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posted by deltabannermen
A Disney Tale: A young girl is forced into drudgery kwa her step-family, only to win the moyo of the kingdom's Prince and live happily ever after.

Disney Hero: Ostensibly, the 'hero' of cinderella is the Prince (never actually referred to as Prince Charming, despite that being what he is generally known as today. Some sources have him named as Henry.). It is he who romances cinderella and desires her as his wife after the ball. But, actually, the real Heroes of cinderella - for me - are Jaq and Gus, Cinderella's mice friends. They are the one's who rescue cinderella from her attic room. Jaq is also responsible for battling Lucifer and saving many of his panya, kipanya friends. I upendo Jaq and Gus!

Disney Heroine: cinderella is the first heroine of a Disney movie since Snow White to have a life outside the movie. As a character, she is iconic and forms an integral part of the 'Disney Princess' branding. Now, I had a lot of issues with Snow White as a character and, fortunately, the script and story for cinderella get a lot zaidi right, although Cinderella's character is tied to the tropes required of her due to being a 'fairy tale princess'. I think a clear difference between cinderella and Snow White is that cinderella feels like a grown-up. Despite being forced into a life of drudgery kwa her horrendous step-family, she continues each siku to meet their demands whilst still believing in her dreams. She's a hard worker too and, although she probably should be kicking up zaidi of a stink considering how unfairly she is treated, she performs her tasks diligently and competently. I like cinderella in a way I definitely did not like Snow White.

Disney Villain: cinderella presents us with a triumvirate of villains in the shape of Lady Tremaine, Cinderella's stepmother, and Drizella and Anastasia, her vile stepsisters. Lady Tremaine is the focus of the villainy and has a truly malicious attitude towards her stepdaughter. Tremaine isn't a villain who seems to have entered into the juu tier that's occupied kwa the likes of Ursula, Cruella de Ville and the Evil Queen. She tends to get forgotten and I think that's a huge shame. She is a great villain - she's manipulative, scheming and downright nasty throughout the film. Maybe it's the fact that her villainy is on such a small scale, au that she has no extremes to her character, au even that she isn't a magical character. But whatever it is, Lady Tremaine, for me, deserves zaidi recognition.

Alongside Lady Tremaine are Anastasia and Drizella. In a way, they are Tremaine's bumbling, comic sidekicks is a similar vein to Iago, Le Fou au Pain and Panic. They are spoilt brats who like to bully Cinderella. What's interesting is I know that Anastasia becomes slightly zaidi sympathetic as a character kwa the time cinderella III: A Twist in Time comes around. But for now, they exist only to be horrid to Cinderella, especially in the scene where they rip her dress apart to prevent her from going to the ball. They also have the classic scene where they try on the glass slipper only to find their feet are far too big and clumsy. The original version of cinderella has the stepsisters cutting off their toes and heels to make the slipper but Disney hasn't pursued this element (although it does finally appear in Into the Woods along with other less savoury aspects of various fairy tales).

There is, of course, one zaidi villain in cinderella - Lucifer, the cat. He is the nemesis of Jaq, Gus and the other mice. There is a very long sequence involving Lucifer and the mice which is hugely entertaining. cinderella wasn't a film I'd ever paid much attention to before this marathon and one of the delights has been discovering Lucifer. He is a great character and a brilliant foil for the mice. The cat and panya, kipanya chase scenes, particularly with him and Gus, are some of my favourite parts of the film. Lucifer is an amalgam of his mistresses, in a way - he has the scheming, sinister nature of Lady Tremaine accompanied kwa the clumsiness of her daughters.

Disney Sidekicks: cinderella is also gifted with some classic Disney sidekicks in the form of Jaq and Gus. With their 'not quite English' style of speech and high-pitched voices, they are a great addition to the film. Their battles with Lucifer and their friendship with cinderella are, for me, at the core of the film - probably moreso than the romance between cinderella and the Prince. Jaq's bravery and Gus's naivety give us likeable characters.

