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Hello everyone. Its finally time to present the ten worst MLP characters that wewe voted for. Now remember, i their is a character that wewe didn't see here, remember that wewe were the ones who voted for these characters, and I'm just placing them in order of votes. now, lets start

10: Granny Smith - Now, I just need to ind out why this character was voted........ I guess its just because Hasbro was pushing the elderly stereotypes, but other then that, I really can't see much of a reason why she's here... However, speaking of stereotypes...

9: applejack - Now here is a character I can give criticism...
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Theme Song:

[Twilight Sparkle]
My Little Pony, My Little Pony
Ahh, ahh, ahh, ahhh...
My Little Pony
I used to wonder what friendship could be.
My Little Pony
Until wewe all shared its magic with me.
My Little gppony, pony (echo)
My Little Pony
I used to wonder what friendship could be.
My Little Pony
Until wewe all shared its magic with me.
My Little gppony, pony (echo)
It's an easy feat
And magic makes it all complete
You have my
Do wewe know you're all my very best friends?

This Strange World:

[Twilight Sparkle]
I've never seen a place
That's quite like this
Everything is turned around
This crazy world is upside-down
Getting on my...
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posted by karinabrony
 Twilight studying and researching the history of Equestria.
Twilight studying and researching the history of Equestria.
''I need to study the history of Equestria.'' alisema Twilight to her friends. ''Please do, wewe can tell us when wewe found something interesting.'' Rarity said. Twilight went into her maktaba and got out her books.

''Should I risk my life and try to go to Equestria?'' Luna alisema to herself. She thought it over, then she decided to go. She flew up to the stars. She was weak and had no strength, but she would do anything to reunite with her sister.

I should have gave her a chance, Celestia thought, It wasn't her fault...

Luna looked over the stars to the beautiful sight. She finally saw a round planet. She gasped and said, ''I can go in! But Princess Celestia would think I am still her enemy..''.She sighed and headed down fast. She was going slow at first, then fast, and then really fast. It felt as if she were doing a Sonic Rainboom. She headed down and hit Equestria and landed hard in the Everfree Forest. She looked around and smiled.
 Princess Luna thinking about going to Equestria
Princess Luna thinking about going to Equestria
 Princess Celestia sad about Luna
Princess Celestia sad about Luna
 Princess Luna flying to Equestria
Princess Luna flying to Equestria
 Princess Luna in the Everfree Forest
Princess Luna in the Everfree Forest
Silver Spoon suddenly woke up. She was on her back and couldn’t move. She couldn’t see. Where was she? Freaking out, she was just about to scream when the gppony, pony from the bakery appeared in front of her.
“Hi!” she giggled.
“Where am I, what’s going on?” The frightened little filly asked.
    “Oh, well, wewe see, your number came up and I gotta make cupcakes.” Pinkie explained
    “W…wha…what does that mean? What are wewe talking about?”
“Oh, nothing. I wouldn’t...
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posted by obssesedTDIgirl


Chapter 1 - Is it a prank?:

The air was warm, the sun was shining, and everypony in Ponyville was having a glorious day. The town square was bustling and crowded and busy ponies filled the streets. All the gppony, pony folk seemed to have somewhere specific to be. All except upinde wa mvua Dash; her place was in the sky. She tore freely through the air, speeding one way and the next, buzzing the mti tops and racing the wind. The blue pegasus swooped over a schoolyard, much to the delight of the children, then climbed several...
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Hey, everyone. OK, so I haven't made one of these in a while, so I think my technique is going to be a little rusty. But wewe should be the judge. Well, here I go, with my Pipsqueak and Luna fanfic. Hope u liek!

One great siku in Ponyville, where everything was going good, the school was let out at its appointed time. All the little colts and fillies went out to play, meet, chat, and other stuff. All of them were having a good time together, but little Pipsqueak was just going home. Everypony was spreading rumors that...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog

 Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see. Pingas!
Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see. Pingas!

Pinkie's Ghost

It was a dark night, and there was lots of fog. Then, the ghost gppony, pony was seen running through the streets of Ponyville. He was killed in an accident on Halloween, and every mwaka on the siku of the accident, the ghost gppony, pony runs around ponyville, shreiking like a Lost soul!

