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posted by KateSwan
Frozen is for sure one of the best Disney sinema in the world, so it is no surprise that they took it to the inayofuata level and brought this legendary film to stage and song, well zaidi song. Of course our inayopendelewa songs like Let It Go, and For The First time in forever are still featured, there also some new hits like Dangerous To Dream and Hans Of The Southern Isles. The Ice Queen and Peppy Princess are brought to life kwa actresses Cassie Levy (Elsa) and Patti Murin (Anna). They bring a lot of magic to the characters and explore personality traits and of course their imba is phenomenal. wewe may either have your doubts because I mean wewe want Frozen to stay perfect au wewe may be jumping with joy, but lets just say Frozen The Musical is no threat it is however Snow Awesome!
posted by emmatheunicron
snow gose light and moutnight and foot prints to be seen a kingdom of istalashin and it looks like i'm a Queen the wind is houlin like this swirling sour, wamekula in side coudet keep it in had a no a cry don't let them min do let them see be the good girl wewe always have to be when sel don't feel don't let them lome au naght them know let it go let it go cant hold it back eny zaidi let it go let it go turn away and slam the door I don't care what thaer going to say let the storm rage on the cold never bothed me eny way it sems a asome distens when eny thing sems small and the fear then ones shabiki troby...
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posted by whatsupbugs
Information about the 2013 Disney animated film Frozen.

Release Year: 2013

Company: Disney

Directors: Jennifer Lee, Chris Buck

Major Characters: Princess Anna, Queen Elsa, Kristoff, Sven, Olaf, Prince Hans, the Duke of Weselton

Heroes: Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Sven, Olaf

Villains: Hans, Duke of Weselton

Voice Cast: Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Jonathan Groff, Santino Fontana, Alan Tudyuk, Josh Gad, Ciaran Hinds

Genres: Animated, Drama, Comedy, Musical

Short Films: Frozen Fever, Olaf's Frozen Adventure
posted by whatsupbugs
The Voice Cast of the 2013 Animated Film Frozen

Kristen kengele as Princess Anna

Idina Menzel as Queen Elsa

Jonathan Groff as Kristoff

Santino Fontana as Prince Hans

Alan Tudyk as the Duke of Weselton

Josh Gad as Olaf

Ciaran Hinds as the Grandfather Troll

Maurice LaMarche as Anna and Elsa's dad

Jennifer Lee as Anna and Elsa's mom

Paul Briggs as marshmallow

Chris Williams as Oaken

Stephen J. Anderson as Kai the butler

Edie McClurg as Gerda the maid
Note: Frozen is owned kwa Disney.

Anna and Elsa hadn't fought crime as Super chokoleti Lover and Super Icicles in a few months. There were lesser crimes going on so the 2 sisters took a break from fighting crime.

It was early in the morning. Anna danced into the living room and alisema "I have news."

Elsa asked "What's going on?"

Anna replied "It's been reported that some dhahabu nearby has stolen."

Elsa stated "Well I'm sure the police will take care of it."

Anna alisema "Instead of just waiting for Heroes to come save the dhahabu we should be the heroes."

Elsa asked "You wanna fight crime in those Captain...
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Note: Frozen is owned kwa Disney, not me.

Since the last 2 times Anna and Elsa went to a lake didn't work they decided to go an actual swimming pool this time.

Anna alisema "The lakes have pretty maoni of nature, but wewe suggesting to go to a swimming pool is a better idea."

Elsa alisema "Thank wewe Anna. I made sure to bring our swimsuits."

Anna replied "Thank goodness for that."

Anna and Elsa went to the female changing room and got on their swimsuits. Anna wore a green swimsuit and Elsa wore a blue swimsuit.

Elsa gently went into the pool, but Anna jumped in. Anna alisema "That was wicked fun."

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Note: Frozen is owned kwa Disney, not me.

A week had gone kwa since Anna and Elsa's accidental visit to the public lake. The 2 sisters wanted to actually swim. Thankfully Anna had a plan.

Anna walked into the living room of the kingdom and stated "We should go swimming today."

Elsa alisema "But I don't want us to make another embarrassing mistake."

Anna tried to calm Elsa down kwa saying "I went to a nearby private lake yesterday so I know how to get there. Plus it's not that far away."

