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This upendo picha might contain bikini, wawili kipande swimsuit, suti kuoga, mbili kipande swimsuit, kuogelea, kisima, and chemchemi.

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In my chemistry class, I'm sitting inayofuata to a guy that I liked before, in the back of the classroom.
As we are in the back, and the teachers do not attend, we can laugh whenever we want.
One siku he told a joke, and I started to laugh, he simply smiled and started laughing too.
The boy that (I think) I like now, was looking at me at the time, so did he did a bored face and alisema loud:'' Look at the lovebirds laughing!''
Then he looked at me as if thinking,''What, wewe like him now?'', And when the class was over he ran after me and alisema ''you two deserve to be together, go, be happy with him, bitch''...
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teen edition
8 scientific signs
he likes wewe
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This is my take on love,it came to me about two years ago,then it was just a phrase,i came up with the poem later on.:)I hope wewe like it,please Review it.Critisism is welcome-but no Flames pls.thanks bye!

Love Is A Tortured Soul

Love is a tortured soul.
Drenched in the bearing of it’s kind, and the lost.
For it gets Lost quite easily; it’s naïve and foolish-desperate.
Love is a tortured soul.
It’s always there, waiting for wewe to find it in it’s dark dim home, longing for another of it’s kind to relate and confide to.
They come sometimes, au so it thinks.
It’s always being teased by...
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