Rainbow Dash: Pinkie, what are wewe talking about?
Pinkie Pie: The ghost pony. Snips, and Snails saw it last night.
Rainbow Dash: Where?
Pinkie Pie: They didn't tell me. Oh, it makes my legs wobble to think about it.
Rainbow Dash: Ha! You're just a gullible pony....
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Now, there was a time when I actually supported shipping… I was a very sad, pathetic, and very stupid kid growing up. Now that I have matured a bit, I can see that shipping is basically a way of forcing two characters into a relationship, when I bet they are thinking, “Oh god, please kill me”. So, I am going to tell wewe all the shipping that I hate the most. Before I start, I just want to say that wewe are not a bad person if wewe like this sort of shipping. So, I would respect it if wewe didn’t hate on me for hating something wewe like. Now, lets piss off some shippers. Also, I have images...
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I honestly do not think that Twilight is overrated au she is getting all of the attention. To prove this I will be going over each episode of season 4 individually and briefly going over seasons one to three. *I realize this is a bit of a touchy subject so while I don't mind maoni I expect that those who maoni will do so respectfully.*

Princess Twilight Sparkle (Part 1 and 2) - In this episode, Twilight does play a major part, but so does the rest of the mane six and Spike and Discord. So while the title may have her name it is not solely about her. Also, it can be inferred from this episode...
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posted by Dragon-88
 Princess Luna asks Blazin' to hang out with her for a whole siku since Celestia has a lot of time on her hooves.
Princess Luna asks Blazin' to hang out with her for a whole day since Celestia has a lot of time on her hooves.
Ok, so Blazin' wakes up to see Sapphire walking around, not with him this time. He bounds out of kitanda zooming out the house to catch up with her.

Blazin': Hey, where are wewe going?

Sapphire: I'm taking the time to make some Marafiki on my own. wewe showed me how, and I have to thank wewe for that. I don't need your help now. I can do it.

Blazin': But who am I supposed to spend a whole siku with? I upendo you!

Sapphire: I know. I upendo wewe too. I'm sure you'll find someone. Have fun!

Blazin: OK, catch wewe later! *goes home*

He is now sitting in a chair inayofuata to the front window. After an hour, he falls asleep.......
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Luna winced as the door clicked behind her, she gave a weak smile as Celestia looked at her with disappointment. She pouted and sat down, when she was comfortable she spoke, "Have wewe been waiting long dear sister?"

Luna started to sweat, it was the third time she's been late to chajio, chakula cha jioni this week and the 15th time this month! Celestia was going to banish her to the moon! au worse, make her miss desser-

"Nah not thaaaaat long really...!" Celestia slurred trying her best to seem normal, "Sis? wewe alright?" Luna asked staring at her sister with a creased eyebrow and a concerned look on her...
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posted by Canada24
 (these three will be paired up for most of the story)
(these three will be paired up for most of the story)

Jappleack finally ended up telling about her adventures in Prime Ponyville, as Pinkie and Dragonowitiz finally seemed interested, for whatever reason.

"Did wewe see me!?" Dragonowitiz cried excitedly.

"No. Just Twilight and myself" Jappleack replied.

"Oh well.. Still sounds so totally far out" Dragonowitiz replied.

Jappleack also had the pair of them promise not to go into the portal. They both agreed not to. Feeling satisfied Jappleack started leaving.

"I'm going in the portal" Dragonowitiz announced, the direct moment Jappleack left them.

Pinkie gasped "But Spiiiiike.. wewe sai-...
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posted by SomeoneButNoone
Hello fellows

DO wewe WITH ME!!!!!!
NOW DO THIS MY Marafiki ripoti THEME!!!!


