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Opinion by Tailsthefox589 posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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Fredbear family chajio, chakula cha jioni 2086

Fredbear and his friend spring trap aka spring Bonnie was on the stage. What happened is 4 bullies got the crying child too close to the animatronics then fredbear bit his head off trying not to. Spring trap felt sad plus he was left in fasbears fright. One of the night gards burnt it down with him in it. The pantoms survived and because nightmare animatronics. After they won biting crying child head off again they become cute. The end.
And don't forget foxy also bit too kwa a error
On him and the others. Mangle bit someone else too. That's what happened. I upendo wewe guys. Cheer up too if your sad about
Article by SoulEaterFan100 posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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Behold the horrors
They lurk beneath
the shadows of remorse
wewe wouldn't know of course
but I force a new judgment day
On this siku wewe will repay
your respects to all that may
lurk in between your mind
and man kind

So have a seat
and be afraid
Fears about to commence
the final ritual
One body is all we need
for this to be complete
And when the day
begins to take form
wewe won't be leaving those doors
You'll only live with us
inside the darkness
as we tear wewe up inside

All this torture will unwind
I was never all that kind
If wewe were to rewind
then wewe would find
Take your turn to run and hide
I will catch wewe all the time
This night no longer shines
Your tears divine
You'll now be mine

Behold the terrors
wewe won't believe
what I have done to you
Article by zutaradragon posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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I didn't...want this...
No...I didn't...
I didn't ask for this...

To be brought back...
To be...given life...
Every day...
Again and again...

I want revenge
On the one inside...too...
But why is it...I must suffer...
For his mistakes?

He hurt so many people...
Using me to do it...
I did my part...
I killed him...

And the other survives
There were 2
One for each suit
Both golden...

Everyone thinks
There was only one...
And that one is inside of me...
But 2 are shown
Both responsible...

They forget the other
The other who controlled
From outside...
Hiding in a corner...

The other one...
Who used the kubeba instead...
Who knew how to operate it...
Who locked the locks...
And listened when told to stop...

Where's the 2nd one?
I'll find him
Article by zutaradragon posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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Torn apart and
Put back together
Swinging around
Light as a feather

wewe hear my static
And wewe run
Children have killed me
Just for fun

I shouldn't be here
I should be hidden
Kept out of reach
Touching forbidden

Instead I am here
And hanging around
wewe only see me
Once on the ground

I'll get revenge
One of these days
I can see it now
In my golden gaze

A sekunde head
No one knows it
Some say it's Golden
au a parrot, kasuku would fit

Time to tell stories
To all the kiddies
While they take me apart
I sing little diddies

I am so happy
I could just take a bite
This guy here never stopped them
Time for a fight

I can't hurt the children
It's against my program
But nothing's to stop me
From biting him off-cam

My servos and circuits
Article by zutaradragon posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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2 operative heads
Are better then one.

2 golden suits
Perfect for planning

1 room never seen
Within any camera ever

We live to see days when
We can select carefully
Whom should be sacrificed

Each empty robot
Each could use a touch of...
Yes, and we can provide just that.

Working at night...
Though starting in the day
Working up to what I need
I am the one we all know...

I carry the crank
I am not there
At 1st...
So they think.

I work in shadows
A janitor
Calling them back

Then my time...
Working once the other guy
Is moved to the day
But caught
And fired

The damage is done though
I was setting up
Stage two
Time to play

Darker purple
Now the guard
Working carefully
As a big golden bunny
Article by zutaradragon posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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Hello hello?
Are wewe there?
Please don't go...
It's not fair...

Um, I just called to say I'm sorry...
I didn't mean to make wewe bloody
We were just making fun,
We didn't know this would happen!

No, please don't be afraid
Let's just play games in the arcade
Just be calm and here
There's nothing to fear...

Listen, I've joined the crew
So I can see what I can do
Please don't have a nightmare
We're all here, we all care

Hello Hello?
Listen little bro
I know I can't make it right
But please, wewe gotta fight

I'm sorry I scared you
We didn't know what it would do...
It's amazing wewe can live
wewe dunno what I'd give...

To take it all back
Give wewe what wewe lack
But I can't make wewe whole again
If wewe died, what then?

