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The sekunde makala for the Best Disney Songs countdown, as voted kwa fanpop, inaonyesha the songs in 67st-56th place.

67. 'The Mob Song'- Beauty and the Beast

Yet again, another Beauty and the Beast song has left the coutdown.. what a surprise. I'm not saying this song is amazing au even particularly good, I admit it's not one of my favourties but I do think that it deserves to stay in the countdown zaidi than some other songs that are left.

The song is about Gaston and a group of villagers making their way through the woods to kill the beast. It received 16% of the vote

The fact that the song...
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posted by dclairmont
Hello Disney Princess fans! I'm dclairmont and I will be hosting the award onyesha tonight! All thirteen princesses made it out tonight, so I'm sure it'll be a great show! So let's get on to the awards!

The first award is for shyest princess. The winner of this category was clear, she blew the others out of the water! The award goes to.....Princess Aurora!

"Oh my! wewe all are such dears! I'm so happy! Oh never, never could I have ever dreamed up something so wonderful! Thank wewe all so much!"

 Why this is wonderful!
Why this is wonderful!

Aurora, the woman of few words! No wonder she won the award! This inayofuata award...
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Disclaimer: Some of the pictures I could use of Anna were really blurry. There was slim pickings, and I know the cropping isn't that great. This is not to be taken too seriously (:

The window is open, so is that door! I didn't know they did that anymore!

Who knew we owned 8,000 saladi plates!?

For years I've roamed these empty halls. Why have a ballroom with no balls? Finally they're opening up the gates!

They'll be actual real life people. It'll be totally strange...

But wow, am I so ready for this change!

'Cause of the first time in forever, they'll be muziki they'll...
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There's no doubt to a single person on here that Snow White is sweet, optimistic, and caring, but there's really so much zaidi to her, and I want to delve deeper into that here. Sorry for lack of pictures, I kind of just threw this together and wasn't in the mood to go searching for pictures.

I upendo how Snow White is confident, yet insecure at the same time. She's confident in the fact that she's not scared to go into the Dwarf's nyumbani and boss them around. She's quite assertive and doesn't strike me as a passive character whatsoever. If something isn't going the way she likes, she isn't scared...
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posted by CRaZy_rawR
Mkay. I know my prettiest princess orodha is kind of full of unpopular opinions. XD I find them all pretty, but some zaidi so than others. I'm going to put the I find the prettiest up for each princess.

 Prettiest shot, kwa faaaar.
Prettiest shot, kwa faaaar.

13. Snow White

She is cute, honestly. Yes, I do realize that she is only fourteen, and isn't supposed to look mature. I just really dislike her lips, her eye shape, and eye color. I do like her hair. I think her colors have nice contrast, but I can't seem to get past the face shape and her other facial features.

Please note: I am not a Snow White au Classic Era hater....
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This idea started in the "What Birthday Do wewe Think Elsa and Anna Have?" poll, and while thinking of when I thought Elsa was born my stream of consciousness expanded to a theory of how she got her powers.

Paraphrasing what I ilitumwa at the poll: Maybe Elsa was born on the night of the Winter Solstice (December in the Northern Hemisphere) during the Aurora Borealis and was somehow touched kwa the magic of their lights, and that's how she got their powers. I'll bet Anna was born in spring au summer.

When wewe think about it, the opening song Frozen moyo just foreshadows every bit of the movie. "Watch...
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wewe hear it all the time. Snow White is dumb, cinderella is weak, Aurora is boring. These vague, sweeping generalizations that are constantly applied to the Classic Princesses. I rarely hear these claims for other Pre-Renaissance heroines. Would any one call Alice boring? au Marian weak? au Anita dumb? Why do we normally aim these accusations at the princesses?