Elsa asked "Are wewe sure it's not a public lake?"

Anna replied "I hanged out there for hours yesterday. Nobody...
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Note: Frozen is owned kwa Disney, not me. I hope that wewe have fun kusoma and feel free to comment.

Princess Anna and Queen Elsa were relaxing in the living room of the kingdom. Anna asked "Do wewe miss swimming?"

Elsa alisema "Well I guess I do."

Anna alisema "Well my related friend I have a answer to your problem."

Elsa alisema "Problem?"

Anna alisema "Yes. We haven't swam in months, but don't worry. I found a private lake near the kingdom that'll be perfect for us."

Elsa alisema "Are sure it's a private lake? I don't wanna share a lake with like 50 people."

Anna alisema "Don't worry. I've been to this lake...
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The story starts with plannings and decorations going on for Anna's birthday. elsa has arranged everything , but when it comes to present the gifts before Anna , she discovers she has caught a cold. even her temperature has risen and her sneezes forms mini snowmans! later anna finds elsa is in a crucial condition and takes are to the trolls . They say that act of true upendo has evaporated part of her powers . She might lose her life as she is built on the powers , but can be saved if she finds someone who has powers like her. anna asks who can that person be . the trolls says that he is a guardian...
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posted by luthorlex
Frozen is a 2013 animated Disney film that has become slightly maarufu if wewe consider slightly maarufu to mean a worldwide hit beloved kwa millions of people. It has become 1 of the most maarufu animated films ever made as well as the most successful in theaters. Because of all that there's several people that think the film is overrated as well as people who thinks it's 1 of the best films ever made. This film is about what I think of the film.


People say that the film is about the 2 main women (Anna and Elsa). Frozen is actually about several different things. There's Anna and...
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posted by sparklefanboy
Notes: This is a re-write of a Frozen Fanfiction I wrote on a awali fanpop account, Windrises.

Princess Anna was excited about her birthday. It was early in the morning. She was wearing her pink pajamas. Anna woke up and alisema "I wonder what Elsa has planned for me." Anna rushed out of her room and ran to the living room.

Queen Elsa was wearing her green pajamas. She alisema "Well wewe sure seem energetic this morning."

Anna alisema "Well yeah. Today's a very special day. Very special."

Elsa alisema "I guess."

Anna alisema "You probably have a big surprise planned for me, because you're such a good sister."...
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posted by sparklefanboy
Note: Frozen is not owned and created kwa me.

Princess Anna and Queen Elsa were planning on going to the beach, pwani tomorrow. Elsa was helping her helpers clean the kingdom while Anna got swimsuits. Anna called Elsa.

Anna alisema "Hi Elsa. I'm at the new clothes store."

Elsa alisema "Hi Anna. Have wewe found any good swim suits yet?"

Anna looked around and alisema "I think so. Swimsuits sure are immodest." Anna grabbed 2 outfits and alisema "Don't worry. I found 2 great swimsuits."

Elsa alisema "Do wewe think that the swimsuits are great au are they a great price?"

Anna alisema "They are 60% off. Don't worry. They are cute...
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posted by sparklefanboy
Notes: This is a re-write of a Frozen Fanfiction I wrote on a awali fanpop account, Windrises.

Princess Anna and Queen Elsa were having a relaxing morning. Anna was wearing her pink pajamas and Elsa was wearing a blue robe.

Anna alisema "Where is the newspaper?"

Elsa alisema "I think it's still outside."

Anna alisema "Can wewe get it for me? I'm so tired."

Elsa alisema "Sure."

Elsa stepped outside and grabbed the newspaper. Elsa alisema "Oh no. The wind blew the door shut and I don't have my key." Elsa knocked on the door.

Anna was so tired that she fell asleep in the kitchen. Elsa knocking on the door wasn't...
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posted by sparklefanboy
Notes: This is a re-write of a Frozen Fanfiction I wrote on a awali fanpop account, Windrises. This is a story for both this website and

Princess Anna and Queen Elsa were at their kingdom. Anna alisema "Tonight me and Kristoff are going to go to the city's new restaurant."