Um, it's amazing wewe can live without the frontal lobe
No no, I'm not in the wardrobe!
Article by zutaradragon posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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I used to be a favorite
Maybe a little scary
No eyebrows and no cutesy tuft of fur
But a big bow tie and a red guitar

I used to play all day
All the songs for the girls and boys
But now I hear them call my name
While I am locked away

Hidden in the back room
Striped of my life
But not my soul
They took everything from me...

They scrapped me
aliiba my face and
aliiba my arm
And even aliiba my guitar...

I have nothing left
But burning hate
And glowing red eyes...
Maybe I should steal your face too...

That plastic...thing...
It aliiba my life
It aliiba my face
It aliiba my place...

They...replaced me...
Replaced all of us
But least...
They have their face...

My replacement
It looks nothing like me
Not in color or..
In face...

That plastic toy...
Article by zutaradragon posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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They say I'm different
Because they are all the same.
They say I do not belong,
I'm dysfunctional?

“Well wewe don't quite...
Function correctly...”
So I'm broken?
But I feel...fine...

I tried to fit in
Tried to change my tune but
Still they believed...
I don't belong here.

I still don't know
What it is I did
To get put here
Behind this glass

A sign in front says
“Out of order”
But I'm fine
I swear.

In fact, the reason I rotted
Is because wewe put me here.
wewe tried to shut me down
and put me away...

Why? Because I believe...
That my past is true?
That it can't have be made up
A program installed long ago...

No! It's not!
I won't believe it!
There is..
NOTHING wrong with me...

Except for YOU!
wewe are what is wrong with me!
wewe have caused this slow rotting away!
Article by zutaradragon posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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Ok, so I've been working this out for about a week now and I think I might be on to something. Can wewe hear me out, and maybe fill in any gaps I didn't see? Please think about may exlain the whole timeline...naturally it also means it's quite long...

So, let's go back to the Nightmare Foxy teaser where we can see the 87 in his eye. I believe this was to represent the brother, not Foxy. The brother is the one who caused the bite, after all, and he wore the Foxy mask. This is the simple part, the inayofuata part is a bit harder but I just realized the connections and put them together.

I believe Purple Guy is most likely the father and probably a higher up in the company. This would explain the robot and the purple shabiki in the kid's room. The brother may very well be Phone Guy. We only know a few things about Phone Guy, one being he loves Foxy and the other being he knows quite a bit about the bite. We know that the brother loves Foxy as well and also was there (and caused) the bite of 87. This idea is validated kwa both the phone toy in the room and the easter egg phone guy call from the 1st game in the background.
Opinion by alexischaos2004 posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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Oh look, a new article. I wonder what it's about. Well... IT'S ABOUT DISPROVING DUMB FNAF THEORIES! There are tons of em', and it feels good to disprove them correctly. So, this is the first episode of this series, and the theory I'll be talking about is a new one. It involves the latest teaser for the FNaF4 Halloween update.

Okay so, people are saying the animatronic in the distance is a Nightmare Springtrap/Plushtrap. First of all, that looks NOTHING like a Springtrap au a Plushtrap. The head shape is so very different from the two and is the exact same one as Nightmare Bonnie's. sekunde of all, look at the detail of it. Like, the ears. They have the exact same tears as Nightmare Bonnie if wewe compare both animatronics. The eye sockets are also the same shape and size as N.Bonnie.

Now, following with the appearance, people say that the animatronic is golden. If wewe seriously believe that it's golden, I am so very ashamed of you. It's a frickin' head guys, it's empty and is being lit up with some sort of candle au Halloween light decoration. Those two usually have machungwa, chungwa tints to their light color, so if wewe put it in an empty object of course the...
News by SnakeManFans posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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Don't use this without my permission, I worked hard on this image.
"This time, the terror has followed wewe home.

In this last chapter of the Five Nights at Freddy's original story, wewe must once again defend yourself against Freddy Fazbear, Chica, Bonnie, Foxy, and even worse things that lurk in the shadows. Playing as a child whose role is yet unknown, wewe must safeguard yourself until 6am kwa watching the doors, as well as warding off unwanted creatures that may venture into your closet au onto the kitanda behind you.

wewe have only a flashlight to protect yourself. It will scare away things that may be creeping at the far end of the hallways, but be careful, and listen. If something has crept too close, then shining lights in its eyes will be your end."

