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 little and tiny private
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this image is for everyone that upendo this little penguin, auk
penguin, auk
posted by Colonelpenguin
The penguins where at my house that evening talking about their last mission they where on well skipper was holding the mission files. But, something happened the lights when out there was a scream of terror and when they came back on the files where gone.
But i alisema "I have a crystal ball wewe can use but i must..."
"Yeah yeah yeah what ever just give us the ball!" Skipper said."Fine," so I showed them where it was and this is what happened.
There was a Genie inside that ball that hated everybody even me it will play tricks on wewe and it will be mean about it.
The boys where rubbing it and words...
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posted by skipperfan5431
It's a bright and sunny siku at the Central Park Zoo. The penguins are on a mission to check out a weird noise coming from the reptile house. "Skippa, what if theres a ghost in the zoo!" Private whimpered from behind Skipper. "Don't worry Private. It's probably just one of the charmeleons moaning because he has an upset stomach." Lilly replied sweetly as she patted Private on the back. She had to keep him focused on the mission at hand. As the penguins approached the reptile house, the noise got louder. "Okay boys. We songesha in fast and we songesha in undetected! GOT IT?" Skipper commanded. His team...
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Okay. I know I have like two unfinished fan-fics out there, but im just gonna write this one and take the others down. They suck! ( how's that for self-confidence?) Well here's my new little story. ENJOY!
All the penguins are gathered around Kowalski as he unvails a modification to one of his former inventions. " I think i've reached a scientific breakthrough!" Stated Kowalski as he pulled out a tiny glass vile. " This is called Truth serum number xl2-j. It makes the user tell the truth about everything on his au her mind. Although it is highly unstable." " Ooooh."...
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posted by skipperfan5431
Kowalski ran into the room as soon as he heard Lilly's voice. " You're on the plane. Skipper saved your life outhere. A-few zaidi dakika and those fumes would have killed you!" Lilly smiled. " Aww. How sweet." she alisema to Kowakski. " When X took me off the ride, what did wewe guys say?" Lilly asked suspiciously. " Uh nothing! Nothing at all." Kowalski replied in a nerveous way. " Really? Because I could hear wewe boys giggling like little school girls from outside the door." Lilly said. " Well...." Skipper walked in. "Here he is, MR.HERO!!!" yelled Kowalski as he pushed Skipper twoard's Lilly's...
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posted by skipperfan5431
As soon as the wanyama aproach the Terminator ride, Officer X jumps out holding a giant vacume with a strange black liquid inside. As soon as Kowalski sees the strange substence, he seems to recognize it and he slides away. " Kowalski! where are wewe going!?" Screamed Private, hoping his friend would answer. " Do wewe little birdies know whats in this vacume?" Asks Officer X in an evil tone. He finds a panya and sprays it with the strange black mist. It seems to be dead. " AHHHHH!!" Screamed all the remaining penguins. (and Julien.) " This is somethi'n Ilike to call CHEMICAL X!" Explains Officer...
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posted by skipperfan5431
" I don't BELIEVE this!" Cried Lilly. " Just because im the only girl, dosn't give him the right to assume IM the weakest link!!" Lilly jumps, spins and does a kick... right into the metal locker! " OWW! Not my best idea." Lilly sits down and thinks of another way out. " Alright men, stay alert. Look for any sighns of Lilly's--- HELP!!" Skipper was interrupted kwa the sound of Lilly's voice. " Let's go!" The whole group follows and they find Lilly in the cage. As soon as they saw her in that vulnerable postion, they HAD to laugh... and they did. " Shut up before I shove my fist sooo far up all...
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posted by skipperfan5431
Everyone is sreaming and having an awsome time. Lilly grabs to Skippers Flipper without noticing and he begins to blush lightly. Kowalski is about to puke and Private is crying like a baby! What could possibly go wrong? Well, i'll tell you! The ride suddenly comes to a complete stop. " AHHH!!!!"Screams Lilly at the juu of her girly penguin, auk lungs. She realizes that shes hugging Skipper's flipper sooo tight, it turned blue. " Excuse me sir...." Lilly says embaressed. They look up and see Officer X standing at the back of the ride. " Well, well,well. If it isn't my old flightless little nemiseis."...
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posted by skipperfan5431
As soon as the Queen looks around the habbitat for her daughter Lilly dives underwater. ( Why is she here! She wasn't supposed to know where I am! I told her I was in Monticarlo!) Lilly thought to herself. Then one of the beefy bodygaurds pulls Lilly out of the water, and places her in front of her mother. " PRINCESS LILLIAN! HOW DARE wewe LIE TO ME ABOUT YOUR WEARABOUTS?! I THOUGHT wewe WERE IN THE MONTICARLO TRAINING FACILITY FOR PRINCESSES!!!" " Heh heh. Lillian." Skipper jokes to the boys. " Mother. How did wewe find out where I am!?" " Who told you?! Kam, Roxy, Joaney!?" Lilly asked feeling...
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posted by skipperfan5431
It was a cool windy evening at the Central Park Zoo, and all the wanyama were sleeping. Actually, there were two wanyama up. An otter,and a penguin. "Lilly! Wait for me!" Marlene begged breathlessly as she tried to catch up to her friend. " I can't belly slide like wewe penguins do!" " Sorry Marlene!" Lilly alisema playfully. " Skipper told me to test my stamina on land before I do my aquatics training. And if that means Doing seven non-stop, fifteen mile per saa laps around Central Park, Then so be it." Marlene faints as her friend keeps lapping around her unconsious body. The inayofuata morning, Skipper...
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posted by skipperfan5431
"Huh what do wewe mean?" Asked Maurice in shock. " The upendo letter." Lilly replied with again, a seductive tone in her voice. Maurice couldn't stop staring into her big, beautiful, baby-blue eyes. Just as he began to walk twoard her, Skipper and Rico jumped in front of him and grabed Lilly. " Thanks Maurice." alisema Skipper greatfully. " I thought she left the zoo. Oh, and wewe didn't seee annything..." The penguins then jumped out of sight. "How did she know...... " Maurice alisema as he went back to his king. "LET ME OUT!!!" Lilly yelled as she banged on the cage with a newly installed security...
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posted by beastialmoon

Skipper looked at the young Private.
“You don’t have to tell them about this if wewe don’t want to.”
Private looked at his family – Kowalski, Rico, Marlene, and the lemurs
“I have to, Skipper. I can’t keep secrets like you.” Private sat down, and skipper headed to the back of the crowd The stars hung high in the sky, illuminating the city as Private began his tale.


South America, 1994. Norma and Oswald are cooing over their new-hatched son, Elijah. Elijah hugged them repeatedly. His memories of this time were blurry, as were all wanyama at new-birth.

New Blood Joins...
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the penguins of madagascar
Penguins of Madagascar
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