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stelena fans, as a former delena hard core shabiki (like crazy hard core) and I know I'm little too late but I actually became a stelena & bamon hard core and now that I'm a former delena shabiki can honestly tell wewe I was jealous of a lot of stelena mashabiki through-out S1-S4 they had A LOT of great scenes together that even though I was shipping delena I always was asking myself well what's left for delena because stelena had all the huge important emotional moments/scenes all the cute, sweet and hot moments that I always wondered what was left for delena to have, and what was left is hot make out/sex...
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Here’s an barua pepe my friend received from L.J. Smith.
“Hi Emily—

Thank wewe for your beautiful email. I completely understand why some mashabiki get overeager—and especially if they think there is bad news for them. I hope that wewe will enjoy Midnight, as it is truly the story of Damon finding his deepest feelings for both Elena and Bonnie—and his feelings are definitely not platonic. In fact, to be blunt, without Bonnie and something that Bonnie does at the end, Damon would be permanently dead.

But right now I have to tell wewe something that makes me so sad and devastated—as bad, in fact,...
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The Awakening

Elena felt Stefan's lips meet hers.
And… it was as simple as that. All maswali answered, all fears put to rest, all doubts removed. What she felt was not merely passion, but a bruising tenderness and a upendo so strong it made her shake inside. It would have been frightening in its intensity, except that while she was with him, she could not be afraid of anything.
She had come home.
This was where she belonged, and she had found it at last. With Stefan, she was home.
"Oh, Elena," he whispered against her lips. We can't—
"We already have," she whispered, and drew him back down again....
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This takes place sometime in the future, after the events of Midnight. There is some Bamon, so if you're a Book Stelena shabiki who doesn't like Book Bamon, bare with me. I ilitumwa this a long time zamani on, and finally decided to post it here too.

There was a soft knock at the door.

Elena slowly sat up from her place, lying across the bed, suspecting that it would be either Meredith au Bonnie and Damon coming to check on her, as usual.

Yes, even Damon still came once in a while. She knew that even if he was no longer in upendo with her, he still cared about her in his own way.


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