I'll highlight that it says "last chapter" in the 2nd line, so this is where fnaf ends. Don't believe me and think I'm making it up?

Read if for your self:
Opinion by Riku114 posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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This is all really just opinion so dont take it to heart, but I really dont think Five Nights at Freddy's Four is really necessary au necessarily a good thing.

Sure, I know there are a lot of wewe that are going to jump and me and start screaming about whatever wewe like, but honestly it seems as if now all Scott is doing is milking it. We got a good taste of the story line from one, two, and three leaving many people satisfied and several not predicting another. We see some people like Game Theorist thinking the third was the last, and then realizing against it in the last half of his third theory video. We see Markiplier, the Jesus and all savior (apologies to the religious people out there that may find that offensive), saying that he wasnt sure if he wanted a third. We see Mandopony, the creator of some of the famous fansongs, deciding not to make anymore songs.

Sure I bet a lot of them are still going to continue what they do, but can wewe really not say that it seems a little pushed?
Article by darkinvader posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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The balloon boy and balloon girl are two kids that gives balloons just to make Marafiki and they also make Marafiki just kwa talking to them and they also have Marafiki that thinks that the marionette is creepy even when he comes out of his muziki box people think that they never wanted to spend the nights and freddy's pizzaria all because the animatronics all come to life and jumpscares people that is why people want to come in the daytime balloon boy and balloon girl dress alike and they look alike too also they are not aggressive they cause a shock to systems when people play fnaf they know that some people like balloon boy and balloon girl while most people hate them all because of the fact that they disables flashlights and they are way too cute to be in fnaf for the people that likes balloon boy and balloon girl wants them both to enter their offices because both balloon boy and balloon girl are so adorable that they make some people like them but for the people that hate them need to learn to respect balloon boy and balloon girl au they will disable their flashlights too just like they did to the night guards people go screaming like foxy whenever they see balloon boy and balloon...
Opinion by TakTheFox posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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What can I say? These games are polarizing. On one hand we have the die-hard mashabiki who praise the games and fill the internet with their sanaa ya shabiki and fan-games. On the other hand we have the haters who claim the games are terrible and cash-ins and simply aren’t scary.

I do not consider myself to have nerves of steel. I wouldn’t say I’m cowardly au that I scare easily, but I’m not stupid enough to try and claim that I can’t be scared. When I saw a new game on Markiplier’s channel called “Five Nights at Freddy’s” where he called the game “SCARIEST GAME IN AGES” I was skeptical. I’ve seen Mark say that about other games so I wasn’t about to give the game a pass because of that.

So, I watched the video about the first FNAF game. I found the creation to be simplistic in its structure, but very polished. The graphics were incredible considering one person handled them, and looked very realistic. The gameplay itself was well-crafted, and had enough mechanics to keep wewe on your toes. The difficulty progression I found to be somewhat lacking near the end, but I found the introduction of new animatronics with each new night...
List by Tyvin posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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Animatronic - Freddy
Appearance: Freddy's appearance seems to have changed slightly for the sekunde game.In-game, it is explained that he has gone through an attempted retrofit, but was left unfinished after the management chose to make Toy Freddy. His ujumla, jumla appearance is unchanged, but small differences are visible - mainly the buttons added to his chest, and the zaidi visible stitching on the underside of his arms. Most notably, however, is the damage on his arms similar to that of Foxy's, inaonyesha parts of his endoskeleton. His body segment is also smaller and his hat is removable.

This time around, Freddy has an upper set of teeth, while his head appears slightly blockier. His freckles are gone, his eyebrows are thinner, he has embossed inner ears, far less rotund cheeks, and his upper lips have a deeper gap in the center. The eyes also seem to have been placed deeper in the mask, and his muzzle appears to be smaller. The reason for his disrepair is either neglect kwa the old company au that he was simply used for parts, as he was just was old and outdated.
Opinion by Tyvin posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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Five Nights to Remember

