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//Hotline Bling\\ amazing cover :3

owl city // here's hope [lyrics]

The Script: Superheroes [ lyrics ]

jason chen >> snowflake

99 Red Balloons

this is Wolfcat343 hehe

To the boys who may one siku tarehe my daughter



He Wants It All - Forever Jones

Lucy Schwarts// feeling of being

Sia ~ Chandelier

Jessica Mauboy - Honest

Zendaya's Replay <3


|| King of Majesty - Hillsong ||

Write Your Story <3

I Choose Jesus || Moriah Peters <3

|| Demi Lovato || Believe In Me ||


Last Night- Skillet

Hurrican-theory of a deadman

Lupo family Story

Jason Chen - Thank wewe

Jason Chen | Still In upendo

Gabrielle Aplin - The Power of upendo

Touched kwa An Angel <3 | Intro

+ What A Song Can Do + Rachel jogoo

Spawnbreezie - Oh My Goodness

Air Balloon | Lily Allen

Cher Lloyd//OATH

Deni Lovato - Neon Lights

[Say Something] kwa A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera

//Radioactive\\ Lindsey Stirling and Imagine dragoni

Just A Dream | Sam Tsui & Christina Grimme

Celeste Buckingham - RUN RUN RUN

The Man - Aloe Blacc

Put It On Me ~ Angie Miller

Come To Me - Jamie Grace

All In All Lyrics <3


Wolfcat343 meh imba hehe

Elyar fox, mbweha - Do It All Over Again

Mariah Carey & Whitney Housten - When wewe Believe

Brave <3

Cups! <3 (When I'm Gone)

God Only Knows - MKTO

Illy - On and On

Do wewe Wanna Build A Snowman?

Happy - Pharrell Williams

Motivational Speeches

Polly Scattergood- Cocoon

Polly Scattergood- Wanderlust

nyumbani - Phillip Phillips

I upendo wewe Anway

~Don't Have Love~

This upendo <3

Mean Girls!<3

Britt Nicole-When She Cries(Lyrics)

B-mike - Life in my stomach

Baby don't cut- B-Mike

Unbreakable kwa Fireflight

Young and Beautiful - Madilyn Bailey Cover

Lana Del Rey- Young and Beautiful

Angel with a Shotgun kwa the Cab (lyrics)

episode 1 CLANNAD <3


upendo Came Down - Kari Jobe.

To This siku Project kwa Shane Koyczan

Give me upendo

Long Distance..

Don't Fail Me Now ~ Melanie Amaro

Armageddon - Guy Sebastian

Adam of the Rock band Three days Grace speaks about bullying

One Derection -Funny Video #5

Oe Direction -Funny Moments #4

One Direction -Funny Moments #3

Contact Juggling - Taiwan (台灣大學)

Gary Jules- Mad World...(MY inayopendelewa SONG)

Flyleaf - Set Apart This Dream [Lyrics]

Possibility- Lykke Li

Annoying machungwa, chungwa - machungwa, chungwa NYA NYA STYLE (GANGNAM STYLE Spoof)

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together- Taylor mwepesi, teleka

Mindy Smith - Raggedy Ann (You should listen to this)

Please Don't Cut.. (Self-Harm song)

Scarlet- Brooke Fraser

Self-Fulfilling Prophecy - Maria Mena

Beyonce~ I Was Here {United Nations World Humanitarian siku Performance}

My 2nd song I'll be in the MV!

I'm uandishi and preforming in a MV for this song!


Good day! -Jewel

Maria Mena - Secrets

Maria Mena- He's Hurting Me.

Set moto to the Third Bar - Snow Patrol

Suicide Note...

Ariana Grande -Put your hearts up

Zendaya -Swag It Out

songesha If wewe Wanna- Mims

Demi Lovato ~For The upendo Of A Father