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 Big Hero 6
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big hero 6
 Least fav
Least fav
First I like to wish everybody a happy new mwaka for 2011 and I like to make a fresh start so please sit back and enjoy your cup of coffee au whatever wewe are having and enjoy my makala on my favourite couples and why I like them.

The ones that I don’t really admire as much

#10 Tiana & Naveen: Ok kicking off at number 10 is Tiana and Naveen. Personally I see no chemistry at all between these two sure his a hit with the ladies and she’s a waitress wishing to open a restaurant but there wasn’t something missing I don’t know what it was but there chemistry was ok all the same.

#9 Aurora...
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Hello everyone,
this is my new article.

120 competitors fighting over who is the inayopendelewa of the mwaka 2010.

on this occasion I put my 120 Disney figures, there were some characters that were repeated because it was two figures in a different presentation.

On this occasion, they also invited other Disney characters as they so chose.

know the results.

1. Mulan
2. Ariel
3. Jasmine
4. Jane 1
5. Aurora

6. Anastasia
7. Jane 2
8. Belle 2
9. Minnie Mouse
10. Megara
11. Tiana 1

12. Esmeralda
13. Giselle
14. Cinderella
15. Maleficent
16. Snow white
17. Boo
18. Pocahontas 2
19 Pocahontas 1
20 Charlotte

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 Ariel & Eric. I always loved this kiss when I was a kid.So sweet.
Ariel & Eric. I always loved this kiss when I was a kid.So sweet.
Ok I upendo the following kisses as they are very magical and romantic.Please rate and comment

5.Aladdin & Jasmine:

I upendo this kiss because it was so magical and sweet.I also like this couple because jimmy, hunitumia accepted Aladin for who he was and she wanted to marry someone who she wants.

4. Belle & Adam(Beast):
Best kiss in Disney History , so romantic as we see fireworks coming from the castle. What I like about this couple is that their both arogant yet Belle accepted him for who he was and not on...
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