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"Your bellybutton popped," Alejandro smirked, running his finger over my protruding navel.

I looked down at my stomach, "Oh my gosh, when did that happen?"

"I don't know, but it's cute on you."

He reached over to my lips and kissed me.

"We should really start thinking about a birth plan," He said.

A what?

"A what?" I asked.

"A birth plan, what you're planning on doing after wewe go into labor, the method, any medications, those things."

"Um, what's the plan where they just rip the baby out of me?"

"That's a C-section."

"I’m not sure what I want right now. Right now, I like the idea of that. Do wewe know...
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To anyone who reads TDWT: my version, sorry guys, but I can’t update, cuz my computer broke down, so, I decided, to write this one-shot on my parents computer, sorry I don’t think that I can update soon, sorry :,(
P.S. Here it’s after TDWT, Heather moved into a town, where nobody knew TD, and she won (TDWT SPOILERS), oh and Al wasn’t in a robot, Heather actually had the money.
: Heather’s P.O.V:
AUGH! I hate Halloween! All we see its children who dress as withes, skeletons, ghosts etc.… JUST FOR FREAKING SWEETS! AUGH! Well, you...
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Heather stepped onto the island, dripping wet. She looked at the burned remains of the island. The sand was now molten magma, and the bleachers were charred. The confessional was a pile of dust.
And, laying right inayofuata to her, were the remains of her dummy she made, along with a burned pineapple.
A pineapple...if I hadn't thrown it into the volcano...none of this would have happened...I'm such a..such a...
"IDIOT!" She picked up the blackened matunda and threw it on the ground, watching it break into pieces. She felt her eyes water, but tried to hold back her tears.

Heather started...
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I opened my eyes. It was a cloudy but beautiful day. I was happy and lovestruck; all I could remember was Alejandro laying me into bed, tucking me in, kissing my forehead.. I let out a long, happy sigh.
"Morning," He walked in, blushing slightly.
"Hi," I rushed out of bed and hugged him. "I'm happy to see you...I'm always happy to see you, but I've never been this happy."
"Me too.." He kissed my cheek and took me by the hand. "I, uh, made breakfast for you.."
"You didn't have to do that, really."
"No, I insist."
When we got downstairs, Damien and Namine were watching TV. TDWT was on....
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TRUST IN upendo part1

Heather's tears were running down her face fast. The hot tears didn't help with the heat. The heat of the volkano was still lingering in the air. She ran as fast as her shoes could take her. She dodged the remains of the plant life around the volcano.

Finally she saw it, the beach. She quickly took off her wedges. She ran all over. Picking up pieces of wood, and plants checking to see if he was under it. No sign of the man she loved was anywhere. She felt her tears build up faster and faster at each piece of junk, taka she threw aside. Was it over? Were the dreams of them together...
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“Jose? What are wewe doing here?” Alejandro asked in surprise.

Jose stepped mbele and I had to admit: He was handsome, but no Alejandro; Alejandro was the only man for me.

“Didn’t Mom tell you? I was sent nyumbani while the campus is getting cleaned from a flu outbreak,” I guess he noticed me, “This must be your girlfriend. I never thought that wewe would have done this well, Al. She’s beautiful,” He stepped over to me, pulling my right hand up and kissing it, “Pleasure to—“

He didn’t have time to finish; I used my hand to slap him before he could. He must’ve been too shocked...
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“Wait—you’re three months pregnant and wewe didn’t know until yesterday?” Sierra asked.

“Yep,” I replied.

I never kept track of body changes au my period au anything like that; it just never occurred to me to actually pay attention, even when I became sexually active.

“Does Alejandro know about the baby?”

I nodded, “Yeah, he’s being really supportive.”

Sierra squealed, causing me to cover my ears considering the loudness and the extremely high pitch. She continued talking, “You and Alejandro are almost as cute of a couple as me and my Codykins are.”

“How are wewe two doing?”...
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In the police office were three girls: Vidia Roberts, Strategy Officer, daisy Floral, Liutenant, and Cheif Esper. They were looking over at a few pictures of awali newspapers.
"The whole thing is bizzare! Super-powered kids?!" daisy snapped. Vidia poured her a cup of chai and remarked, "It is hard to beileve. But wewe can't find it surprising that the press of all people-"
"No! It's crazy! Stupid! Bizzare!"
"What do wewe think of it, cheif?"
Esper turned over to the other two girls. "Magical creatures, duh."
"What?" daisy and Vidia exclaimed.
"You heard me. Don't look at me like I'm dumb. Sure,...
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