Elsa alisema "You better behave zaidi mature than usual." Anna asked why. Elsa alisema "The new restaurant is really fancy. It has a the "no shirt, no shoes, no service" policy."

Anna alisema "Do they really care that much about shoes?"

Elsa alisema "I heard a guy wearing flip flops got rejected."

Anna alisema "That's kind of...
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posted by sparklefanboy
Note: Frozen is not owned and created kwa me.

Princess Anna and Queen Elsa planned on going to a baseball game the inayofuata day. Anna started dreaming about what would happen.

Anna's Dream:

Anna and Elsa were near the baseball stadium. Anna was wearing a baseball outfit and Elsa was wearing a fancy dress.

Anna alisema "Hi Elsa."

Elsa alisema "Hi Anna. What's up?"

Anna alisema "I was talking to the managers. They alisema they are being paid to promote some animated film called Captain Underpants. However they don't know how to promote it so I will help them."

Elsa alisema "What are wewe going to do?"

Anna alisema "I'm going...
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posted by sparklefanboy
Notes: Frozen is not owned and created kwa me. This is a re-write of a Frozen Fanfiction I wrote on a awali fanpop account, Windrises.

Queen Elsa was wearing a blue vazi and was looking for Princess Anna. Elsa saw Kai the butler and alisema "Have wewe seen Anna?"

Kai the butler alisema "She alisema she was going to go swimming in her pool."

Elsa alisema "But she doesn't have a pool. I'm going to find her."

Kai accidentally knocked a statue to the ground. Kai hid the broken pieces of the statue under the hallway rug.

Elsa walked to a room where she heard splashing sounds. Elsa opened the door and saw Anna in...
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posted by sparklefanboy
Note: Frozen is not owned and created kwa me.

A mwaka after they had a prank battle at a faraway city Anna and Elsa were at the same city again. They did some zaidi trade business.

Princess Anna alisema "Do wewe remember the last time we were here?"

Queen Elsa alisema "Of course. It was a only a mwaka ago."

Anna giggled and alisema "It was fun."

Elsa alisema "But we got chased kwa bees and Lost our pants."

Anna alisema "Yeah. That was a great day."

Elsa alisema "Well I'm glad that the Duke of Weselton isn't here this time."

The Duke of Weselton alisema "I'm here this time." The Duke saw Anna and Elsa and alisema "It's time for...
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Notes: Frozen and DC are not owned kwa me. This is a story for this website and

Princess Anna tap danced into the living room. Anna alisema "Elsa I have exciting news."

Queen Elsa alisema "Oh dear."

Anna alisema "Elsa why can't wewe have a zaidi excited reaction to good news?"

Elsa alisema "Because your exciting news tends to be zaidi scary than fun."

Anna sighed and alisema "This news is fun. Lex Luthor is working on a business deal nearby."

Elsa alisema "Oh no. He's a dangerous business man."

Anna happily alisema "He sure is. He will probably do evil scheme that will get our city in danger which means Superman...
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posted by Mrbiskit
Notes: Frozen and DC are not owned and created kwa me. This story is for both and Fanpop. This story is dedicated to Adam West (my inayopendelewa Batman and my inayopendelewa mayor).

Princess Anna came into the living room with excitement. Anna screamed "Elsa! Elsa!"
Queen Elsa alisema "What's up Anna?"
Anna happily alisema "I have big news. Gotham City's 2 most dangerous villains have come to our city."
Elsa alisema "You seem oddly excited about that."
Anna alisema "Oh I sure am. Since Gotham's villains are here that means that Gotham's hero is also coming."
Elsa alisema "Do wewe mean Batman?"
Anna jokingly said...
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Notes: Frozen is not created and owned kwa me. This is a remake of a shabiki fiction that I made months ago. This is a story for both fanpop and

The kingdom floor was messy. Anna had left lots of stuff on the floor. Elsa almost tripped. Elsa walked to Anna, looking mad. Elsa was wearing a light blue shati and purple pants.

Anna was wearing a purple shati and pink pants. Anna alisema "Hi Elsa. What's up?"

Elsa alisema "Anna I have told wewe tons of time not to leave your stuff all over the floor."

Anna alisema "It's not all over the floor. I'm sure there are a few spots that don't have stuff on...
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