Perhaps it's because we've been raised in a different era. An era that scorns femininity and regularly throws terms like slut and floozy at any girl that steps outside our narrow ideals of what a woman should be? Isn't that terrifyingly...
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posted by JNTA1234
Now with all the issues, people have with Disney, one of the films that have legitimate grievances is Pocahontas. And as wewe can imagine, because there ARE legit grievances to be had with Pocahontas, sites like Tumblr have an absolute field siku with it. Personally, the zaidi research I did on the situation around this film, the zaidi I was actually fascinated kwa it.

I know it's easy to write this movie off but how it came to be is a lot zaidi nuanced than wewe think. It actually was gonna be a story closer to what happened in history but then Jefferey Katzenberg's overwhelming desire to get another...
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Here we go, from least inayopendelewa to favorite, here's the Mother's siku countdown results! I know mother's siku was two days zamani but I'm not waiting a whole mwaka to put up the makala so here we go :)

13. Evil Queen
So it's pretty obvious why she was taken out first; She forced her stepdaughter to be a scullery maid and tried to have her killed (twice) just because she was jealous of how beautiful Snow White was.

12. Lady Tremaine
Again, pretty obvious why she was taken out early. Like Snow White, Cinderella's stepmother forced her to be a maid. But unlike Snow White at least Tremaine...
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posted by luthorlex
Note: Frozen is owned kwa Disney.

Anna and Elsa hadn't fought crime as Super chokoleti Lover and Super Icicles in a few months. There were lesser crimes going on so the 2 sisters took a break from fighting crime.

It was early in the morning. Anna danced into the living room and alisema "I have news."

Elsa asked "What's going on?"

Anna replied "It's been reported that some dhahabu nearby has stolen."

Elsa stated "Well I'm sure the police will take care of it."

Anna alisema "Instead of just waiting for Heroes to come save the dhahabu we should be the heroes."

Elsa asked "You wanna fight crime in those Captain...
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posted by deedragongirl
 The Prince and the Pauper
The Prince and the Pauper
Hi guys, since I upendo to see a DP with twin princesses, here are my orodha of possible sinema that Disney might want to make.

1) The Prince and the Pauper

I know that Disney had made this starring Mickey Mouse, if there was a Princess version of it. It would be a good idea, the story setting will set in either South Korea au Japan.
The story will be 100% faithful towards its original story kwa Mark Twain.

2) The Man in the Iron Mask

I upendo this story very much, since watching the 1998 version with Leonardo Di Caprio in it. They will base it on the 1998 version, with the exception that the evil twin redeems himself in the end. Making the first twin princesses to become 2 queens and will rule the country with upendo and peace, making them the 2 beloved Queens.


Since I only have 2 suggestions as listed, if there are anymore suggestions. Please feel free to add zaidi in the comments.
 My favourite actor as twins!
My favourite actor as twins!
I probably should've put this makala on the fanpop shabiki club, but this club has been my nyumbani for years. It's where I've made a lot of memories, have been part of a community that talks about zaidi than just Disney Princesses, has felt like a family, and has helped me A LOT through the years. So this makala being published anywhere else on fanpop won't do any justice if it's not on this club. So without further delay, here is what being on fanpop has meant to me.

First of all, it's only fair to say that I did NOT get off to a good start when I first came here. It's embarrassing to talk about...
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 Which is your favourite?
Which is your favourite?
Since Korean entertainment has dominated the whole of Asia, here are the Disney Princesses' favourite Korean dramas and why they upendo it!

Iris (Mulan & Shang)

This Korean drama is about spying and espionage, this drama reminds me of both Mulan and Shang because it teaches them about spying.

My Princess (Rapunzel & Flynn)

Although the story is very similar to the Princess Diaries, Rapunzel did not find out that she is a princess until later of the story.

Winter Sonata (Elsa, Kristoff & Anna)

As the title mentions, this drama is very old but it suits the trios. Both stories are set...
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posted by deedragongirl
 The soundtrack
The soundtrack
Hi everyone, this is actually on my favourite deleted song from the movie, Frozen. As I had the Deluxe Edition of the soundtrack and here are my thoughts on which song it should have been in the movie.

