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If you're kusoma this I know it's because your a shabiki of the OHSHC. Maybe you've read the Manga, if that's the case you'll know all this. If wewe haven't read the manga then this will be very informative to you.
In the manga the story goes so much farther. I'll give the best details :)
Kaoru realizes that he, Hikaru, and Tamaki are all in upendo with Haruhi. Haruhi was hanging out with Kasanoda (the dude with the red hair that knows Haruhi is a girl) and Hikaru gets really jealous. He tells Kaoru that he doesn't understand why it makes him so mad to see Haruhi with another guy. Kaoru smartly tells...
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As many of wewe are dreaming about, Ouran season 1 has ended and mashabiki have been craving for a season 2 for a VERY long time. If some of wewe researched wewe could have come across the fact that considering the manga just ended not to long zamani their is much zaidi that a sekunde season could grant to its fans. Petitions are being signed and everything which could influence a change of moyo to Bones but does not mean it will be 100%. Keep in mind that for a sekunde season we wont have it for months au even years IF it would be made. Another interesting fact I have come across is the following, if you...
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YES!!! I got Kyoya!!!!
 Sakamoto-sensei and Suzumura-sensei
Sakamoto-sensei and Suzumura-sensei
I don't know if anyone's heard (probably so) but, wewe heard me right: Maaya Sakamoto, Haruhi's Japanese voice actor, and Kenichi Suzumura (Hikaru) are married!
Check the last line of Sakamoto-sensei's intro paragraph on wiki:
Though I'm a die-hard Tamaki/Haruhi shipper and the ending of the manga made me squee like a crazed fangirl >.<, (which I am...) Hikaru's feelings for her were admittedly very sweet. <3
So, it's great to see that us mashabiki have a tama/haru ending and a hika/haru ending over our horizon! ^_^
However, this marriage doesn't only give us the ouran satisfaction, but...
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