He could feel the cheering of the children and muziki from his guitar. Aside him was Chica, holding her little pink cupcake with the two eyes-that would actually blink every now and then-and a single candle on the top. On his other side was Freddy, imba into his microphone to the kids and playing chimes on his muziki box. Bonnie knew they only had a little while during the day. At least until Fritz comes at midnight.
How could the manager not know about him? Bonnie thought to himself. The cheering meant nothing to him now. He knew the kids would surely be killed sooner au later.
The song hit the ending note, and there was a roaring round of applause and cheers. Bonnie smiled a little; he did upendo cheering of children, but not as much as he loathed Fritz Smith.
The sun started to set outside, and the building was getting zaidi quiet and zaidi empty kwa the minute. He loved this time, because that was the time he could think clearly. When it was time to close, the day-shift security guard forced everyone back to their places- Freddy, Bonnie, and Chica onto the onyesha stage; Balloon Boy into the game area; and the Puppet- or...
Review by Rockowolf123 posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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balloon boy got in the room
mocking me with his laughing
but bonnie put me out of my missory
he sparred me
Thank wewe Bonnie
wewe saved me
i did not scream

whats your story
did an animatronic save you?

below is nothing just so i can post
Fan fiction by thetankmoment posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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“Foxina,” Toy Freddy, au Fred called, “You’re going to be going on stage.” Foxina rushed on stage, and called, “Ahoy, mateys! I’m Foxina!” The kids were all extremely energized and hyped on sugar. “I’d like to-OW!” Foxina turned around to see a kid holding her tail. “Excuse me,” Foxina told the kid, “But I’d like that-HEY!” One kwa one, the kids started tearing her apart.

“Well, the day’s over,” Fred called to the others. Foxina was sprawled out on the stage, with her shoulder parrot, Polly, skinned. “OH, MY FEATHERS,” Polly cried, “MY BEAUTIFUL FEATHERS! I FEEL SO NAKED!!!” Foxina was crying tears of oil as she whimpered, “I…I thought playing with the kids would be fun…”

The inayofuata siku was a special day-the old gang was going to perform for the kids. Most of the toy animatronics were put into storage. However, Foxina, au Mangle as she was now called, still lay there behind the curtains, after having her settings be tampered with. Oh, but of course, NO ONE WOULD SUSPECT POOR LITTLE PHONE GUY, NOW WOULD THEY?! Oh, brother, wewe mean in all of his PURPLE GLORY?!
Fan fiction by thetankmoment posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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January 10, 2015.

What a memorable siku that was.

It was a normal siku at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, January 9, 2015. At first. Until the night, but that was still nothing out of the ordinary…was it? Oh, no, not the night shift, I mean the animatronics. The toy models were in their normal place, but they were in sleep mode, I guess. Toy Freddy, au Fred, and Toy Bonnie, au Bon Bon, were having good dreams. And Toy Chica?

Toy Chica, au Chickadee, was having one of the worst nightmares possible, for her at least. It was almost like a projection on a screen. chickadee was in upendo with the night guard, Jeremy Fitzgerald, since 1987. She was having a dream where the two of them were together. Until night came, when she killed him. “Jer-Bear…” She sadly whispered, with oil leaking out of her eyes.

The inayofuata day, chickadee had a talk with the other animatronics. Fred took that moment to start being tactless. The words he alisema made her cry even harder.
Fan fiction by UberGurl posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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This is just a theory, so please don't dis me.

The "Purple Man" was a siku shift employee at Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria when he killed five children out of rage using the Golden Freddy costume as a disguise. Cause: annoying customer. After he was put behind bars for his crime, he broke out and went back to his former workplace to stuff the children's corpses in the animatronic suits. Knowing that he would be found eventually, he disguised himself as the marionette (ripping out the endoskeleton, which explains the bila mpangilio endoskeleton roaming the sekunde game) and hiding in the muziki box. Not realizing beforehand that the muziki box did not open from the inside, he was trapped.

It had been days since he had accidentally locked himself in the box when he died, due to suffocation and starvation. The ghost of the Purple Man still lives in the marionette, but the body-purple due to suffocation- still murders children shamelessly.

