~Basic Information:~
Name: Dylain (die-lane) Azuria
Nickname: Dy
Age: 16 (Birthday: August 5 '93)
Race: Bastian
Other family members: Twin sister (Marylyn), father (Niklioni)

Hair: A light blue that appears pinkish, very long.
Eyes: A deep green, but changes shades depending on her mood.
Height: A bit shorter than Kiba.
Other: Bastian: She has cat ears and a cat tail. They are both the same color as her hair. She hides her ears with a black and red plaid hat and she has the ability to make her tail appear and disappear out of thin air.

Likes: Chocolate, isolation, cats.
Dislikes: Dogs, being in the spotlight, strawberry (she once had a dream that her father forced her to eat a strawberry and had hated them ever since...)
Fears: Her father, being separated from her twin sister.
Talent: Double jointed. guitar, gitaa and singing.
Past/History: Will be revealed in the story.
Other: Gets shocked easily, usually bored, enjoys kusoma to pass the time.

~Basic Information:~
Name: Marylyn Azuria
Nickname: Mary
Age: Same as Dylain
Race: Same as Dylain
Other family members: Dylain and Niklioni

Hair: Dark blue, same length as Dylain
Eyes: A bright violet, but changes shades depending on her mood.
Height: Same as Kiba
Other: Bastian: Her ears and tail are the same color as her hair. Her hat is white and green plaid.

Likes: Strawberry, being with friends, having lots of friends, conversing, cats.
Dislikes: Chocolate, being away from people, dogs.
Fears: Same as Dylain
Talent: Double jointed. Singing.
Past/History: Will be revealed later on.
Other: In tense moments, she is actually the zaidi mature one, even though Dylain is the mature one most of the time because Marylyn is always hyper.

~Basic Information:~
Name: Niklioni Thavaxian
Nickname: Nikle
Age: Unknown
Race: Bastian
Other family members: Daughters (the twins)

Hair: Instead of normal hair, he has a long matted mane of black fur.
Eyes: Bright blue
Height: 6'2"
Other: With Bastian Hunter powers, he is barely able to maintain a human appearance. He is always seen wearing a tailor fitted linen shirt, denim pants, military styled boots, black gloves, and an oilskin full length overcoat, all black. Though he says he just hasn't shaved in a while, his facial hair is fur. His skin with the Bastian powers is a mottled gray, but with a bit of concentration, he is able to even the color out to a well-tanned color.

Likes: Unknown
Dislikes: Unknown
Fears: Unknown
Talent: Unknown
Past/History: Unknown
Other: He is very smart, though he acts very stupid. Where he comes from, he is called the legendary Illage Vidiot (yes illage vidiot) for his stupid, clumsy stunts.

Necessary info to understand this fanfic:
- Bastians are cat-people.
- The rules in certain tribes are extremely strict, and therefor the twins ran away, wanting nothing to do with these rules and to live normal lives in seclusion.
- Bastian Hunters are legendary in tribes. They are the ones that battle other tribes and infiltrate other villages with their powers.
- Most Bastian Hunters don't have skills as advanced as the twins to where they are able to hide everything but their ears and tail.
- The skills of the twins can easily eclipse some of the most legendary Bastian Hunters in history.