Disney Princess Of the different taglines from the different Disney princess movies, which is your favorite?

Pick one:
The most beautiful upendo story ever told.
The most beautiful upendo story ever told as it has never been seen before.
Greatest Since Snow White
A upendo story with muziki
For All the World to Love!
Midnight never strikes when you're in love.
The greatest upendo story ever told
Every upendo story begins with a kiss...
Wish granted!
It is not what is outside, but what is inside that counts.
A diamond in the Rough.
Imagine if wewe had 3 wishes, 3 hopes, 3 dreams and they all could come true
An American legend comes to life
Two different worlds. One true love.
Somewhere under the sea and beyond your imagination is an adventure in fantasy.
upendo has no boundaries.
The Happiest, Dopiest, Grumpiest, Sneeziest movie of the year.
Walt Disney's New characters in his first full-length production!
Still the fairest of them all!
The Best Loved Musical Of All Time
The onyesha Sensation Of The Generation!
Walt Disney's First Full Length Feature Production
Behold - The Miracle Of The Movies! - Coming To Amaze You, Charm You, Thrill You!
The One That Started It All
Now the magic moment! Full-length feature ndoto - Beautiful beyond belief
Wondrous to see... Glorious to hear... A magnificent new motion picture!
Ablaze With Wonder!
Awaken to a World of Wonders!
See It With Someone wewe Love.
This time, the princess saves the prince.
The maua, ua that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all.
 princesslullaby posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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