respective Disney classics. Here are my opinions on which is better, the animated au the live-action version?


Okay, as mentioned, this film left me disturbed for a number of reasons. The first was how they make King Stefan turn into the dark side, whereas in Sleeping Beauty. He is not like that at all! (1959 Version)
Sadly, Aurora gets less screen-time like her animated counterpart. But, she's zaidi bubbly like Snow White! So I would say that I admire both the animated and live-action Princess Aurora. (tied)


I was very happy that Ella has zaidi screen-time compare to her animated counterpart, we also got to see how she got the name cinderella from her stepmother and 2 stepsisters, as well as her parents, especially her mom, who has zaidi screen time and not to forget her father too!
The Prince has zaidi character development, and he also meets Ella after she gets her trademark name from her wicked stepmother and stepsisters. It was very sad that his father died too. (2015 Version)
Opinion by deedragongirl posted miezi 2 iliyopita
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I would like to write 2 new songs from 2017 reboot of the 1991 classic and the reasons why I upendo them, here we go!


I first heard Josh Groban's rendition of this wonderful song, he nailed the song perfectly and I heard it played twice at the lobby at my hotel in Hanoi, Vietnam on way back to the airport twice.
Initially, I thought he was going to dub Dan Stevens,until I heard the latter. Prompting me to surprise and that he followed his Downton Abbey costar, Lily James who played the title character in the 2015 reboot of Cinderella.

How Does A Moment Last Forever?

Upon listening to this song kwa Celine Dion, I felt that this song really suits my personality as well as my relationship with my family.
I upendo how Maurice sang a short reprise at the beginning, it really explores his character more. This is something that I really cherish!

Which Way?

So, which of these 2 songs are your favourites?
Review by deedragongirl posted miezi 2 iliyopita
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Tale as Old as Time
Hi guys, I managed to see the 2017 reboot of Beauty and the Beast despite the initial boycott over the alleged gay moment for the Malaysian release, as I promise here is my review on the awesome classic!

The Story-Line

While the majority of the film is the same, I was very happy with a number of changes. Like we get to know zaidi about Belle's and the Beast/ Prince Adam's backstory. To which I will write zaidi about in another makala soon. Speaking of the Enchantress, I always thought that it is the Fairy Godmother from Cinderella!
The Prologue gives zaidi details than the 1991 version, which we never understood since then. But, thank goodness for that!
I was also happy that Lefou became so disillusion with Gaston as the story progresses, ultimately swapping sides.

The Songs & Musical Scores

Many of the songs that we hear in the film, are very familiar from both the 1991 film and the Broadway version. Especially during the scene where Belle gets to see her room in the ngome for the first time, they play an instrumental version of nyumbani from the Broadway version of the animated feature!
Opinion by WinterSpirit809 posted miezi 2 iliyopita
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2 fans
So I'm also doing this with Divergent factions, and although I'm a shabiki of both, I am an absolute Potterhead, so I will probably enjoy doing this one more. I will go house kwa house and explain why each Disney Princess would be in (in my opinion). This also includes Anna, Elsa and Moana!


First we have the house where Harry Potter himself was in, and also me! But nobody cares about me. Gryffindors are characterized kwa bravery and recklessness. Pride is also a trait, and many Gryffindors have confidence, not all, but most. These are basically the most brave and biggest risk-takers.

Mulan- She's also a bit of a Slytherin, but in my opinion, her bravery outshines her ambition. She's quite reckless, as seen throughout out the movie and she is pretty modest but prideful. Most of all, she has a lot of courage. In fact, I think the biggest and most admirable part of her character is her bravery.
List by deedragongirl posted miezi 2 iliyopita
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I love her voice.
Hi guys, since I had done for Westlife, Kenny G and Enya, now is Celine Dion's turn for this article.

1) Because wewe Loved Me/ Goodbye's (The Saddest Word)

For a true love's kiss, Snow White, cinderella and Princess Aurora would definitely play this song as a theme to their respective loved ones. In the 2015 version of Cinderella, Ella's mother passed on and during this emotional scene, Ella would sing this song together with her parents.
Interestingly enough, Shania Twain was the backup singer for Goodbye's (The Saddest Word)!

2) Tell Him

Sang as a duet with Barbra Streisand, Ariel attempts to tell Eric that she loves him despite that her voice has been taken.

3) My moyo Will Go On

Okay, I know that Celine sang the theme song to the 1991 version at the ending credits. But, this song would serve as a duet between the beast and Belle. Especially the former as he tells his upendo to Belle.