 "I can do this on my own!"
"I can do this on my own!"
When applejack noticed that her mare friend saw that she wasn't doing well, she came over to AJ. " wewe don't need my help?" "NO!" applejack yelled where every gppony, pony heard her. upinde wa mvua Dash felt embarrassed having her mare friend frustrated this way. "Here AJ, let me..." The Pegasus took Apple's club and placed it in the farmer's hooves. "I can do this on my own!!" She shouted at the gppony, pony trying to help her. At this moment all the other ponies stopped and watched as this was happening. A staff gppony, pony came up to applejack and said, " Miss, if wewe can't control your anger I will have to escort wewe off the course" kwa this time applejack had no patience for any gppony, pony telling her what to do. She pointed the club at the pony's snout while angrily yelling "if wewe keep telling me.." "Um AJ, lets just leave". "No! I wanna finish this dang hole!!! AND NO gppony, pony IS GONNA TELL ME OTHERWISE!!!" ......
 Embarrassed upinde wa mvua Dash
Embarrassed Rainbow Dash
posted by jordy_dash
There it was, the remains of cloudsdale castle, my brothers....castle h he was put in a coma defending it from the changelings....he saw....him again and it stirred up his rage, he ran at the prince of changelings and tried to take him down but it was a trap, he was drenched in water taking his moto abilities away and then electrocuted kwa that traitor....when he fell cloudsdale fell, luckily we have him back home...canterlot...the final city that the gppony, pony resistance has against Queen chrysalis.

I flew down to the wreckage and looked around for any thing that could help us, weapons, food, medicine...anything...
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I think I just found the most mind fuckingly insane MLP creepypasta on the internet. I’m not even kidding. The description of this video alone just makes me worried about what I’m gonna read. Well, lets start off with our fanfic. I give wewe Pattycakes.
So, this Fanfic starts off with upinde wa mvua Dash relaxing, when she forgets that she was supposed to visit Fluttershy… So, upinde wa mvua Dash is late for an appointment with one of her friends. Also, the mwandishi stated that it was a nice day…. This in NO WAY AT ALL sounds familiar. I mean, its not like another maarufu fanfic did this in its beginning…....
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posted by BlondLionEzel
Episode 2: New School (Part 2)

Scott Summers: *Looks outside* What’s going on outside?

???: *Enters, carrying the Mane Six*

Angel: Wolverine! What are wewe doing?!

Wolverine: *Has a yellow and blue suit, and has three Adamantium claws on each hand* I’ve found some intruders!

Cyclops: Stop! Those are my friends!

Iceman: Your friends?

Cyclops: I used to go to Canterlot High, and those six were my Marafiki there.

Professor X: *Enters* What is going on?

Wolverine: I’ve captured some-

Professor X: *Interrupts* Intruders? I’ve told wewe many times not to be hasty when dealing with intruders!

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Now, when Five Nights at Freddy’s came out, it was a massively maarufu game at the time. And, it still is today, creating a sekunde and third game, as well as hundreds of shabiki theories. Then, the shabiki made games came along. They were all hit-or-miss. Sadly, most of them were miss. But, without a doubt, the biggest fuck up would have to be Five Nights with Ponies.
This is exactly what wewe would expect. It is Five Nights at Freddy’s, but with My Little Pony. And that’s it. No story, no explanation, not even instructions on how to NOT FUCKING DIE! wewe are literally just thrown in, and… my...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
After seeing Santa, we put our krisimasi mti up.

Dad: *On stepladder putting on ornaments*
Mother: This looks wonderful.
Dad: Thanks. *Looks at krisimasi lights* Wait a minute. The blue lights are out.
Mother: The blue lights are fine. It's red that's out.
Dad: Baah, I'm not colorblind.
Mother: I'm not colorblind either.
Dad: *Fixes the green lights* Ah. See, I told wewe it was green. *Sees all of the lights in the house turn off*
Mother: AH!
Randy: *Screams*
Dad: HOLD IT!! Don't anypony move!! A fuse it out!

The old stallion could replace fuses quicker then a jackrabbit, ampike on a date. He bought 'em...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Bodyshop Ponies

Starring Sophie Shimmer as Wheel Bearing
Heartsong as Danielle DeVito
Snow Wonder as Cutlass Supreme
Tom Foolery as Gary
Mortomis as Mr. Beddler
Pleiades as mizeituni, mzeituni
Master Sword as Tim
and Annie as Edwina

No cars were in the shop. Mr. Beddler, and the others were not happy about it.

Wheel Bearing: Why are we here?
Mr. Beddler: Because somepony named.. *Looking at papaer* Saten Twist, doesn't want to do anything. We're on the air, because the skits he usually does are cancelled.
Audience: *Laughing*
Wheel Bearing: What do wewe expect us to do?
Mr. Beddler: Clean the shop.
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