Britney(me): Hi guys! In this wewe get to ask the Host Club maswali and they will answer. Also 6 lucky ladies will get a happy ending with a host.

Hikaru: But what if we don't like them? *leans against a wall*

Me: Well wewe can't do anything about it. I can make things happen... For example this. *clicks and now Haruhi is in a bunny costume*

Haruhi: He- Wha- hey! Cut it out! *tries to get it off*

Tamaki: Maybe this won't be too bad after all...

Kaoru: The boss is being a perve again...

Kyoya: *writing in the little black book* Hmm Britney I never knew wewe had a crush on Hikaru before... *smirks*

Me: Shut up!! I do not!! *blushes*

Hunni: Does Britney-chan like Hika-chan, Takashi?

Mori: hm (Translation: Yes)

Hikaru: Oh really... Well I may have Kaoru but I think I can figure something out. *winks*

Me: *blushes more* Okay well that's all the time we have for today...

Host Club: We hope to see wewe soon.


hujambo guys! Leave maoni like dates and stuff. wewe can ask them questions... Ask them out... Do anything! Please come
Back for more!!