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Fan fiction by pumpkinqueen posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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Written kwa me, please maoni and tell me what wewe think.

Arthur stares at Francis a bit annoyed and angry, he bit his lip hard, ".....I..I can't believe you!! I heard about your little relationship with fucking....betrayer! I can't believe I trusted you! I thought I would give wewe a chance and finally go out with you, but I guess I was wrong. You're a fucking cheating bastard!!!", He growled.

Francis frowns and shakes his head, his blonde hair swinging in the air, "Mon amour, it's not true! I wouldn't betray wewe like zat!"

".....Don't lie to me!! I saw a picture of wewe kissing Spain..", he mumbled and tried to hold his anger " bastard!!"

Francis reaches a shakey hand out to him, "'s not `ave to believe me, zomeone must `ave zet me up..."

He slaps his hands and walks back, "Shut up! wewe wanker!! I should have known wewe would mess this up, everyone always leaves me.....everyone...I'm better off alone!" he shouts and grits his teeth against each other.
List by pumpkinqueen posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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This was a project me and a bunch of other people were doing on devaintarts, it's still on going and we keep adding zaidi reasons. But I'll post the 50 reasons we got so far. :)

1. They grew up together
2. England grew his hair out like France
3. He got in trouble doing so
4. France got worried thinking England got eaten kwa a caterpiler
5. France helped England with his hair
6. He fixed his hair back to the way it was, saying he looked better that way
7. They raised Canada together
8. England put his arm around France
9. They are always together
10. They work together a lot
11. They comfort each other
12. France asked England to marry him
13. They tease each other
14. the translator in Paint it White alisema "They loved eachother sexually"
15. The Manga's character role call (second book) both France and England's descriptions had something to say about eachother.
16. France cared and tried to look after England when he got really sick
List by pumpkinqueen posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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France and England team up to spread rumours about Germany
Found here: link


Baby England and Kid France (The Middle Ages)

France and England grew up together, with France being substantially older than England (though appearance-wise, France is only 3 years older when they are adults). France poked fun at England calling him 'unrefined' because his hair style was out-of-fashion and unlike France's silky hair. England retorted and called France stupid, but after he ran away, England took the words to moyo and began growing his hair. After successfully running away from the Bishop (who wanted to cut his hair because only women have long hair), he finally looked into a mirror, but instead of flowing locks, his hair was scraggly and he states that he knew something like that would happen. France finds a sulking England after he grabbed him when he thought it was a 'golden caterpillar' and offered him a haircut. After going through a few different styles, France cuts it back to England's original style saying 'it's looks cool on you' to an infuriated England.