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added by djsheshe
posted by missperfect-o
Dreams are dreams,
but then there are realities too,
if wewe cant forgo reality,
wewe cant forget a dream,
if wewe cant forget a dream,
when wewe cant forget them,
wewe can replay them,
and when wewe can replay them,
wewe can fulfill them,
and when wewe can fulfill them,
wewe CAN LIVE THEM......

This is true because every dakika of our lives counts in making our dreams and lives come true. Life gets as wild as wewe can imagine it to be because even steve jobs alisema " why would people want to buy a device as big and occupant as this one?"
So people your imagination and dreams are in your hands so use your imagination to win your dreams
posted by amethyst44
My moyo is beating, ever so faintly;
When times like these are fragmented daily;
I hope that your soul shines just as bright as my own;
Because there is nothing that will break the foretold...

Of wewe and me. Together. Forever.


Desperately holding, desperately searching;
There is nothing that wewe hold besides my own burdens;
Change what wewe will, change what wewe might;
Because our moto is stronger than the flames of the night.


They walk past us, with no understanding;
That hearts don't bond with a single branding;
Fighting and killing is not what we care for;
Because death is only a few inches from the door.