Disney Creatures: Accompanying Jaq and Gus are a plethora of other mice, including the girls, Perla and Mary and Suzy, Bert and Luke who accompany Jaq and Gus on their chakula raid and various others who aid in the making of Cinderella's dress. cinderella also features a template for Disney creatures which reoccurs in quite a few other films. At the house there is Bruno the dog, a horse and various birds. A group of wanyama residing in a barn, including farasi and mbwa reappear in The Aristocats and 101 Dalmatians with variations on this theme popping up in Lady and the Tramp and The fox, mbweha and the Hound.

Disney Magic: cinderella includes one of Disney's most famous magical characters - the Fairy Godmother. She is iconic in her hooded, blue vazi, pazia and large purple bow and thanks, in no small part, to her catchy song. What tends to be forgotten is that she doesn't actually appear in the film for very long and is really just a plot device to get cinderella to the ball. The magic she casts is primarily of the transformative kind, although like all magic, it comes at a price. The transformations only stay until midnight. It suggests that, ultimately, she isn't the most powerful of magic wielders. Unlike a character like the Genie, she can't create something out of nothing and with all the items needs something ordinary to transform into something special. She is fun, though.

Disney Land: It isn't clear exactly where cinderella is set. The original fairy tale of cinderella is actually common in many countries in various forms, but the Disney version is most closely based on the French version. Certainly the presence of a panya, kipanya called Jaq would suggest a French setting, but that is about the only clue. The clothes worn kwa the characters are at the very least European in style probably from around the 18th au 19th Century.

Disney Songs: Cinderella, as a film, is not actually packed with songs although it does feature some which are recognised as classics. Principal among these is the Fairy Godmother's song, Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo. This is a fun song accompanying the transformation scenes. It has been rerecorded numerous times over the years kwa various artists and my favourite is probably Louis Armstrong's rendition. The film version actually has quite a long instrumental section which I often forget is there having listened to the song countless times on 'Best of Disney'-style soundtracks.

cinderella has her own song, A Dream is a Wish your moyo Makes, which opens the film after the prologue and serves to introduce Cinderella's situation and worldview. It has clear echoes of Snow White (and Sleeping Beauty to come) with the wanyama sitting around listening to her sing. Later in the film, she joins in with Anastasia and Drusilla's muziki lesson, imba Sing, Sweet Nightingale whilst washing the floor. Needless to say, her rendition is a lot better than Drizella's singing. So This is upendo is another song revolving around cinderella which is sung kwa cinderella and the Prince whilst they dance at the ball. It's not a song I particularly like, although there have been a couple of covers which have been, in my opinion, better arrangements of the song.

The other principal song is The Work Song, sung kwa the mice as they make Cinderella's dress. It's cute, catchy and contains the classic word 'Cinderelly'! It definitely ranks in sekunde place, behind Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo as one of my favourite songs from this film.

As with Snow White, the traditional 'villain song' still isn't a definite presence in Disney films (and it will be sometime before it is) although, technically the villains do get a song as Lady Tremaine also joins in a little of Sing, Sweet Nightingale along with Drizella.

Disney Finale: cinderella is a film which, up until this marathon - and also rewatching it with my children - had been one I'd dismissed from an age of Disney which never appealed to me as much as others. I think, mentally, I had it lumped in with Snow White and Sleeping Beauty as twee princess films with not particularly good songs. Having rewatched it, I found much to enjoy and, as I say, find cinderella a much stronger character than Snow White ever was. I was surprised kwa how much the mice and Lucifer feature and how entertaining their segments are.

I also rather like the King and Grand Duke, desperate to see the Prince married. The King's upendo for his departed wife is actually rather sweet and the Grand Duke's bumbling is fun.

cinderella has definitely gone up in my estimation and is a true Disney classic.
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Disney Moana and the beach, pwani Party toys fun
beach, pwani
posted by MaidofOrleans
Author's note: Just a quick cinderella one-shot I did because I wanted to explore why the prince yawned at Leanora. It turned into something a little different than I expected, but I hope wewe enjoy it nonetheless!

