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It won’t just sting, it’ll burn.

Welcome to our ninth issue of “Kasey’s Power Asylum” and our inayofuata ability is something that applies to only one particular invertebrate and is proven to be quite lethal.

The Bombardier beetle is best known for only feature- spraying chemicals at its enemies.

Why does such an insect use it? It’s very simple- to keep bigger predators out of its way and to defend itself.

Now imagine if Kasey was a goliath Bombardier Beetle. Do wewe think that such an ability would be useful to a giant robot au monster? wewe decide.

Calling this ability “Chemical Spray”,...
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wewe know everything about Kasey. Now, let’s discuss about his powers.

They are known as being called “Supernatural”, but in real life we call them the “Animoprhic” powers. Where did such a power come from? Who created it? And why was Kasey the chosen one to use such power? It’s all revealed in this makala as we take wewe back in time to when these powers were created.

It was many, many, many years zamani in the country of Egypt.

Back in those times, Egypt was well known for the use of magic and sorcery. There were those who used it as a form of good; while others used it as the will...
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Which one is the real him???

Welcome to our tenth issue of “Kasey’s Power Asylum” and our inayofuata ability is one that is quite rare and is not used much anymore, but has quite a background.

Ever heard of “cloning”?

You may be familiar with the word if you’ve read science-fiction novels au familiar with spacecraft and aliens.

It is the ability that grants the user to morph au create multiple bodies of one person au thing. In the case of Kasey, it his own body that he clones.

If such an ability was casted, why isn’t it used anymore?

The answer to this swali lies within his history...
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You’ll never see it coming!

Welcome to our eighth issue of “Kasey’s Power Asylum” and our inayofuata ability is probably one of the most surprising if not lethal abilities.

Imagine yourself as a hunter. You’re out in the woods and nothing can see you. Why is that? Because you’re wearing camo ware.

Now picture yourself as the chameleon. wewe see a threat heading towards wewe and you’re too slow to escape and wewe have no natural ways of defending yourself (Of course they can change color au onyesha their mouths). What do wewe do?

You change color according to the environment you’re in.

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If you’re human, you’ve got nothing to fear.

Welcome to our seventh issue of “Kasey’s Power Asylum” and this ability will cover something that has only, recently been discovered and was extremely difficult for Kasey to master.

When we think of Vampires, we think of living corpses who feast on the blood of innocents. mtu-bweha have the same destiny, though they are considered Supernatural and not corpses.

Some wanyama also crave for blood. The Vampire Bat for example. Female mosquitoes also have the taste for it.

Blood can be consider an addiction for all of these creatures, but what...
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Who alisema berries were not good weapons?

Welcome to our sixth issue of “Kasey’s Power Asylum” and our inayofuata ability will cover something that might seem silly, but does prove to be a good weapon.

Berries are a delicacy for a lot of living things. We as humans enjoy it as do animals.

But did wewe know? That some species have unique ways of eating them. Take toucans for instance. When they eat berries, they tend to pick them with their long, colorful beaks and throw them up high until they land inside their throats. Isn’t that interesting?

While berries prove to be delicious, they can be used...
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If you’re bit, pray for your very life..

Welcome to our fifth issue of “Kasey’s Power Asylum” and this inayofuata ability will cover something a little zaidi terrifying than what wewe may believe.

When something bites, there are various effects. Like when a cobra au a rattlesnake bites you, it pumps venom into your blood. When a tiger au a dinosaur bites, it punctures the skin and tears the flesh.

But when it comes to a few animals, their biting effects are completely opposite than the following. This is the case for some species of large, mid-sized lizards that includes the Komodo dragon and...
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Watch out! The dillos are rollin’!

Welcome to our fourth issue of “Kasey’s Power Asylum” and this inayofuata ability is one not to mess with.

Everyone knows what armadillos are and what they do. Their bodies are protected kwa layers of thick armor.

While they are considered defenseless, unless they jump really high and run away, Kasey finds ways to correct this.

The kakakuona Roll Crash is an ability that allows Kasey to curl up into a ball and roll around the area, crashing into things au opponents.

While not a special ability, it has been proven to be useful as both an attack and defensive...
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Three strikes from a big bug and you’re out cold!

Welcome to our third issue of “Kasey’s Power Asylum” and our inayofuata power will cover the ability most commonly seen in giant, insect monster movies.

Familiar with Mothra? She’s the giant, butterfly, kipepeo monster that represents peace on Earth.

Exactly why are we mentioning this well known ikoni of monster movie mayhem? Because one of her best known abilities is also the very same ability Kasey can cast.

Insect movie monsters are well known for doing one thing- casting beams from their antennas.

While this fact is true, it can also be casted by...
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Deer aren’t defenseless- at lease not this time around.

Welcome to our sekunde issue of “Kasey’s Power Asylum” and our inayofuata power is one that’ll probably shock hunters worldwide.

Contrary to maarufu belief, Kasey knows a way to put “deer” off the helpless list.

Antler Beams are considered to be very powerful. While of course the power is ranked kwa the size of the antlers, it doesn’t matter really. He has the biggest advantage when it comes to this factor.

Just how was Kasey able to master this ability?

The story is in fact completely unknown. But according to his review, he claimed...
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Nobody likes to mess with a prowler.

Welcome to our first issue of “Kasey’s Power Asylum” and our first power we’ll be discussing is the ability known as “Ambush”.

Imagine a lion, tiger, and wolf. What do these three wanyama have in common? They hunt. They take pleasure in hunting and it’s their duty.

When we imagine wanyama like these, one thing does come to mind- prowling closer to their target until they seize the opportunity to leap out from hiding and pursue them. It is the most common factor among most predators.

While this is truthful for a lot of creatures in the Animal...
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The title says it all.

Welcome to our makala series “Kasey’s Power Asylum”.

Just what is this all about?

In honor of the newly developed shabiki club for our best, superhuman shapeshifter, we are taking the biggest opportunity ever to give away the “truthful” guide and description about the countless number of magical abilities, attacks, and powers that lie within him.

Why take the risk to do this? Because we feel it is important to share the knowledge and wisdom taken kwa our own inayopendelewa hero of justice and Earth.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the thrills as we take wewe into a fantastic journey around the anatomy and secrets behind our #1 hero’s super powers- be it those taken kwa wanyama au kwa Lord Anubis. We’ll cover everything. Period.
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Everybody knows him. They know his name. They know who to call and depend on. What’s better is that they villains live to fear him.

He’s the one with all the power and knows how to put it to use. He doesn’t fight with evil, he fights against it. When his mind is plagued kwa the works of it, he does everything in his will to overcome it.

His powers were originally thought to have come from hyperspace, but we now know the real truth in where and how they came from. It’s a symbol of ancient culture and royalty. He may be praised as a king, but he doesn’t wish to be treated like one. His...
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