We Know Better

This song is actually the origins of how Elsa is a contrast to Anna, who represents the good and evil force in them. It's kind of like the Prologue in Les Miserables as Valjean represents good while Javert represents evil as the story processes.
If the movie had been faithful to the original story, it would have been interesting to see the 2 princesses in these tendencies.

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 PrueFever interviews shabiki of the mwezi avatar_tla_fan for September 2014.
PrueFever interviews Fan of the Month avatar_tla_fan for September 2014.
When avatar_tla_fan won shabiki of the mwezi for September, I got the pleasure to do the FotM’s Interview with her. So let’s get to it, people.

1. How does it feel to win shabiki of the Month?
Well, it feels great! I was really surprised when I won, I haven't been on the club for that long, only a couple months. But nevertheless, I am still very happy (and surprised) that I won. Thanks to all the people who nominated and/or voted for me. :)

2. It says on your profaili Page that you've been Fanpopping since July 2014. What made wewe jiunge fanpop in the first place?
Well, I upendo kusoma articles. One day,...
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Scene 18- Spaceship, Hallway #4
Rodney: Well this is just great.
Bobby: What?
Rodney: I think weve been running in circles!
Peggy: We hav? *Slaps* C? I told ya we needed 2 go 2 th 3rd hallway, but did ya listen? Nooooooo-
Bobby: Alrite alrite, I freekin get it!
Jackal: *Shushes them* Some1s comin.
*Th sounds of footsteps were comin closer, Rodney and Co. hide Bhind th walls and wait 4 th rite time 2 strike(Attack). The footsteps were comin closer and closer, then they go near th walls 2 C if any1 was there(Closer and closer blah blah blah), until suddenly... WHAM! They get knocked out. Only...
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This is a sequel I haven't seen in forever so I'm actually a little excited to watch this movie, even if it's a movie I'm not that big a shabiki of :P

Tonight's rewatch: Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World
Last time watched: 2005-2006

How much did I like this movie as a kid?
I was 5 au 6 years old when this movie came out on vhs and of course, with it being a cartoon, a Disney movie, and featuring familiar faces I begged my dad to get me a copy. I wasn't too big a shabiki of the original at the time, but, again, cartoon, Disney, familiar faces, but I still wanted badly to watch it. When I did watch it...
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O = Original
R = Remake
O and R = Original and Remake

Favorite Belle
O 4
R 3

Both versions of Belle are fine, but there is something about both of them that people upendo that makes them prefer one over the other. The people who picked original Belle grew up with Paige O'Hara's voice who put her moyo and soul in her role as Belle, and then the people who picked remake Belle like that she's an inventor. One user alisema they prefered original Belle because they didn't like Emma's uigizaji and compared to Paige Emma was pretty wooden and even with any positive changes made to her Belle bad uigizaji can ruin...
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After all that waiting here's the results of the first Old vs New survey, Sleeping Beauty vs Maleficent! I think this one is the only one where pretty much everyone answered the same thing and I'm not really surprised kwa the results for this one. The results are from the majibu of users and my own answers.

O = Original
R = Remake
O and R = Original and Remake

Favorite Aurora
O 7
R 1

I didn't get much of an explaination as to why most people preferred to the original over the remake, the only explainations I got was one person alisema they thought that Elle Fanning's uigizaji was stiff for some of the...
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As an adult, I viewed the name Gaston of Beauty and the Beast's villian, Gaston, as Gaston's last name. I only assume its his last name because 1)the triplet girls call him "Monsieur Gaston" which is basically saying "Mr. Gaston" in the opening song called "Belle" in the reprise that Belle sings kwa herself the line "Madame Gaston, his little wife?" Most of the time saying "Madame (name" would be like saying Mrs. Gaston. And there's the fact Gaston is a first name but it could also be a last name as well. The name of Phantom of the Opera's author.