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posted by starlight77
As usual, lessons were unbearable to Lizzie. She had been doing the same things repeatedly since she was six years old and little had changed. It always started the same. The headmaster would have Elizabeth and her lady-in-waiting Cornelia have chai and then they would start with a geography and literature lesson that Elizabeth didn't mind. inayofuata came the unbearable part. Learning proper party protocol au dealing with mashabiki au dancing. None of this Elizabeth particularly enjoyed (especially dancing) but at least she didn't have to learn about the 40 different utensils for eating one meal. She gazed out the window wishing she could be doing something zaidi interesting like experimenting with her father au kusoma a book on the front lawn. The hours seemed to drag kwa but at four o'clock the headmaster shut her book and alisema "Well that's enough for today ladies." Elizabeth and Cornelia curtsied to the headmaster and left the room as quickly as they gracefully could.
"She is so old and cranky" whispered Cornelia once they got to the hallway. Cornelia was Elizabeth's best friend other than her father but she couldn't help being jealous of Cornelia. She was beautiful with blond hair and bright blue eyes and she and always enjoyed the royal stuff.
"I know" Elizabeth replied. Then she straightened her back pursed her lips together and in the most ridiculous accent said,
"Ladies, straighten up your backs! wewe will never get a good husband that way!" Both girls bursted out laughing as they rounded out the corner and bumped into the king.
"What's so funny ladies?" he asked.
"Oh nothing father" Elizabeth replied. "Cornelia, my father and I planned to go riding, care to jiunge us?
"Oh no thank wewe princess," she said. "I don't enjoy riding." Elizabeth knew this since Cornelia had a bad accident when she was younger but Elizabeth didn't get it. Riding was one of the most exhilarating and freeing experiences Elizabeth ever got.
"Alright suit yourself, Cornelia"
"Thank wewe for the offer though princess."
"Anytime." replied Elizabeth. She knew she would probably never get Cornelia on a horse but she like to think maybe one siku she could.
"Ready to go?" asked her father.
"As always" she replied happily.
Elizabeth and her father went out to the stable and saddled their to horses. Elizabeth's was a white mare named Summer Breeze and her father saddled his old brown horse, Rusty. They made their way slowly to their inayopendelewa part of the ngome grounds to ride on. It was beyond the training ring where all the trainers were making a fuss over newly broken horses. There was a fence just beyond that. It was broken in places that made it easier for them to jump over and get to the meadow they liked to ride in.
"So how was your siku my sweets?" asked the king.
"Oh papa, it was awful like every other day. Mother and the headmaster don't think I'll be a good Queen I can just see it on their faces."
Her father reached over to her and lifted up her chin.
"Elizabeth, wewe will be a fine Queen one day. You're smart and kind and brave and wewe can do anything wewe put your mind to, so promise me wewe won't give up and let them win."
"Alright Papa." A grinned appeared on Elizabeth's face and she couldn't have been any happier than in that moment with her father.
"Now let's get some riding in before it gets to dark."
"Ok Papa." Elizabeth back up Summer Breeze and they galloped toward the fence clearing it easily.
She waited on the other side for her father to come over. The inayofuata moments happened so fast. Her father about to bring Rusty over. The branch on the ground moving and then suddenly hissing at Rusty. Rusty on his hind legs and her father soaring through the air and landing on the ground flat on his face.
"Papa!" She screamed but the king would not respond.
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Merida was watching the babies for the day, which gave the others PERFECT timing to prepare for her special feast. She LOVED them! She'd risk her own life for theirs. *Their lives are so pure!* she thought. That thought almost made her cry-literally. She briefly blinked to keep herself from breaking down. Suddenly, Mace began to climb on a foot stool.

"Whoa, lad! We don't want ya gettin' hurt!" Merida alisema as she rushed over and scooped him up. But all didn't go so well as he began to cry. "What's wrong, lad?" Merida sweet-talked. Thankfully, she knew what to do to cheer him up. She sat him...
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posted by Annabethandco
Merida - Prologue:

The moto was burning low, casting dim and dancing shadows all around the room. Merida thought it was strangely appropriate that the flames had almost died out completely. After all, the brightest light in her life, her mother, was fading fast as well.

Quietly, she approached the queen, who lay still and motionless under the heavy velvet kitanda sheets. She looked so fragile sleeping. Her silver hair and deep wrinkles looked zaidi prominent than usual. She was frowning slightly, as if she was having a bad dream. Merida didn’t really want to disturb her, but the priest had said...
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cruella-snow white

these are my opinions on fanpop users and Disney princesses I think this is pretty accurate these fanpop users as the Disney princesses are a good match especially coolsinger198 and rapunzelanna

plz don't hate this is my personal opinion and I hope wewe liked it!
This is made kwa me i hope wewe like it. I looking mbele for your maoni :)
not perfect, but I gave it my best shot.
This is old. don't make fun.
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posted by Lissabelle116
People constantly criticize the Disney princesses. They say that they are unfeminist, bad role models and terrible decision makers. I know you’re probably thinking: If wewe don’t like the princesses, why are wewe on this Fanpop? The thing is, I do like the princesses. And I think that a lot of the criticism they receive is ridiculous. I could write makala after makala in defense of the DPs, but what I want to focus on is their relationships. The relationships in princess sinema have been bashed for years. But I think they’re healthier than Disney- Haters care to admit. And I intend to...
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posted by RedQueen65
Hi I am RedQueen65 and I just upendo Disney and the

Disney princesses. I just turned thirteen seven days

ago. I found out about this site a few months zamani

and wanted to jiunge but couldn't because I wasn't

thirteen yet. Anyways I upendo almost all of the Disney

princess but my vipendwa are Mulan, Pocahontas,

Ariel and Rapunzel.My inayopendelewa Disney character is

Alice from Alice in wonderland. My least inayopendelewa

Disney princess is Merida. She is the only I don't

like. wewe may call her brave, but I call her a selfish

brat. Also how is she a role model to little girls? and

I don't like how people say she...
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posted by mhs1025
5.Belle-I know she's very high on other people's lists, and I guess wewe could say she's also high on mine. I like how she wants to do zaidi with her life and start the inayofuata chapter. She's loyal to a fault! I really like that about her. She's also brave. I mean, the poor girl gave up her freedom to free her dad! She may have also been scared, but I understand that. She's caring, friendly, and loving. Why do I say loving? Because she helps the beast open up his heart. She's just that friend/older sister figure every girl would want to have.

4.Tiana-Don't get me wrong-I upendo the fact that she's...
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 Jessikaroo's ikoni
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My apologies to Jessikaroo if this makala was late, but it's here now, so enjoy!

1. Congratulations for being Sepetmber shabiki of the Month! How did wewe feel?

A little shocked, I didn't actually think I’d get voted shabiki of the mwezi for a while. But I’m really happy about it. :)

2. How did wewe first get on fanpop and Disney Princess spot?

I think about a mwaka zamani I was looking up lists about people’s inayopendelewa DP’s. I found the DP spot on fanpop and spent around 3 months kusoma all of the makala on the spot and then I decided I wanted to be a part of it. So I joined and just started branching...
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