Please tell me in the maoni if there are any holes in this theory so I can improve it!
Fan fiction by darkinvader posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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Once upon a time there was a boy named balloon boy and a girl named balloon girl. They where playing with eachother in freddy fazbear's pizzaria. One night they accidently insulted mangle and mangle bit their heads and they fell to the ground. Their ghosts haunt two animatronics. a balloon boy one was haunted kwa balloon boy. And the balloon girl 8ne was haunted kwa a balloon girl. Now they where once real kids. But now they are ghosts trapped inside animatronic children. Now they give balloons to the other kids. The end
Fan fiction by naruline posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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The Children
Chapter Two: The Children
It was the sekunde night since Mike had turn into a child. The workers and the animatronics was still getting used to see Mike as a kid. Marionette had gotten along with the young Mike. And so had most of the others too. They liked the young Mike zaidi than the older one. Then a noise came from the end of the hall. Jeremy turned the flashlight on to see what it was. It was Golden Freddy. Goldie! alisema Freddy It’s good to see wewe again. Freddy looked at his older brother. It’s good to see wewe too brother. How has things been? Freddy and Goldie went on talking when Mike noticed that behind Goldie stood a girl who looked very familiar to him. When Goldie moved over to the others, Mike could see who it was. He then shouted: BIG SIS! and ran towards the girl and hugged her. The girl looked at him and said: Mikey? Is it really you??? It was easy to tell she was confused about how Mike looked. Of course its me, who else would i be? alisema Mike. The girl then hugged him tight and said: I missed wewe little brother. I missed wewe too big sis alisema Mike. The others were looking at them and then Foxy said: Ye know this lass Mikey? Mike looked at him and said: Yea...
Fan fiction by naruline posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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Little Mike
It was a night like all the others. The animatronics were planning on how to kill the guards. They had tried everything, but nothing worked. Tonight was Mike’s night and the animatronics hated him. Mike was very impatient and very aggressiv. He would hit them, throw them and a lot more. So the plan with like this: First Marionette would go first, then the toys and BB and then the old ones. Marionette was almost at the office where Mike was in. He looked into the room and became very surprised. Mike was not there and that was weird, cuz they had seen him enter the building an saa ago. Confused Marionette shouted: Is anyone here? To his surprise a young voice said: Me! I am! Marionette went behind the dawati and saw a young boy in the chair where the guards usually sit in. Marionette asked the child: Hello little guy. I am The Marionette and who might wewe be? The young boy reply: Nice to meet wewe Mr. Marionette. My name is Mike Schmidt. The answer surprised Marionette. Cuz Mike Schmidt was the name of the guard! How could this child have the same name as the guard. Curious Marionette asked the child: Well Mike, what are wewe doing here? Mike reply: I don’t know. But i have this...
Opinion by Jekyde posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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A timeline.
There have been mixed reactions about the new Five Nights at Freddy's 2. Many adoring mashabiki of the game complain about the sequel, for many different reasons. Here are five things Scott Cawthon could've tweaked to make the sequel a whole lot better.

#5:Character Design
This is the complaint most commonly heard from fans. Our old Marafiki are barely recognizable. Bonnie looks female, Freddy isn't really scary anymore and Chica....well, let's say she sure makes some Rule 34 fanboys happy. This doesn't apply to all the new animatronics, however. The Puppet, the Mangle and Balloon Boy are all very well-designed characrers that give the game a bit of a scare factor. Seriously, though. Does Chica have to look like a prostitute?

#4:The Office
There's a significant difference between the office in the first game and the office in the second. The two main differences are the size of the room and the lighting. In the first game, the office is small, dark and collecting dust. The sekunde office is large, well-maintained, and even has flashing lights. The original office actually adds to the 'scariness' of the game kwa being cramped-...
Opinion by cannibalZoey posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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The bite of 87:
Out of all the things that have been about the bite of 87 Foxy was not responsible for the bite of 87 he was merely just trying to help. The one responsible for the bite of 87 happens to be Golden Freddy the animatronic only seen in the once au twice in the sixth night . Golden Freddy's suit was tampered with which when being turned on bite a child's frontal oboe off & not killing him on instant but he later died in the hospital . Foxy was blamed kwa most just because of the way he looks but foxy was actually trying to save the kid .Foxy looks the way he dies because tampered Golden Freddy ripped and bite into his suit not stopping Foxy till he bite one of Foxy's main controls
The 5 missing kids :
It has been alisema that 5 little kids ages 6-9 were lead to the back room where they were beat to death kwa a mysterious man the bodies of the 5 kids were never found it is believed that the bodies of the kids were stuffed into the animatronic suits also believed kwa the bad smells coming from the suits the only suit believed not having a body in it is Foxy's suit because of how small the suit is the...