Hope wewe enjoy. This is advice out for those with this..
I'm in process of making a YouTube channel and put out my songs. When I do... I'll link it out.

Like a wound au a burn, it's gonna make wewe learn.
I saved and forgave, never forget.
But what I'm about to say is worth the fit,
cause it's ancient art even if it even happened to wewe yesterday au a whole week to come pass.
'Can't press pause and play back, because the moment is now.
Can't get it back from the grave.'
I think wewe should promote it.
Even if your too late, au the cause of this blurry eyed fate.
I lived life now and didn't look back at the ones I upendo who caused me such pure 'hate'.
But let's get out with the truth.
I know it's not that at all, and that I must have done something wrong.
I only get an 'I'm sorry' and never a good explanation of why we're stuck in a rut.
Sure it was some crazy stuff, but I wasn't enough.
That's when I begin to worry if I was ever good enough.
I fear that everything we strived is no longer alive.
Is there even an 'us' au am I left here to die?
I try to over come these thoughts in my head but all that comes is that kisu instead.
The moments know, can't get it back from the grave even if your in so much pain.
So I live on for another day, with all new troubles to await, but I will never forget.
Only to give wewe some upendo and respect, even if wewe don't deserve my whole moyo effect.
Because of your actions, upendo is a target, got to hit it just right.
Repeat now, and go on and play back is the wrong way even for today.
Because life's not the greatest thing to watch but its not channel to change.
wewe cheated and let things over heat, like the moyo in my chest.
Did wewe assume this was chess!
But when wewe got caught, surely as hell I wewe flipped out.
While my kisu slipped off from the moyo as I was caught in the middle.
I saved and forgave, but never forget..
Like a wound au a burn, it's a lesson learned.
I've bruised my lip with kind words,
but wait- cut the smack. Don't give me that.
I've punched the ukuta possibly had it all,
nearly wanted to go blow myself from it all.
But I simply couldn't do that, because there is zaidi out in the world who fight and struggle like I do so come on!
I've bruised the upper parts of my wrist,
couldn't sleep so I gave in,
and wrote this with a beating heart.
Well, I think it's beating.
If it is, it's probably pissed off at wewe man and wants to jump off a ledge, but I alisema no.
And wrote on, just like how I did.
I've done so much for you, maybe even zaidi than I should have.
Didn't even swali au check way.
But wewe did this because she was suicidal?
Man, my best friend died because of losing his idol!
Making wewe sick to think of this?
I'm sure but I have to overcome this,
so it's harder for me then it is for you,
but I am not saying that wewe don't feel anything too.
But let's get serious, and talk about this.
I loved wewe with all my moyo and look were it is!
Somebody call the ambulance
I think I've had enough
lock me in and don't let me out,
I never wanna upendo again, nor just be friends.
I don't know where I killed this upendo of wewe and I, my dear.
I'm just upset,
I think I've had enough.
wewe want peace, well so did I.
Kind of think about it,
isn't that the reason why I loved you?
Isn't that the reason why we were so happy? Cause I never pulled this kind of shit!
I upendo you, and wewe know that.
But in my defense,
wewe don't deserve it.
I want to stay with wewe until the end,
not the end of this message that is,
but for life.
I'm sorry if the words I alisema stabbed wewe in the heart,
the shiny knight killed the light that I so rightfully earn.
I hope this is a lesson learned.
So you've probably decided who wewe want to be with.
Not me, if so, this is some crazy shit.
I shouldn't even let wewe choose,
and drink a little zaidi boose.
But I'm not that kind of girl,
I'll do anything for the ones that I upendo and some how wewe come above myself.
Only to give is what I like to do,
but this is nothing too blue,
because I hate reciving things like this especially from you.
I've never been hurt so bad,
so at night,
that knight gave all he had.
He run all over my wrist, thighs and hips.
I think I've finally stopped bleeding,
and wewe better believe it.
I do this for wewe and not for me,
crazy shit. Can wewe believe?
wewe thought it would be okay,
if wewe played a long with her,
did wewe enjoy the guilt and the bitter?
I was there when she made you,
even after a fucking loved one died.
Oh what, I think that was me.
Good guess,
the knight shined so bitterly.
He even said, "lets play the trickery."
But I didn't do it, not for wewe au for me.
Only for the little TY that I am about see.
[Message to you]
Roses are Red,
Violets are blue.
I didn't leave you,
like how she 'really' planned to do.