To jiunge the Stars

“Mademoiselle Leanora Mercedes de la Tour, daughter of Colonel and Madame de la Tour.” The announcer’s haughty voice resonated throughout the spacious ballroom, swelling above the excited murmurs of young maidens hoping to catch the prince’s eye.

Leanora took a deep breath, her yellow and green skirts rustling almost inaudibly underneath the echoes of conversation....
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posted by lililc
Maybe i some siku , time zamani was guilty of calling some of the princesses "bad role models" , i was wrong, i realized that the fact that i don't like a character au don't agree with, them doesn't mean they are bad role models.

To be fair,i find some people saying "Princess are a bad role model for girls because "insert princess name and reasons here" . But i don't see anyone saying a freaking thing about the Disney male characters . I did an makala in the Disney club

It was supossed to be a parody of how people critize female characters but never say a thing about males. Nobody actually...
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posted by Windrises
Princess Anna and Queen Elsa got invited to a fancy party. Elsa made sure that she and Anna dressed fancy.

Anna alisema "This outfit is uncomfortable." Anna's dress was warm, long, and she had a mildly hard time breathing.

Elsa alisema "It's meant to be fancy."

Anna alisema "It's too fancy."

Elsa alisema "Nothing can be too fancy."

Anna alisema "Whatever."

Elsa alisema "You better be on your best behavior."

Anna alisema "I'll try, but I can't promise wewe anything."

Anna and Elsa went to the party. Alice Kingsleigh was there. She was a ship captain who saved Underland. She was wearing her ship captain outfit.

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posted by andy10B
I am really getting annoyed of this now. Layla Stepford is now doing this for a laugh rather than not meaning to do it. She once sent us an makala saying that she is sorry, but obviously she did not mean it au that the cyber bullies just keep on going. Whatever the reason just pack it in. wewe are ruining what is a wonderful site for me and other mashabiki not just of Disney princess but of every Club on fanpop.

I don't know how they can keep going, knowing that their site would be blocked in like a couple of hours. I don't know why they bother. Annoying mashabiki with racist, harsh and bullying statements...
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 Tonight! Tonight!
Tonight! Tonight!
Hi guys, since there was a kura ya maoni about these 2 movies. It would be interesting if I were to compare both movies.


Okay, many of wewe all know about her real-life story. However, in the Disney adaptation of her life. She first set eyes on John Smith, to whom she will save later on in the movie.
When I watched this film again, they remind me of both Maria & Tony due to the fact that they are of different ethnicity and difficult complications arose when both parties declare war with each other.
During the fight between John Smith & Kocuum, the scene resembles to the Rumble between...
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 1. Working dress
1. Working dress
Hi there, My inayofuata princess will be Cinderella. She has a few zaidi outfits than snow white so we will be having zaidi information today.

1. Working dress
I must begin kwa saying it's not a dress It's just a blue juu with a brown like vest on, brown skirt, white apron with brown flat plump shoes. Like snow whites it's not an outfit wewe would go on a tarehe with au meet a handsome prince but for a worker then its the best for the job. 5/10

2. Ball dress A
Those step sisters just can't stand her and her dress as it was quickly destroyed. The dress is a pink mainly with a white lower section, pink heels...
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 We'll be excluding Frozen in this countdown.
We'll be excluding Frozen in this countdown.
Greetings! I'm ApplesauceDoctr, here with an evaluation of the theatrical posters for the 11 Disney Princess films. To determine which posters are the greatest, I've considered three factors:

1) The ubunifu (including layout and color scheme)
2) Intrigue (the strategy involved in "selling" the film, au influencing moviegoers to see it; includes the design, tagline, and impression)
3) Reflection of the film (how accurate of a representation the poster is of the movie it's advertising)

I'm attempting to look at each category objectively, but that may be difficult for the third one. My perception of...
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